What has Christ done for YOU lately? Tell Others.

Today’s Gospel is the story of Jesus casting out the demons from a man , transferring said demons into a herd of swine , and then running the herd over a cliff.

As usual, I am transfixed by the words of Our Lord at the end of Mark’s account of this miracle.

Jesus says to the man from whom he had cleansed the demons:
” Go home to your friends, and tell them how much the LORD has done for you, and what mercy he has shown you.”

So , this begs the question of today: How do we tell others of what the Lord has done for us? Traditionally, Episcopalians are not good at evangelizing, and I am no exception. Inasmuch as my faith is important to me, I neglect to take opportunities to tell others of how Christ works in MY life. I shy away from telling others what Christ has done for me for fear of being labeled as a ” Jesus-freak”. But are not we Christians ” supposed ” to be passionate about Our Lord?


But what is the most effective way to tell others what Christ has done in our lives? how can we bring others to want to know of Christ? How can we show them{ unbelievers, especially} that Jesus of Nazareth is so much more than The History Channel insists He is?

The solution is simple. Spread Christ’s Love by loving others as He loves us. Try not to be deceitful, or to hold grudges against others. Withhold judgement of others who are ” not like us”. Smile at a stranger.

But talk is easy. Maybe the best way to ” tell” others about Christ has done & continues to do for we believers is to DO MORE. The old saying is that”… Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.”


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