Today’s Epistle really spoke to me.

Listen to these words concerning KNOWLEDGE versus LOVE.

Th letter-writer says:

“”Anyone who claims to know something does not yet have the necessary knowledge,but anyone who loves God is known by Him.” { 1 Corinthians 8:3}

God knows us , & he loves us. It matters not how smart we re intellectually, the ” knowledge” og God’s love is something that even the brightest minds debate.

We don’t need to ” know” about God the way one might ” know” about a science or an art.

Some good people mistakenly use Holy Scripture to defend positions that support their misinformed biases. I try hard not to feel anger towards such people ,but it is hard. Knowing, and by this I mean putting one’s trust in, God means to treat others with the same agape LOVE that God shows humanity.

In this spirit, I’ve tried to remain gentle & listen to extreme right-wing Christians express their views on such matters as the role on women in Church. I am totally aware of some of the Scripture quotations used by such folks who espouse this mindset & I know from where they come. This IS NOT easy. One of my biggest pet peeves re people who harbor bigotry against anything or anyone unfamiliar to them.

I pray for patience.

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