Day 2:Dialog = good. Schism= VERY BAD

I solicited reposes for yesterday’s article & received a variety of responses. Those people who agree with the GC77’s proposed resolutions totally open Holy Communion to the unbaptized presented me with some strong reasons why they feel this way about that topic. I’m glad to know that there are many Anglicans who can discuss Church issues without resorting to ugly name-calling & stereotyping.

The morning , via his blog, a young clergy deputy from my Diocese reminded me that the Church will go one, regardless what happens after GC77. In my heart I know that JESUS is the Head of our Church & He won’t let her whither & die.

It is human to worry. Since I love the Church so much I want her to remain intact. Schism has proven throughout the history of Christianity to hinder what each & every Christian is called to do: spread the Gospel. Schism prevents whole branches of Christianity from being Christ’s Body in the here & now. Think for a mnute, would a non-Christian see a Church embattled in schism & want to learn more about our faith? I doubt it.

It makes me nervous to hear talks of schism. Not only does the idea of a split in the Church make me ill with sadness but I’ve read numerous property disputes regarding parishes & Dioceses who have left the Church. When I read or actually hear people talk in favor of schism I just want to present them with a PowerPoint slide show of ALL the losses that dissenting parishes & dioceses have lost in terms of real property. {Sadly, some people only understand logic in terms of dollars & cents}

On the other hand, mature dialog moves the Church forward & solidifies the bond that we have an American Episcopalians. If we ake time to listen to one another, we’ll grow stronger as a Church at all levels of the hierarchy. I can worship at any church that acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord & believes in the Trinity, but I know people who think that the Church ” belongs to ” people like me”.

Christ is the Head of our Church. And according to our Nicene Creed, we believe in ” one holy catholic apostolic Church”.

Keep the dialog coming.

Amen. Amen. Amen!

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  • Paul  On 07/04/2012 at 2:23 pm

    HI Sarah,
    The church must not be conformed to this world but must be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Most of the schism happening today is because the church is allowing itself to be conformed to the world. In our desire to reach out to people we rationalize away the standards we are to uphold. Thankfully the reason the church will exist and continue to exist is because Christ is the Head of the church, He is God and He is Love. Love will cover a multitude of sins. The darkness that is in the world will fail, but Love will never fail.

    The church’s purpose is to show Christ’s Light and Love in the world. It is Christ’s job to redeem the world.

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