No I am not voting for Obama…nor will I vote for Romney.

I am not voting for Obama’s re-election.

I cannot wholeheartedly support Mitt Romney’s candidacy either, so I will most-likely vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson

The GOP, to me, has a bad connotation, one that I cannot seem to move beyond. In my mind, the GOP stands for a racist, sexist, homophobic rich-people-only elite. The ” Religious Right” have ruined any chance for this progressive Christian to vote for any of their candidates.

While I think that both the Democrats & the Republicans have good ideas in theory–in practice both parties are fatally flawed. democrats want government to act like an overprotective mother yet the Republicans see the role of government as the morality police.

The Obama administration as been nothing but disastrous. No, I am not better-off than I was four years ago  neither is anyone I know. But I also know people{ mostly family members} who vote the Democratic party line.

I declare myself an Independent. Just because I made the mistake of voting for Obama the first time, does not mean that I am doomed to repeat that mistake.

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