Puffy paint wearable art

I’ve rediscovered the joy of creating wearable artwork using ” puffy paint” .

I used to do quite a bit of visual artwork, including using puppy paint to decorate otherwise plain-looking denim. I’ve come away from my fine artwork hobby these past few years { mostly because art in the past has been a form of therapy & I do not need therapy anymore, thanks be to God}

Anyhow, I am almost done with a pair of painted jeans{ that were gonna go into the rag-bag} into a work of self-expression. Since puffy paint dries slowly, I am adding to the piece in stages. Tonight I finished the back legs of the jeans … & the centre point of my jeans is a rendition of my red crowntail betta fish, ‘Duncan’. Normally I am not one who brags about my own art, but I *am* impressed with the way the fish rendition just sets off the rest of the { relatively simple} design of the pants.  Tomorrow I’ll finish off this project with a ” memorial” rendition of  my first betta fish-boy ” Argo”. I do have all the colors needed to complete the portraits of both my betta fish.

Hopefully I will find either an inexpensive denim jacket or vest on which to paint.  one of my cousins ave me the idea to make my own ” torn” shorts from cheap denim jeans, but as of right now I’ve no more jeans that are old enough to turn into a customized pair of designer shorts.  

Puffy paint is fun!

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