Training update: July

Since today is the first ay of the 7th month of my fitness lifestyle, I’m sharing some of my accomplishments tonight.

Best Dude & I attended the early mass at church. Since he had to work today, I went to the fitness centre with my Dad after Mass. Dad did his customary 30 minutes of cardio. I began my workout , as I always do,with 30 sit-ups. Two weeks ago I added a weight to my sit-up routine. I first tried sit-ups with a 5 pound weight, then graduated to a ten-pound plate.

Today I managed 45 minutes AND mostly worked on my crawl technique. Currently my default stroke is the butterfly, but I’ve decided that if I am swimming with my godfather in the Lake when I return up north for the annual visit I should standardize our swim. Today I’ve noticed that I must keep my head at a certain angle in order to avoid a snorklefull of chlorinated pool water. I think that I will pay more attention to how hold my head in the pool tomorrow: today my main concern was my arm strokes.

I’ve also increased the ante in the weight room. I now press 110 pons with my legs & am squatting regularly using the cage. I’m still slow on the bench press, but I do not ant to overwhelm my upper back.

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