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12 Days of Christmas blogging: Day 6

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Since I’ve already written about my New Years’ Promises{ I hate the word” resolutions”as when I resolve to complete a task I generally fail at the attempt.} I’m writing about music on my Ipod. Irrelevant? Probably, but this is my blog & I’ll discuss what I wat to discuss. :O)

Anyhow, I’m currently waiting for EPC to pick me up for our morning workout at the gym. I’m fairly pleased with the results of my promise to myself that I’d get fit in 2012, but I’ve still MUCH more work in that area of my life ahead of me. Fitness{ at lest to me} is a lifestyle choice–not a ” resolution”.

The Parental Units gave me a new much improved Ipod for Christmas. Currently { as I type} I am transferring a 3 Dog Night CD to my Itunes collection. Although I was born in 1976, m musical tastes lie mostly with the rock & roll music of the 1960s & 1970’s. :O) In my opinion, music of y parents’ generation is fa superior to the music of today. Although there are some bands & solo artists from te 180’s { my ” coming of age” years”} my tastes in music tend towards that of the vintage rock era. I’ll admit that I’ve some current ” pop music” on my Ipod…but its few & far between on my playlist.

I’m an “old soul” musically. :O)


12 Days of Blogging Day 5

It is COLD here in Florida.

I woke with a horrible sore throat, but Best Dude & I made it to Mass anyhow. He served as Chalice Bearer & I as Acolyte. It was a wonderful Mass, even though, as per the Sunday after Christmas, low in numbers. Many people here travel for the long Christmas holiday break. I am told that there were 72 souls at the * PM Lessons & Carols Mass on Christmas Eve.

Today I had lunch with a youth from my parish who is now a student in University. My throat felt like sandpaper & I had a headache but I did not wish to cancel this lunch date.

My kin from Atlanta are still here, so I’ve been at the Parental ‘s house visiting a lot with the brother & sister-in-law. It has been a wonderfully boring Christmas here on the Gulf Coast. :O) Tomorrow is New Years’ Eve & best Dude & I will eat supper with the Parentals & Siblings & then play games.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how important family is to me & how LONELY holidays are when one’s family is either physically and/or emotionally ” far away”.

2012 According to Sarah Beth

In spite of what I’ve seen on TV, I am sure the world is NOT ending tomorrow.

In the spirit of the upcoming New Year, let me offer my reflections on ” 2012 According to Sarah Beth” .

This has been a pretty good year. Best Dude & I are healthy & very happy. Our lives are not fancy, but we are content.

In February, I traveled down to the Tampa/ St Petersburg area to meet his family{ Siblings, daughter & grandchildren} His family is wonderful & on our way home we took the ” scenic route”. He took me to Cedar Key, a tiny little island off the coast of Levy County, Florida.

This year we adopted a dog. The first part of our dog-seeking journey occurred in April when we tried to adopt a two-year old female Springer Spaniel. The poor little girl had been rescued from a puppy mill & was NOT socialized. when she bit Best Dude we had to surrender her back to Springer rescue.

In October one of my friends in the neighboring county posted photos of a very uniquely colored male Springer . Best Dude & I met the dog & immediately ” took to” him{ he ” took to ” us as well. We named our dog Seamus { after the classmate of Harry’s in _Harry Potter_}

So, in 2012 we added a canine to our family.

My fitness quest is coming along well. My fitness partner & I meet on Monday,Wednesday & Friday to either swim in the pool { said pool is heated & covered in the cooler months} or strength-training in the gym. Although I’ve decided that I am not quite muscle-bound enough to enter the 2013 Panhandle Showdown, I am continuing to work on building lean muscle.

This past summer I spent two weeks up North. Most of the time there was spent with my godparents at their lake. It was wonderful….I hiked, kayaked & even attempted to water-ski. { That attempt could have gone better} I also went to a County Fair wit my godsister & her husband….something I had not done since childhood. I also attnded worship at th smll Presbyterian Church where I had been baptzed { at thetender age of 20}.

It has been a great year.

Storm 2012

I came back from my vacation up north & a big storm enters the Gulf. :O( Great. Although I know the storm’s coming to the Gulf area has NOTHING to do wth my arrival home , it is an eerie coincidence for me.

Anyhow, we storm-proofed the house & the storm changed courses. We’ll still get some of the easterly{ the ” bad” side ” } of the storm, but t looks like it will be a lot of heavy rain. Best Dude & I dd some shopping this morning & caught a band of heavy rain on our way home this morning.

It is now heading directly for Louisiana. While I am VERY grateful that the Florida Gulf Coast is spared the wrath of ” Isaac” but I am praying for the people who live & work along the Mississippi/Louisiana coast. Thanks to the media, I cannot forge that ” Isaac is coming ashore on the 7th anniversary of “Katrina”. If I recall correctly, Katrina” was initially aiming for the Florida Gulf Coast, but took a sharp loop west & hit New Orleans.


I told Best Dude{ and anyone else who would listen} that I MUCH prefer blizzards to named tropical , moving storms.:o/

Day One Recap

I made it!

After a hellish 6 and 1/2 hour delay in Atlanta, I made it safely to Pittsburgh. My godmother & one of my godsisters met meat Baggage Claim & the ride back to the Lake was fraught with a downpour! Due to the weather, we did not get back to the Lake until after 10 PM.

