Sing. Sing a Song….

Psalm 95

I love music. As a matter of fact, it is my love of music that helped me first come to know Jesus as our LORD & Savior.

My family is not a churchgoing group. With our dad raised as a Roman Catholic & Mom raised as Jewish, my younger brother & I grew up with no set Sunday routine that included worship. Both our parents had given up their respective faith traditions when they married. In spite of * both* sets of grandparents vehemently against this marriage, Mom & Dad are & have been happily married for 40 years. A-men!

I credit my parents for instilling good values in both my brother & myself–values that I would use as a litmus test for when I sought out a new Christian family with whom to associate back in 2008. But I cannot forget that my walk with God started in the children’s’ choir at small, rural Presbyterian church.

When I was in elementary school my first-grade teacher directed the children’s’ Choir at Tiny Presbyterian Church. Our little choir sang monthly during services & this is when I first got an idea of what it means to worship in a corporate way. Although I’ve always believed in God, my interfaith parents {bless their hearts} did not do a whole lo of religious instrution at home. But I was never told hat I could not atend church Vacation Bible school, Sunday school ect.

Musc is the universal language. Amen.

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