Storm 2012

I came back from my vacation up north & a big storm enters the Gulf. :O( Great. Although I know the storm’s coming to the Gulf area has NOTHING to do wth my arrival home , it is an eerie coincidence for me.

Anyhow, we storm-proofed the house & the storm changed courses. We’ll still get some of the easterly{ the ” bad” side ” } of the storm, but t looks like it will be a lot of heavy rain. Best Dude & I dd some shopping this morning & caught a band of heavy rain on our way home this morning.

It is now heading directly for Louisiana. While I am VERY grateful that the Florida Gulf Coast is spared the wrath of ” Isaac” but I am praying for the people who live & work along the Mississippi/Louisiana coast. Thanks to the media, I cannot forge that ” Isaac is coming ashore on the 7th anniversary of “Katrina”. If I recall correctly, Katrina” was initially aiming for the Florida Gulf Coast, but took a sharp loop west & hit New Orleans.


I told Best Dude{ and anyone else who would listen} that I MUCH prefer blizzards to named tropical , moving storms.:o/

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