diet versus eating plan

I am not a fanof the word ” diet”.

I do, however, watch what I eat. But to diet is to deny oneself , and I will NOT do that to my body.

No. That is not happening. I love my body & am at a place in my relationship with food hat I do not worry about calories anymore Instead, I focus on the QUALITY of food I eat. Truth be told, I probably consume moe calories than most women of my size, but I also work hard to build lean muscle. Many womem at the gym I attend have weight-loss goals, but I am among the minority who attend te gym to BUILD muscle.

I do not diet. Instead, I eat responsibly. I don’t go to the gym in order o punish my body— I work out to improve my physqiue.

My eating plan consists of a lot of protein , good carbohydrates, and produce. I DO supplement my meals with protein shakes after a raining session , and I do eat dessert{ although a moderate amount} ….I’m careful of portion control regarding sweets.

Eat well, but eat as “clean” as possible. Fresh , whoe foods are imperativ : avoild pre-packaged meals as much as possible. Choose carbs wisely. Practice portion control regarding desserts.

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