Guilty Pleasures {PG-rated}

We all have our ” guilty pleasures”. You know, those things that we’d just fade away in embarrassment if anyone at school or work knew that we enjoyed.. and we secretly enjoy them anyhow? { and I mean PG-Rated guilty pleasures–get your mind out of the gutter!}

Here is my list of cultural ” guilty pleasures”.

~ Swamp People on History Chanel on TV. Best Dude & I can { and do when we are really bored} watch this for hours on a boring afternoon.

~ The too-cutsey pop song ” Call Me Maybe”. As inane as they lyrics are to tis song, it has a great beat that cheers me every time I hear it. Please don’t make me turn in my Rocker Chick card for this admission….please! :O)

~ TV’s Dancing With The Stars is another guilty pleasure  that I indulge in on most Monday nights. I like the competition part of this show but truly do not like the Tuesday night  results show.

~ I’ll admit that Avril Lavigne’s music used to possess much more ” street cred” than most of her later work.  But as far as popular music goes, I still think she is way more original than most of current stuff  on the radio now. There is nothing like ” vintage Avril to calm my frazzled nerves when I’m angry or in need of a workout playlist with more POW! :O)

~Jeff Foxworthy’s humor always makes me giggle. perhaps it is because his ” You Know You are a Redneck if_” schtick reminds me of A) People with whom I grew up in Pennsylvania & Ohio or/and B)  Some of the people I see shopping at my local Wal-Mart.

~ I do use Twitter. Yes, after much consternation, I finally created & kept a Twitter account. While I do not ” tweet” my entire day to my few followers–certain sporting events & a few other various & sundry events will see Sunshine_SB { that’s me} light up the Twitter-verse. :O)

What are YOUR {PG-rated} guilty pleasures? You know you have them….

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