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12 Days of Christmas: Day 4

Merry Christmas!

Last evening Best Dude & watched the second part of Christiane Amanpour’s special_ Back To The Beginning_ This two-hour program took viewers through the highlights of the Book Of Exodus in Hebrew Scriptures…from Moses all the way to King Solomon.

I loved the videography— there were some incredible video shots of Mount Sinai during the ” Moses” segment. I did not realize how arduous climbing Sinai really is for the average person. The revelation of the challenging course that is Sinai does not deter me from wanting to climb it, as I’ve wanted to do so since reading Bruce Feiler’s book _Walking The Bible_.

Since I’ve completed three of the four years of the Edation for Ministry program tha is offered by the Episcopal church, watching this program brought back much of the knowledge I had gleaned from Year One of EfM . I remember studying about all those places that the progrm covered , including the misdeeds of King David. Maybe i is because I learn best using my sene fsight, but seeing such imges at the Wailin Wall & watchng Ms Amanpour, her 12-yea-old son & e camera crew actuallyalk up Mount Sinai fascinated me.

Well done ABC News! :O)


” In the Beginning…..

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am both a Biblical history buff and a HUGE fan of Ms Christiane Amanpour’s work. So, when found out that ABC News will air a two-part documentary on the Biblical history of Genesis, I internally shouted ” BOOYAH”.

The photography was amazing & Best Dude & I learned a lot.

I know a lot of people think Christiane Amanpour is an anti-American Muslim. This is not the case, she even stated that she is a Christian { Roman Catholic} with persian heritage on her father’s side who ALSO happens to be married to an American Jew{ Jamie Rubin} I’ve been a fan of her work for years { actually it is her work as an international correspondent that inspired me to study journalism in college} & generally watch all of her special reports.

Another interesting aspect of _In the Beginning_ is that Ms Amanpour took her 12-year-old son, Darius, along with her when she travelled around the world for this special. She hopes to , by showing people the common history that Christians, Jews & Muslims sar, that this report might spark some interfaith dialog among the three Abrahamic faith traditions.

I thought it was great how Bruce Fieler was also interviewed extensively for this report. Years ago I read Fieler’s books _ Walking The Bible_ & _Abraham_ I highly recommend both of these ooks…the author does an excellent job of writing these nonfiction tomes to read like an adventure novel. :O)

Ms Amanpour’s documentary ” flowed” like a good movie. The theme of it seems { so far, as Part Two airs next week} to be that all three faiths share much more than we realize and that we’re all People of The Book.

I am a child of interfaith parents { Christian & Jewish} & am sick of all the interfaith violence . In my opinion, all these ” holy wars” are & have ben fueled by misunderstandings among the three monotheistic faiths. My Jewish heritage has never undermine my Christin faith— in many ways it has enhanced what I believe as a Christian. I’m not too familiar wih mainline Islam, but I try not to pre-judge Muslims when I hear of acts of violence committed in tha name of God.


CNN to lose Amanpour to ABC!

An era in TV news as I know it will soon come to an end.

 Yesterday’s New York Times online had the official announcement that Christiane Amanpour will officially depart CNN for a spot with ABC News, effective this Spring. According to the Times article,  the current show _ Amanpour_ will continue to air on CNN/I & CNN/US{ the US version only gets the Sunday version}

I grew up watching Ms Amanpour’s work on CNN & as a matter of fact, used to play “international correspondent”  when I was a kid. There are precious few women in the public eye to whom I look up & Ms Amanpour is * very* high on the list. ABC is not only acquiring a reporter–they are  also acquiring a living legend in the TV news business.

Ms Amanpour will take over the Sunday talk show slot  left vacant when George Stephanopoulos left & also do some of her famous  reporting on international  events . 

 This CNN gal is sad to her the news of the pending departure of my favorite reporters & one of my ” famous women” role models. Yet I am certain that Ms Amanpour will shine wherever  she  works. My guess is that ABC News is delighted to have  caught such a well-respected reporter.