Anyhow, I slept in until 8:30 EST. I’m staying in the loft bedroom & using the basement bathroom, so keeping all o my stuff organized is a challenge.

I’ve discovered that there *are* some spots where I can get cell phone service. I’ve talked with Best Dude several times today{ he had the day off} The ONLY bad part about this sabbath time is that I already miss my Best Dude. Thank goodness for Email & cell phones!

Ths evening I even got to SWIM this evening. Boo-Yah!!

So far, its been a good sabbath.

diet versus eating plan

I am not a fanof the word ” diet”.

I do, however, watch what I eat. But to diet is to deny oneself , and I will NOT do that to my body.

No. That is not happening. I love my body & am at a place in my relationship with food hat I do not worry about calories anymore Instead, I focus on the QUALITY of food I eat. Truth be told, I probably consume moe calories than most women of my size, but I also work hard to build lean muscle. Many womem at the gym I attend have weight-loss goals, but I am among the minority who attend te gym to BUILD muscle.

I do not diet. Instead, I eat responsibly. I don’t go to the gym in order o punish my body— I work out to improve my physqiue.

My eating plan consists of a lot of protein , good carbohydrates, and produce. I DO supplement my meals with protein shakes after a raining session , and I do eat dessert{ although a moderate amount} ….I’m careful of portion control regarding sweets.

Eat well, but eat as “clean” as possible. Fresh , whoe foods are imperativ : avoild pre-packaged meals as much as possible. Choose carbs wisely. Practice portion control regarding desserts.

as written before…No Fear. But Believe

Today’s Gospel lesson is a portion of Mark’s account of the teachings of Jesus’ performing healing miracles. In the text, we see some of the leaders telling the father of a woman presumed dead that Jesus did not heal her{ the dead woman}

Again, let us look at what Our Lord tells one of the chief priests at the temple

Jesus says: ” Doi not fear, only believe.’

Christians are not called to rationalize our faith. All we are called to do is to continue to have faith in the miracle of Christ’s conquering death on a cross so that we may have eternal life with Him. No matter what happens to us here on Earth, our task is to know that God’s love is a love that passes all human understanding.

I am a very fact-based person. When things in my life occur that seem to lack any logic, I feel very uncomfortable{ and even angry sometimes}I want my world to fit neatly together according to the laws of cause & effect.

Yet I am reminded every Lent that a life of faith is not based entirely on empirical knowledge. Faith is a ” knowing” without understanding & it has taken me years to even begin to grasp this idea. Honestly, when life throws me something else that challenges my logical mind, I remember that FAITH is not empirical.


Upcoming trip, & placing troubles troubles at God’s Altar

Best Dude & I are taking a trip to Central Florida. i’ll get to meet his extended family. Best Dude & I have been seeing each other for a little over one year now & this is the first time that we had the chance to go down to Central Florida.

I am really excited about next week’s trip, but at the same time I am also nervous. I’m not a social person at all & I hope & pray that I won’t say or do anything to embarrass Best Dude.

But, I am placing all my concerns before God’s Altar{ metaphorically} A priest I know & love once advised me to, when worried about anything, to close my eyes & envision myself placing my concern at the altar in Small Parish.

New Facebook

I did it…and I did it own my own terms.

When I read that ALL Facebook users’ accounts shall automatically switch to the ” Timeline” Format at the end of this month, I decided to take matters into my own hands & change MY page on Facebook If change is inevitable, at least I changed my account over to the new format when I chose to change it.

I made the switch before ” they” made me do it. ;O)

I hate change.


I have not been as faithful with this blog as I’d like to remain…so here is a brief recap of my week.

Football: My Steelers lost. Yesterday I begrudgingly cheered for Tim Tebow but the Broncos lost. I didn’t watch the games today , but I read that the Ravens advanced to the next round of playoffs. Since I live in N’awlins Saints’ country, yesterday I stepped on the “Brees bandwagon” & hoped that the “other” black & gold football teams would win. No such luck.

Hockey: Best Dude & I watched our Tampa Bay Lightning play both on Friday evening & this afternoon. Our Lightning lost both games, including a loss to the Penguins this afternoon. The Bolts REALLY ned to fix their goalkeeping situation. At this rate, the Lightning will not make the NHL playoffs….

Fitness: I took two days off this week. Inasmuch as I did not wish to skip a day of working out{ much less skip TWO days} I woke on Wednesday with a horribly sore throat. But it felt GREAT to be back at the gym on Friday. I’ve discovered that I enjoy working my legs on the skiing machine much more than I enjoy my mile run on the treadmill. :O) While I’ll faithfully complete ALL of my cardio workout each day, the thought of donning swim fins, a bathing suit & a snorkel & swimming laps keeps me motivated.

Also on Friday I discovered that my NOOK Tablet will play music, & since the charger to my Ipod is missing, The addition of listening to my own playlists helped keep me going whilst at the gym. When I go to the gym, my intention is to work on my FITNESS, not to mix & mingle. :o/ Women, in particular, chatter at my gym & although most of these chatty gals are my age or younger, I’ve discovered that I’m perfectly happy NOt to be included in their chatter about husbands, kids, their neighbors & other such domestic drama.

I’d much rather work out earlier with the jocks: as generally I don’t fit in well with the ” mommy set” at the gym. As much as I love teaching children, since I am not a mom I tend to prefer the company of women with grown children or women who are childless by choice. Just saying…