What Blogging has Taught Me

I’ve been a blogger since blogging began.

My first blog was on a now-defunct site whose name I cannot remember now. Anyhow, the site’s software was primitive, but I DO remember my friend, Greg’s screen name. It was : Greatcow95. You must know Greg in person to appreciate his affinity for bovine animals :O). I do not remember my own screen name for this first attempt at blogging. Greg and I made a lot of inside jokes to each other via the blog and it was fun.{ it was also totally inane, but fun nonetheless!}

I briefly signed up for LiveJournal. But honestly I never quite understood the purpose nor the design of LJ. I wanted a pure blog site, but it seemed to me that LJ was { and maybe still is?} more of an attempt at social networking. Since I jumped on the Facebook ” bandwagon” early, I did not need another social media outlet.

My blogging life includes a stint with the MySpace craze { on which I got into trouble, inadvertently, for posting an opinion on a subject that hit a little ” close to home” for SOMEONE. :o/ . This unfortunate experience taught me that one must exercise caution when posting autobiographical material on a blog.

When MySpace went by way of the Atari gaming system, I switched my blogging to Blogger. This was about the time when I started to attend Small Parish & some of my posts were on the subject of my learning about The Episcopal Church. This was when I started to blog for public consumption—I talked a lot about current events, politics { it was an election year} and my life in my new Church.

About two years ago, I decided I wanted a more ” professional” look to my blog. After some research, I decided to try WordPress. I also decided that my blog would be a story { a ” Chronicle”} of my life in faith.

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