Gone to the dogs….

he big news in my life is the addition of a new family member with four legs & a tail. Best Dude & I adopted a four-year-old male English Springer Spaniel about a month ago.

His American Kennel Club-registered name is ” Johnny Utah Roan” but we renamed him “SEAMUS”.

Most of you know that we tried to adopt a little female Springer back in the spring & how that ended with the dog biting Best Dude & her subsequent return to the foster organization. It was a sad time for us. Both Best Dude & I are dog-lover & I know that I felt liked a failure when we had to return the biter to the foster home fomwhere she came. Although I totally understand the rescue organization’s policy on never adopting out dogs who bite–it still made me feel like  I somehow failed the needy dog.

Seamus eats A LOT! We’re trying o get him to only at twice–but the first week we had him he  was so UNGRY. Acing on advice from  dog-loving friend, e bought Seamus some diet dog food–hoping that he won’t find the low-calorie food palatable. We were wrong.

Seamus is a wonderful addition to our lives. We are blessed that Go led him to us.

{ Iwould post a photo–but WordPress is not working properly, so I’ll need to wait to post some photos of Seamus here. Sorry. }

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