Horray for Archbishop Tutu & Daughter

Today I got a rare treat on my _ Amanpour_ daily podcast. Sunday’s show featured a bevy of great guests but the two  who struck me the most were  {retired}Anglican Archbishop off South Africa Desmond Tutu & his daughter{ who is also an Anglican priest!} They apparently have a new book coming to stores entitled ” Made For Goodness”  The basic premise of the book is that ++ Tutu & his daughter attest that humanity is inherently good.


While I desperately * want* to believe that humanity is as good as God created us to be , everywhere I look lately I see evidence to the contrary.  The people in my life are good people, but at the same time  if humanity is inherently as good as we were created, then why must the following exist?

repeated instances of genocide

world poverty & hunger .{ not to mention hunger right here in the United States!}

abuse of women, children & the elderly.

abuse of the creatures which we were  given as companion animals: dogs & cats.

racism , classism , sexism & heterosexism.

++ Tutu is a very wise & holy man & I look forward to eventually reading his book. If you want to read it with me, let me know.


debt relief for Haiti

On _Amanpour_ right now they are discussing Haiti.

Should the world forgive Haiti’s debts & not expect repayment of monetary aid?

My vote is YES. Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere & one of the porrest nations in the world. And then, look at the natural disasters the people there have gone through. Hurricanes & now this series of earthquakes.

The people need help NOW. And now is not the time to worry about repayment of aid. This is a humanitarian crisis, not an economic deal.

Modern-day ” Saints”

 As an Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian, I am rather fond of saints.  My two patron saints are Catherine of Siena & Benedict of Nursia. But there are other people who are alive & well today who are doing good things that will further the kingdom of  Shalom. Who are your  ” saints” in the world of famous people? I can name three famous women to whom I look up &  would love to meet{ actually I already met one of them in person & she is * fabulous*!}

 Saints are by far not perfect people, but they are people who do extraordinary things to make the world a better place. Two of my three famous saints work in  television. No , they are not actresses on shows, they actually work for  CNN.:O)

1. Bishop Katharine Jefferts-Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.  Now I know many  are totally misinformed about our Bishop Katharine { please  respect me & my Church by NOT saying anything mean about her on my blog!!!} I had the rare  opportunity to  attend a Mass with & then meet Bishop Katharine in person when she came to visit my Diocese in May. It was & shall ever be, one of those ” mountaintop experiences” of my faith journey.  After reading both of ++ Katharine’s books & then meeting her in person, I am more committed than ever to  doing my part to further the  vision of  “shalom” which she  talks of in her books, sermons & addresses.

2. Christiane Amanpour: This woman is the reason why I went into journalism. She asks tough questions, isn’t afraid to get  her hands & clothing dirty & is proof that  smart, classy women CAN  survive in the world of TV journalism. The first time she * really* impressed on me is when she challenged then President Clinton on his  policy on  Kosovo back when I was a teenager.   Her show, although I can only access it now  via podcasting, is a rare gem in the too- frivolous world of TV journalism.  Ms Amanpour is one of the last true ” old-school” journalists left & I love her work.

3. Lisa Bloom.  Lisa Bloom is a legal analyst who often appearsn on CNN> I admire her for her viligent  actions as a “straight ally” for the rights of our GLBT sisters & brothers.  I’m a ” staright ally” also, but I  often fear{ since I do, after all, live in the Deep South} of retribution for my views on equal rights for all.  Ms Bloom is an inspiration for me & probably coutless other  ” straight allies”

Maya Lin: What is Missing?

I am behind on my podcasting of my _Amanpour_ series. Today I watched the interview with artist Maya Lin. She is the woman who created the Vietnam War memorial in Washington DC.

Her latest work ” What is Missing” is on the effects of global climate change. It will be unveidl next week & I am * really* excited. Until I saw this podcast, I didn’t even know who  did design the Vietnam War Memorial.  The show  had some clips of the video art & it is undescribably beautiful yet perplexing. I had the same reaction when I saw the Vietnam War Memorial in person during a trip to the nations capital. All those names….the list is seemingly endless.

