First nightshift together….

Best Dude worked the night shift last evening, so it was my first overnight alone with Sally. She did pretty well, all things considering. She has a habit of following me around he house–even when Best Dude is at home & this habit of hers did not cease when he left.

We took out evening walk before he left & she did much better on leash. Sally still will give me ” attitude” when I put her leash on for our walks, but she knows that I will not tolerate her sitting down and pretending that she * can’t* walk. She wears a harness & I am now strong enough{ thanks be to my workout program!} to firmly but gently lift her by the shoulder strap and make her stand up. She now knows that when I do that I am letting her know who is a ” boss”. We cannot discern why transitions { of any type] are such a huge issue for our girl but its the one big roadblock that is hindering her progress.

Best Dude reported that he & Sally had some quality bonding time when I was at the gym this morning. Again, the only trouble occurred was when he attempted to remove her harness. { to be fair, she does not like when I put on or remove he harness either…again it is probably due to her dislike of transition} Anyhow, until the moment when he tried to take off her harness, he said that Sally even walked up to him and ASKED him to pet her. This is a huge step forward for our girl, as she usually doesn’t even ask me to pet her.

Transitions ae a problem for Sally. For instance, even though she gives me grief about getting out the door , but once she is outside she enjoys the walks.

She did eat all her supper last evening

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