Day 8: Praying and waiting

As I sit here on a rainy Tuesday afternoon I am very much aware that there is a vote happening at General Convention 77 that , to some people, is of utmost importance. { you all know which vote , I do not need to elaborate }

At the figurative and literal end of the day, the Church will go on the way she has been for 2000 years. It is by the grace of God & through the work of the Holy Spirit that Christianity survives. I must remind myself that ALL Christians, regardless their stances on social issues, are truly about following Jesus Our Lord and Savior.

What is imperative to me is if a person truly believes what we say in our Creeds{ Nicaean an Apostles’ Creeds}
In my mind, the heart of Christianity cannot be defined by one social worldview and/or political party { sorry, Republican sisters & brothers— the GOP did not exist in 1st century Judea. Logic says that Jesus could not have been a Republican}

We are all trying hard to follow Jesus, but oftentimes our egos & sense of self-righteousness inhibits our progress on our walk with God.

Remember, God works through ALL of us. God does not care of we are liberal or conservative, God only asks that we love God and{here is the tricky part…drumroll please} Love our neighbors as ourselves. Nowhere does God say that we must agree with our brothers & sisters in Christ. We are to LOVE them as God loves us.

Those who have been charged with serving as deputies to General Convention 77 are all faithful Christians. We’ve elected them o do this task at this time & in that place{ Indianapolis}Pray fr them this night.

God Bless y’all.


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