“Fitsperation”: good or bad?

Any fitness enthusiast has seen the ” motivational” posters that float all over social media. My fitness friends post them all over Facebook & I’m also one who ” shares” & posts my own fitspirational messages.

You all know of what I speak. For instance: today on my Facebook page i found one such image that says” Success isn’t given. It’s earned on the track, in the field or in the gym. With blood, sweat & the occasional tear.”

I also posted one awhile back that shows a very fit young woman doing some sort of gymnastics move with the words” Strong is the new skinny”. { which, by the way, is now my motto.}. To me, such slogans & images inspire me to build the best body that *I *can. Recently I read a recent article in a magazine that says that such ” fitspiration” messages can be as damaging to women as are the trend of ” THINSPIRATION” { Thinspiration , a movement by the pro-eatingdisorder underground community, post & shares photos of girls & women who are emaciated…along with weight-loss inspiration slogans.

I’ve dealt with my own eating issues I surely DO NOT wish to return to that lifestyle. Finally, I can sy that my relationship with food is healthy. Yet I can see how ” fitspiration” images on the Internet might be misconstrued by girls , women & even some men whose mindset is focused on ” thin” rather than ” healthy”. Since I am mindful of those who suffer from disordered eating, I take extra care to ONLY post slogans/images that portray a goal of a _healthy lifestyle_. I do not approve of the pro-eating disorder movement, but at the same time I know how deep their pain is how hard it is to completely change one’s attitude about food & fitness.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Let us begin a dialog.

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