Time marches on….and on.

I see that several  of my friends on Facebook have children who are old enough to attend high school Homecoming dances this weekend.

Seeing the photos makes me both nostalgic, proud & sad.

 I am NOSTALGIC because it is hard to believe that we , Class of 1994″ are old enough to have teenaged children.  I saw my High School Best friend’s daughter’s Homecoming  photos & she is attending her first high school dance. the girl’s Mom & I went ” stag” together for our sophomore Homecoming, since neither one of us managed to obtain suitable dates to that dance.

I hated high school, but I muddled through those bad years.

I feel PROUD when I looks at these kids’ dance photos on Facebook because I am *much* stronger { physically, mentally & spiritually} than I was in high school. In spite of many obstacles: I managed to overcome challenges & grow into the woman I am now. I’ve met most of my life’s goals &  am blessed by a good life  When I was in high school, I could not see beyond the immediacy of the moment{ such as attending a school dance “stag” with my best friend since my date ditched me at the last-minute  . { I’ve forgiven him but cannot forget the humiliation I suffered because of his dishonesty}

I am SAD for all the young people in other parts of the wold ho would love nothing more than to receive an education. In some countries education is a luxury & { depending on the traditions of a particular nation} a luxury that is only reserved for boys.

It saddens me when I hear about teens in my own area dropping out of high school. Many American youth do not see that education–at least the completion of high school, is essential in the current job market.  As much as I hated my time at Hillbilly High School,  dropping out was *not* an option for me. Many afternoons I would come home from high school literally in tears as a result of all the bullying I suffered , but not once did I ever consider quitting school. 

Have a happy & safe Homecoming, everyone!

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