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Modern-day ” Saints”

 As an Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian, I am rather fond of saints.  My two patron saints are Catherine of Siena & Benedict of Nursia. But there are other people who are alive & well today who are doing good things that will further the kingdom of  Shalom. Who are your  ” saints” in the world of famous people? I can name three famous women to whom I look up &  would love to meet{ actually I already met one of them in person & she is * fabulous*!}

 Saints are by far not perfect people, but they are people who do extraordinary things to make the world a better place. Two of my three famous saints work in  television. No , they are not actresses on shows, they actually work for  CNN.:O)

1. Bishop Katharine Jefferts-Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.  Now I know many  are totally misinformed about our Bishop Katharine { please  respect me & my Church by NOT saying anything mean about her on my blog!!!} I had the rare  opportunity to  attend a Mass with & then meet Bishop Katharine in person when she came to visit my Diocese in May. It was & shall ever be, one of those ” mountaintop experiences” of my faith journey.  After reading both of ++ Katharine’s books & then meeting her in person, I am more committed than ever to  doing my part to further the  vision of  “shalom” which she  talks of in her books, sermons & addresses.

2. Christiane Amanpour: This woman is the reason why I went into journalism. She asks tough questions, isn’t afraid to get  her hands & clothing dirty & is proof that  smart, classy women CAN  survive in the world of TV journalism. The first time she * really* impressed on me is when she challenged then President Clinton on his  policy on  Kosovo back when I was a teenager.   Her show, although I can only access it now  via podcasting, is a rare gem in the too- frivolous world of TV journalism.  Ms Amanpour is one of the last true ” old-school” journalists left & I love her work.

3. Lisa Bloom.  Lisa Bloom is a legal analyst who often appearsn on CNN> I admire her for her viligent  actions as a “straight ally” for the rights of our GLBT sisters & brothers.  I’m a ” staright ally” also, but I  often fear{ since I do, after all, live in the Deep South} of retribution for my views on equal rights for all.  Ms Bloom is an inspiration for me & probably coutless other  ” straight allies”



I am still podcasting the _Amanpour_ daily show on CNN. My cable company won’t carry CNN/I, so the podcasting is the only way I can get _Amanpour_ daily. For some reason the podcasting dowlloads from Itunes has been painfullys slow, so I am behind on my viewing.

Christiane interviewed General Stanley McChrystal  for the program & the topic was the Afghan war. Since the President’s address on the direction of this war, Afghanistan has been in the news a lot  lately.

Is the war in Afghanistan ” nation-building”? No one seems to give a good definition of what ” nation-building” is…to me it seems to be a political buzzword.

I think that we need to empower the Afghan people to help themselves defeat the Taliban. The general said that there are two parts to our mission in Afghanistan. The interview was amazing & Christiane asked the general some tough questions.

A} To give the government of this country to  govern itself.

B) To keep the Taliban from gaining momentum in Afghanistan. They want control of the population of  Afghanistan & one of the goals of the war is to deny the Talibam  more control of the hearts & mind of the Afghan people. McChrystal seems to think that the Taliban insurgents are weary of fighting. He says that he believes that the counter-insurgency seems to be working, but gave  no timetable for the end of this war.

The general says that the Afghan people want to be self-sufficiant, they want the US & the rest of the international community to help them help themselves.

I don’t trust the Karzai government. McChrystal is hopeful that the Karzai government will be willing partners in building a better Afghanistan, but I have my doubts. I hope & pray that the general is correct{ and goodness knows he is way more knowledgeable on this topic than am I} but from what I have read & seen of Karzai leaves me with a bad feeling.