Olympic Fever & Training Fever!

It has been a busy week in my life, so I apologize for my lack of writing lately. My brother & sister-in-law visited from Atlanta last week, and, since Best dude worked many hours, I spent a lot of much-neede sibling time at Casa Familia Florida.

My brother a workout veteran for 20 years, showed me some new arm & shoulder training moves  in the gym last week.

He informed me that eventually my current training routine will ” plateau”–meaning I will  stop feeling & observing effects from my training regime.. This has yet to happen, but I now use some more advanced repetitions with the free weights at the gym in addition to my usual legs, glutes , back training routine.  i’m happy with the results of the seven months of training, but I see areas that still need some improvement if I am to be ” competition fit” by February, 2013. 

As for the competition, I am still undecided  as to if I will enter it. While the slightly competitive part of my nature really wants to take on the challenge of a fitness competition, the “prep diet” that is part of getting oneself totally prepared to compete scares me. I do not gain weight & muscle mass easily & the idea of the minimalist eating plan that most competitors endure scares me. I’ve worked so hard these past few months to overcome my body-image issues & fear that that diet will make me sick{ both physiologically & psychologically. Sure , I DO possess the willpower to stay on that restricted eating plan, but if it will cost me my mental & physical health I am not willing to subject my body to that sort of denial.

Anyhow, that is quite enough about me & my training. Have you watched the Summer Olympics lately. Wow. Although China { BOO HISS} is ahead of pretty much everyone in the medal count, I saw an AMAZING mens’ freestyle relay swimming race last night. Team Swimming USA captured the silver medal, but France took the gold, by what looked to me like 100th of a centimeter!   Hot dang….

Since I’ve been swimming & lifting weights, I’ve been paying special attention to both men’s’ & women’s’ swimming events & women’s’ weightlifting.  Yesterday I read that the US women’s weightlifting team did not place in my weight division{ the extra, extra lightweight} Other weight classes compete later this week & I hope to at least record them on the DVR.

I also watched a bit of the women’s gymnastics last evening. Since I know nothing about how the judges score events in this sport, I was just happy that the US women seemed to score well.


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