I’ve been busy . Thursday I leave fo my annual Northern exposure trip to Pittsburgh/eastern Ohio/WV & I am REALLY excited.

I’ll stay up there for two weeks, with most of the time spent at my godparents’ place on a lake in Ohio. This private lake park & campground is one of my ” thin places” & I use this time as a retreat from te stresses of daily life here at home. Sadly, Best Dude will not make the trip up North with me this year–but we hope that MAYBE next year we’ll go together. Naturally I will miss him, but we’ll ” make up for lost time” upon my return.

Here are some random thoughts on various & sundry topics:

Chik-fil-A: People, please get a grip on life. While I totally disagree with the chicken sandwich making company’s views on marriage, i still enjoy the occasional sandwich from there. So no, I am not boycotting Chik-fil-A. On the other hand, the opposing side of this issue is just as absurd. Really,must there be a nationwide GLBT ” kiss-in”? Honestly, sometimes the left is as silly as is the Right. :o/

Olympics: Hometown sprinter Justin Gatlin placed third in the 100-meter dash. I’m proud of one of Pensacola’s native sons. ut I am sad that diver Cassidy Krug did not medal in the finals women’s diving competition.

Politics: They are all crooks.

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