Fitness journey update

I REALLY am looking forward to my workout today. One of the best side effects of powerlifting is how I transfer all of my frustration at the world onto some heavy plates & barbells. Although I am not a naturally aggressive person, when I am frustrated I tend to store all sorts of histamines in my body that make me feel ill. I’ve discovered on this fitness program that as soon as I hit the gym or pool, all my frustrations evaporate with my sweat.

Today I am * really* tightly wound, so the gym atmosphere will be good for me in more ways than one. I like that when I go to the gym, my brain totally focuses & I adopt a ” zen” mode. My brain is focused on maintaining proper form & I direct all my energy towards completing sets and/or laps. When I am through with the workout I feel the endorphins rushing through my circulatory system.

What a GREAT feeling it is when I know I’ve done my training session well!

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