Missing Mass= weird

I am deviating from my RCL blogging today to address an issue that is pertinent.

Best Dude & I had a GREAT Feast of St Patrick Weekend. We went to Pensacola all day on Saturday & spent the day walking around downtown. Our priest’s rock & roll band { yes!!} played at a beer join downtown. It was great!

Anyhow, Best Dude had to be at work early on Sunday, so he could not attend Mass. I had a full intention of finding a ride to the later morning Mass for that day, but as the time drew nearer I felt more sleepy. yeah, I missed Mass & anyone who knows me at all knows that I am a regular Mass attendee on Sundays.

Staying at home on Sunday when I ordinarily would have been at Mass left me unsettled. While I do not attend Mass because I feel I * must*, Mass is a huge part of my life-long walk with God. Unlike the Romans, we Anglicans do not set aside special days as ” holy days of Obligation” during which we MUST attend Mass. Yet receiving Eucharist weekly is a huge part of my spirituality.

I missed Mass…and I MISSED Mass.

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