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I’ve been busy . Thursday I leave fo my annual Northern exposure trip to Pittsburgh/eastern Ohio/WV & I am REALLY excited.

I’ll stay up there for two weeks, with most of the time spent at my godparents’ place on a lake in Ohio. This private lake park & campground is one of my ” thin places” & I use this time as a retreat from te stresses of daily life here at home. Sadly, Best Dude will not make the trip up North with me this year–but we hope that MAYBE next year we’ll go together. Naturally I will miss him, but we’ll ” make up for lost time” upon my return.

Here are some random thoughts on various & sundry topics:

Chik-fil-A: People, please get a grip on life. While I totally disagree with the chicken sandwich making company’s views on marriage, i still enjoy the occasional sandwich from there. So no, I am not boycotting Chik-fil-A. On the other hand, the opposing side of this issue is just as absurd. Really,must there be a nationwide GLBT ” kiss-in”? Honestly, sometimes the left is as silly as is the Right. :o/

Olympics: Hometown sprinter Justin Gatlin placed third in the 100-meter dash. I’m proud of one of Pensacola’s native sons. ut I am sad that diver Cassidy Krug did not medal in the finals women’s diving competition.

Politics: They are all crooks.



My gym pal, ” L” and I were supposed to swim yesterday, as we sim Monday, Wednesday & Friday. {Tuesday & Thursday are strength-training for me in the gym} Anyhow, I texted her when I realized that a BIG rain system was headed our way. Our fitness center closes the pools at any sign of lightning, so I packed my gym shoes & a pair of socks in the bag that usually just contains my swim fins & mask.

By the time we got to the fitness centre, it was dark & we had seen some lightning. She went to the cardio room while I exchanged my swim sandals for socks & gym shoes before entering the gym.

Anyhow, I did an abbreviated { My Tuesday/Thursday gym routine lasts for one full hour} but effective training session in the gym & met my goals!

We watched some of the Olympics last evening.The US men’s gymnastics team did not look nearly as good as does the women’s team. On the other hand , the British men’s team made an excellent showing in gymnastics. We did not watch synchronized diving, as we simply cannot ” get into” that event. Best Dude missed the Olympic sailing that was on yesterday & I am STILL waiting to see some Olympic weightlifting on TV! :O)

Olympic Fever & Training Fever!

It has been a busy week in my life, so I apologize for my lack of writing lately. My brother & sister-in-law visited from Atlanta last week, and, since Best dude worked many hours, I spent a lot of much-neede sibling time at Casa Familia Florida.

My brother a workout veteran for 20 years, showed me some new arm & shoulder training moves  in the gym last week.

He informed me that eventually my current training routine will ” plateau”–meaning I will  stop feeling & observing effects from my training regime.. This has yet to happen, but I now use some more advanced repetitions with the free weights at the gym in addition to my usual legs, glutes , back training routine.  i’m happy with the results of the seven months of training, but I see areas that still need some improvement if I am to be ” competition fit” by February, 2013. 

As for the competition, I am still undecided  as to if I will enter it. While the slightly competitive part of my nature really wants to take on the challenge of a fitness competition, the “prep diet” that is part of getting oneself totally prepared to compete scares me. I do not gain weight & muscle mass easily & the idea of the minimalist eating plan that most competitors endure scares me. I’ve worked so hard these past few months to overcome my body-image issues & fear that that diet will make me sick{ both physiologically & psychologically. Sure , I DO possess the willpower to stay on that restricted eating plan, but if it will cost me my mental & physical health I am not willing to subject my body to that sort of denial.

Anyhow, that is quite enough about me & my training. Have you watched the Summer Olympics lately. Wow. Although China { BOO HISS} is ahead of pretty much everyone in the medal count, I saw an AMAZING mens’ freestyle relay swimming race last night. Team Swimming USA captured the silver medal, but France took the gold, by what looked to me like 100th of a centimeter!   Hot dang….

Since I’ve been swimming & lifting weights, I’ve been paying special attention to both men’s’ & women’s’ swimming events & women’s’ weightlifting.  Yesterday I read that the US women’s weightlifting team did not place in my weight division{ the extra, extra lightweight} Other weight classes compete later this week & I hope to at least record them on the DVR.

I also watched a bit of the women’s gymnastics last evening. Since I know nothing about how the judges score events in this sport, I was just happy that the US women seemed to score well.