as written before…No Fear. But Believe

Today’s Gospel lesson is a portion of Mark’s account of the teachings of Jesus’ performing healing miracles. In the text, we see some of the leaders telling the father of a woman presumed dead that Jesus did not heal her{ the dead woman}

Again, let us look at what Our Lord tells one of the chief priests at the temple

Jesus says: ” Doi not fear, only believe.’

Christians are not called to rationalize our faith. All we are called to do is to continue to have faith in the miracle of Christ’s conquering death on a cross so that we may have eternal life with Him. No matter what happens to us here on Earth, our task is to know that God’s love is a love that passes all human understanding.

I am a very fact-based person. When things in my life occur that seem to lack any logic, I feel very uncomfortable{ and even angry sometimes}I want my world to fit neatly together according to the laws of cause & effect.

Yet I am reminded every Lent that a life of faith is not based entirely on empirical knowledge. Faith is a ” knowing” without understanding & it has taken me years to even begin to grasp this idea. Honestly, when life throws me something else that challenges my logical mind, I remember that FAITH is not empirical.


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