working out with mi padre….

This morning I went to the gym with my Dad. We use different equipment at different times, so we do not SEE each other in the gym very often Anyhow, since Dad’s favorite elliptical machine was occupied he started with sets of free weights. I did my customary 3 sets of 10 sit-ups & then progressed to the squat press. Dad walked by me as I loaded one of the two 45-lb dumbbells onto the press.

Dad:”Don’t hurt yourself. I can’t even do that thing.”

Me: “Da-aaad, I’ve been using this thing for four out of the six months I’ve been working out. Really. I’ll be ok.”

Dad: “That’s a lot of weight. Be careful.”

I know Dad only worried about my safety in the gym because he loves me, but he need not be concerned. My workout is tailored to strengthen my muscles while taking extra care to do only lifting that required my titanium-laden spine to remain erect. Safety is paramount for anyone who is a serious athlete. But, just because a lifter is slightly built { one of my nicknames is _The Petite Powerlifter_ shouldn’t disqualify he or him from aiming to reach new goals.

Stay safe. But challenge yourself.

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