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Ten years later: Part 3 Sarah’s Story

Remember....and don't repeat.

A former rector of mine always said that ” everyone has a story.” and on this day, the aniversary of the triple attack by Moslem extremists on US soil, storytelling is paramount. Here is * my* story. I’m interested in hearing yours , if you are so inclined to share with me.

Ten years ago I was a 25-year-old college student living in Pensacola FL. I’d arised from bed late & was therefore late to my early class. as I scurried into my classroom I noticed that …

A} The professor wasn’t there…and she isn’t the sort of professor who is habitually late.

B}Everyone in the room was silent, save for the crying.

I’d whispered to a random student,” What happened? Where is the Professor? ”
She replied” Don’t you KNOW? A plane crashed into the World Trade Center.”

No, I didn’t know.On this particular school day I’d barely gotten myself out & to class…I hadn’t time to turn on the TV nor tried to stop at the Computer Center on campus to check the Internet.{ this was before laptop PC’s rally became a staple among college students} I ran to the University Commons Building where hundreds of students gathered around several TV sets as the replay of the second jet plane hitting the World Trade Centre flashed accross the screen.

As the seond tower came tumbling down I decided to call Dad. Naturally the line for the public phone { this was before everyone owned cellular devices}in the corridor was long but I HAD to hear my father’s voice. Wen I finally reached Dad via phone, he asked me if he should come to Pensacola to get me. Of course I said yes.{ and the classes were cancelled University-wide that day anyhow}

It wasn’t until later on in the unexpectedly long weekend{ which I spent with my parents} did I even try to process what happened.

To be honest, I am *still* processing my experiences regarding what happened that moring in September ten years ago today. I’d like to think that I’m in a ” “better place” than I was even five years ago regarding what happened today. But honesly I have doubts in my own abilities to discern how I * should* react. As do most{ if not all} people with Autism, I don’t process emotions well. Facts ar well, much more FACTUAL than are those { in my opinion, frustrating} ” I-feel statements.”

If I could understand ratonally what provoked these attacks on our nation, I would cope with today’s anniversary much better. Although thse attacks * seem* to be unprovoked, the rationalist in me wants to know the reason behind this act of terror.

Yes, I do believe our enemies hate us with reasons they percieve as rational. What to me & everyone I know is seen as an irrational act of terror must have a root of rationality in the minds of those who seek to harm our way of life. It is wrong to fly planes into buildings…but I want to know why they did it in the first place. But I doubt we’ll get an answer in this lifetime.

God Bless America.
We will never forget…but we should seek to forgive.



10 Years Later: Part 2

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks in NYC, Washington, DC & western Pennsylvania. I’ve yet to offer any pithy Facebook status updates or any wise words , memories of where I was on that fateful morning, ect yet.

I’m trying to focus on my FUTURE… even in spite of the economic downturn , ect in the world right now I’m still very Blessed. remembering should not mean re-living the actual event.

Of course I will remember 9/11/01. But, I do not want to ” relive 9/11/01 as it happened. No thanks. This moring when I initially signed into Yahoo, the headline for their news service was about reliving this tragic day.

Ten years later: Part 1

I am so glad that I am not a priest , preaching the Gospel on this Sunday would be extra-tough. Why? In case you have been hiding under a rock for the past month, Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. As was the attack on Pearl Harbor,this date in indelibly imbedded into the collective conscience of we 21st Century Americans.

Defensively speaking, we’ve accomplished much since then. We did capture & kill both Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Both ” needed a killin'” & I am VERY glad that our military came through & rid our world of these horrible men. But I question the validity of the continued campaign in Afghanistan… will the presence of our military in that region really keep al Qaeda away? While I hope & pray that our defensive tactics will keep another terrorist attack away from our country I doubt that we’ll * ever* be completely free of al Qaeda. Now that bin Laden is dead, is our continued presence in the Middle East justified? I don’t know the answer for sure to that rhetorical question. I know that killing bin Laden was necessary, but yet I cannot imagine a continued war with al Qaeda as a good thing for our great nation. The more we antagonize these extremists over in the Middle East, I fear that we’ll ” digging our hole deeper” when it comes to our national security. It’s true that al Qaeda hates us & wishes harm to befall our nation, but will violence on our part adversely affect the ” big picture” that is our future? Again, I don’t have any answers.

Another topic I’ll address this week is the phenomenon of what Lisa Bloom, in her book _THINK_ called ” blind patriotism.” It seems as though the anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 bring out some frerce tribalism among many Americans.

Of course I love my country but at the same time , I believe that metaphorically ” wrapping onself in the flag” is not right. I do believe with all my heart & soul that we live in the best nation in the world, but I * do* try to remember that not every government of every nation in the world wants to be Americanized. Maybe if we dropped less missles & engaged in diplomacy with ACTIVE LISTENING between hostile nations & ours we might lose less American lives?

God Bless the USA!