Anyhow, this was a very timely interview since the Global Climate  Conference in Denmark  will occur soon.

Art is supposed to be provocative. And Ms Lin’s art is among the most provocative I’ve ever seen.


I am still podcasting the _Amanpour_ daily show on CNN. My cable company won’t carry CNN/I, so the podcasting is the only way I can get _Amanpour_ daily. For some reason the podcasting dowlloads from Itunes has been painfullys slow, so I am behind on my viewing.

Christiane interviewed General Stanley McChrystal  for the program & the topic was the Afghan war. Since the President’s address on the direction of this war, Afghanistan has been in the news a lot  lately.

Is the war in Afghanistan ” nation-building”? No one seems to give a good definition of what ” nation-building” is…to me it seems to be a political buzzword.

I think that we need to empower the Afghan people to help themselves defeat the Taliban. The general said that there are two parts to our mission in Afghanistan. The interview was amazing & Christiane asked the general some tough questions.

A} To give the government of this country to  govern itself.

B) To keep the Taliban from gaining momentum in Afghanistan. They want control of the population of  Afghanistan & one of the goals of the war is to deny the Talibam  more control of the hearts & mind of the Afghan people. McChrystal seems to think that the Taliban insurgents are weary of fighting. He says that he believes that the counter-insurgency seems to be working, but gave  no timetable for the end of this war.

The general says that the Afghan people want to be self-sufficiant, they want the US & the rest of the international community to help them help themselves.

I don’t trust the Karzai government. McChrystal is hopeful that the Karzai government will be willing partners in building a better Afghanistan, but I have my doubts. I hope & pray that the general is correct{ and goodness knows he is way more knowledgeable on this topic than am I} but from what I have read & seen of Karzai leaves me with a bad feeling.

Tiger isn’t real news

 Maybe I should be thankful that I do not work for any of the Big Media. They have been beating this Tiger Woods { pun intended} into the ground . I am sick of it. Tiger may be rich & famous, but he isn’t perfect. No one is perfect & I hate how the national Big Media{ all of them}  latch on to  stories such as the Tiger Woods family drama &  overanalyze  & over-report every  allegation.

It is really none of the public’s business what goes on in the private lives of celebrities & sadly in order to aviod  being innundated with the Tiger-talk I  pretty much have avoided CNN  since the day before Thanksgiving. Ok, last night I watched the President’s address to the nationa regarding  the  upcoming surge of troops into Afghanistan , but that was an exception to a really  mediocre few news cycles. Tiger woods’ marital problems  will not affect world peace. Really, the world will not fall apart if we never know what really happened when the famous golfer smacked his car  in his own driveway.

 The * only* program  on any of the Turner Networks which has not mentioned the Tiger Woods scandal is _Amanpour_.  Yesterday’s podcast was excellent, & it  dealt with the President’s  Afghanistan policy & how it will affect  the nation & the world. Thanks be to God, no Tiger Talk there.

I’m not a golfer, nor am I impressed with wealth & money. And I cannot understand why so many Americans buy into these  sort of stories. Normally intelligent people who wouldn’t openly buy a copy of the National Enquirer tune in eagarly to  learn of the latest  “news” of celebrity scandal.

Congo war

The war in the Congo continues. and its women are being raped at alarming rates . In this  part of Africa, rape is used as a war tactic. When I read Kristof’s _ Half  The Sky_ I recall stories such as these coming out of other parts of the world. But my 21st century mind still cannot wrap itself around the idea of state-santctioned rape. Rape by the military is used as a terror tactic in this country.

The ” zero-tolerence ” policy of rapes by the Congolese military must be put into action.

The trouble seems to be in mostly eastern Congo, according to the report on _Amanpour_.

The statistics are mind-boggling. Since when are the lives of girls & women  mere ” collateral damages” in war?

The United Nations needs to get more actively involved.

This is disgraceful.