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Really, Rowan, Really….

The more I read about the actions of the current Archbishop Of Canterbury, the more I dislike him.

The latest news has him telling OUR Presiding Bishop that she may not wear her mitre, the hat which is a symbol of the episcopate, when she   preached in England. His   order was made based on the premise that the C of E has yet to start consecrating women as bishops. Um, last time I looked, ++ Katharine is the AMERICAN primate!  Americans * do* ordain women to the episcopate & she was duly & fairly elected as our primate.

Perhaps the ” official” reason why Rowan  made this unreasonable demand   is  a reaction to  TEC’s  consecration of  a woman as bishop who just happens to live in a committed  lesbian relationship?  Or perhaps the animosity goes much deeper than that…way back into the  ages-old arguement  concerning womens’ ordination?  I tend to lean towards the latter.

Furthermore, we Anglicans are NOT  under the Roman See or any other see.  Rowan is acting like the Anglican version of a Pope and this is unacceptable.  It is fine if the Church Of England wants to  keep the episcopate closed to women but  Rowan needs to have enough humility to respect the fact that we Episcopalians do  have several women  who serve as bishops AND have one such  woman as our Presiding Bishop.

It has been reported that ++ Katharine carried her mitre…she didn’t wear it but she carried it in procession. My feelings on this are mixed. On the one hand, it is good that she  insisted on making her mitre visible . On the other hand, as a feminist I am outraged at the fact that she didn’t wear the mitre in protest anyhow…after all the Archbishop of Canterbury hath no jurisdiction in the US”


Horray for Archbishop Tutu & Daughter

Today I got a rare treat on my _ Amanpour_ daily podcast. Sunday’s show featured a bevy of great guests but the two  who struck me the most were  {retired}Anglican Archbishop off South Africa Desmond Tutu & his daughter{ who is also an Anglican priest!} They apparently have a new book coming to stores entitled ” Made For Goodness”  The basic premise of the book is that ++ Tutu & his daughter attest that humanity is inherently good.


While I desperately * want* to believe that humanity is as good as God created us to be , everywhere I look lately I see evidence to the contrary.  The people in my life are good people, but at the same time  if humanity is inherently as good as we were created, then why must the following exist?

repeated instances of genocide

world poverty & hunger .{ not to mention hunger right here in the United States!}

abuse of women, children & the elderly.

abuse of the creatures which we were  given as companion animals: dogs & cats.

racism , classism , sexism & heterosexism.

++ Tutu is a very wise & holy man & I look forward to eventually reading his book. If you want to read it with me, let me know.