Show me a sign, dude….

{Mark 8-11-26}

Today’s Gospel lesson has Jesus frustrated. Apparently the Pharisees are doing what Pharisees do best, which is challenge Our Lord. Today we find them demanding that Jesus show them a ” sign” that He is Who He says He is{ and is the Savior that we modern Christians know Him to be}

They are coming from a huge party where this very man had turned mere water into wine AND provided enough food t feed more tan 5000 people. Most would consider feeding the multitudes a ” sign” that Jesus, son of Mary is no ordinary man But is not enough for these guys–they demand more ” proof” that this is The Christ.

Perhaps these guys felt threatened by Him & their insecurity caused them to demand that He prove himself to them. It has been my experience that people such as the Pharisees act bossy & make unreasonable demands out of feelings of their own unworthiness. These sorts of people ” pick on” others & blame others {especially those who occupy a position of trust or leadership in a community} for their problems in life.

I pray every day fo God to show me ways to be more like Jesus & less lke a Pharisee.


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