Day 10:It is finished{ General Convention 77 , that is..}

General Convention #77 is over.

I saw a Facebook post from my friend “Spankey , who served as a clergy deputy to this GC{ and to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for keeping we Episco-geeks in the know of the GC happenings.THANK YOU!} The deputies & bishops are all returning to their own dioceses tonight or tomorrow. although I only experienced GC77 vicariously via the Internet, it was also a life-changing step in my personal faith journey. I’ve met several fine ” tweeps” from GC { as well as using my Twitter account more than I’ve ever used it since I reluctantly signed up}

I’ve prayed a lot–mostly I’ve prayed { and will continue to pray} for our Church universal. This General Convention made some historic { and I believe important} inroads to be truly inclusive & for that I applaud our GC. But some of these resolutions that passed both houses in GC are & will continue to be controversial for our Church. Mostly I’ve prayed for unity & a continued discussion of these controvesial resolutions. Only time will tell.

Yesterday I saw that the local newsrag ran a very short, generic Associated Press piece on one of the resolutions passed. The newsrag failed to contact our Bishop for an accurate explanation on how this decision will affect parishes in this Diocese. The national & International news media were no better–if not worse in their slanted & inaccurate misinformation regarding this particular resolution.

I am PROUD of our Deputation & Bishop for representing us this triennium. From what my FB friends & tweeps who were there reported daily, GC is a grueling fe days of meetings, presentations and { of course} worship. We are blessed to be par of a Church who allows for persons of all orders{ laity, deacon, priest & bishop} to participate in the democratic decision making

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