Post-storm report

Well, ” Isaac” didn’t wreak much chaos here in Northwest Florida. although I saw reports of fallen tress in some places in Pensacola, Best Dude & I had no storm damage at the house. Of course, he prepped extensively for the storm, so even if ” Isaac” WOULD have paid us a visit here–the homestead would have been safe.

We got the outer bands of the storm–mostly a lot of rain & some heavy winds in some areas. Best Dude & I never lost any sort of utilities, but I am told by friends that this wasn’t true for all residents of Redneck Beach Town.

During ” Ivan” I stayed with my parents & all utilities were gone for at least a week–and it was miserable. { No air conditioning in the heat of a Florida summer after a natural disaster is NOT GOOD! Honestly, I fear the aftermath of these storms MUCH more than I fear the storm itself.}

Louisiana & Mississippi we not as blessed as were we in Florida. Also, I’ve some good friends who live in coastal Alabama on whom I intend to call later today. Coastal Alabama got the easterly { the ” bad side”} of the storm, while we in Northwest Florida just got the outermost bands of wind & rain.

I counted on the reports from my laptop computer for more accurate reports of the storm. All the mainline media outlets totally hyped the storm, so that people watching in other parts of the nation and world quite possibly could think that all of the Gulf South is under water now. :o/ We’ve discovered that the Web site for The Weather Channel isn’t as drama-driven as are the other broadcast & cable TV outlets.

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  • Janet  On 08/29/2012 at 8:41 pm

    Michael and I did just fine, see my pics on FB. we are at work now. God’s Peace and Love, Janet

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