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Hasta la vista , Ricardo!

I am behind on my news, but this morning while I was sipping my morning coffee I found out Via Facebook that CNN fired anchor Rick Sanchez yesterday due to his anti-Semitic comments on some radio show.

Good riddance. I never liked Sanchez’s style anyhow. In my opinion, he is a pompous _____ in an expensive suit.

I am shocked & appalled that a public figure could be s o much an anti-Semite & as a Christian with Russian Jewish heritage I also take offense to the attitude projected by Sanchez’ words. For crying out loud, how ignorent can one be? Shame on Sanchez and { for once} kudos to the CNN top decision-maklers for firing this moron.


We are all connected

  My major in college was journalism & I admit that lately I have been a lousy news hound. One cannot turn on the Internet without being reminded of the terrible oil in our Gulf.  Even if I did not call this beautiful part of our planet  my home, the images  would devestate me nonetheless.  On Friday I made an honest evffort to watch the coverage of the spill on CNN but when the cameras zoomed in on the oiled wildlife I started to cry.

Just to clarify: I * am* continuing to read one piece by ++KJS every day but I haven’t blogged the  articles as I’d originally intended.  My mind & soul ache & re-reading her words is a comfort.

Anyhow, ++ Katharine had an op-ed piece online that totally caught my attention.  Our oceanogropher-turned clergy wrote a fact-packed & beautiful{ albeit sad} piece on the oil mess in the Gulf Of Mexico.  What is interesting about this article is that, unlike anything else I’ve read by Bishop Katharine, this is  written from the perspective of an expert.

Her last paragraph sums up the entire article. She says:

” There is no place to go away from these consequences; there is no ultimate escape on this planet…We are all connected will all suffer the consequences of this tragic disaster in the Gulf, and we must wake up & put a stop to the kind of robber-baron behavior we supposedly regulated out of existence a hundred years ago. Our lives & the liveliness of the entire planet, depend on it.”

We all play a part in bearing responsibility for what happened in the Gulf. While BP & its subcontractors  should bear the primary blame for this disaster, they are in business because we as a society, covet oil products.  No one is blameless, even those of us who are unable or choose not to drive an automobile.   Our energy infrastructure depends on petroleum products as does the plastics industry.

Shame on BP. Shame on all of us.

Oil Spill in Gulf

When CNN reports from my area I know they are not reporting good news.

There is a massive oil sill  that is slowly creeping its way towards the beautiful Northwest Florida & South Alabama beaches.

 I admit to being remiss  about following the local news. After all: usually the local news is full of nothing but the latest crime reports & the trials  regarding said crimes. But since the BP  Oil  rig exploded in the Gulf Of Mexico I have been paying * much* more attention to the local news. I do not like what I see: the oil in the Gulf is way too close to the shores of where I live!

This is terrible.  My heart goes out to the coastal communities already affected by this human-made disaster.

debt relief for Haiti

On _Amanpour_ right now they are discussing Haiti.

Should the world forgive Haiti’s debts & not expect repayment of monetary aid?

My vote is YES. Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere & one of the porrest nations in the world. And then, look at the natural disasters the people there have gone through. Hurricanes & now this series of earthquakes.

The people need help NOW. And now is not the time to worry about repayment of aid. This is a humanitarian crisis, not an economic deal.


As much as I did not want to watch the coverage of the quake in Haiti last evening,I did. I’m trained as a journalist & therefore  know that it is important to stay in touch with what is happening in our nation & in our world. But last night’s news coverage of the Haitian tragedy was * so* hard to watch. It reminded me much of the immediate aftermath of Hurricane  Katrina.

I am PROUD of my Episcopal Church & her Presiding Bishop for quickly issuing a call to action via donations to our Church’s relief agency, Episcopal Relief & Development.

Bishop Katharine said:

“Even under “normal” circumstances, Haiti struggles to care for her 9 million people. The nation is the poorest in the western hemisphere, and this latest disaster will set back many recent efforts at development. I urge your prayers for those who have died, been injured, and are searching for loved ones — and I urge your concrete and immediate prayers in the form of contributions to Episcopal Relief and Development, who are already working with the Diocese of Haiti to send aid where it is most needed.”

{The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori
Presiding Bishop
The Episcopal Church}

My Church is & always has been about MISSION MISSION MISSION. 

I’m already remembering Haiti in my daily prayer time & I’ll  gladly help with any fundraising efforts  that will go directly to the folks who need it the most.

On the other hand, although I know full well that Pat Robertson is a bigot , it shocked & saddened me when he pretty much  stated that the people of Haiti ” deserved” this horrible natural disaster since they ” made a pact with the devil”. Of course evil exists but to say that the Haitian people  made a pact with ” the devil”{ and Mr Robertson, please define the term devil, as anyone with any knowledge of the faith KNOWS that the devil isn’t a  being  with horns & a pitchfork!!!} Thankfully I  NEVER watched his  terribly slanted  programming. But what scares  me is that so many well-meaning Christian folks * do* take Mr Robertson’s statements as  truth.

First of all, my prayers go out to the people of Haiti & all those who are able & willing to  aid them. I wish I were physically & financially able to fly down to Haiti & get my skinny self  working to help  right where it is needed the most.

Dear LORD, please watch over Your Children, both those affected by this quake in Haiti & those of Your servants  called to travel to Haiti to aid in whatever way that are able. Comfort Your people  & let those who are affected the most see the face of Your Son, Jesus Christ, in the faces of the  aid workers.  In the Name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, Amen.

Tiger isn’t real news

 Maybe I should be thankful that I do not work for any of the Big Media. They have been beating this Tiger Woods { pun intended} into the ground . I am sick of it. Tiger may be rich & famous, but he isn’t perfect. No one is perfect & I hate how the national Big Media{ all of them}  latch on to  stories such as the Tiger Woods family drama &  overanalyze  & over-report every  allegation.

It is really none of the public’s business what goes on in the private lives of celebrities & sadly in order to aviod  being innundated with the Tiger-talk I  pretty much have avoided CNN  since the day before Thanksgiving. Ok, last night I watched the President’s address to the nationa regarding  the  upcoming surge of troops into Afghanistan , but that was an exception to a really  mediocre few news cycles. Tiger woods’ marital problems  will not affect world peace. Really, the world will not fall apart if we never know what really happened when the famous golfer smacked his car  in his own driveway.

 The * only* program  on any of the Turner Networks which has not mentioned the Tiger Woods scandal is _Amanpour_.  Yesterday’s podcast was excellent, & it  dealt with the President’s  Afghanistan policy & how it will affect  the nation & the world. Thanks be to God, no Tiger Talk there.

I’m not a golfer, nor am I impressed with wealth & money. And I cannot understand why so many Americans buy into these  sort of stories. Normally intelligent people who wouldn’t openly buy a copy of the National Enquirer tune in eagarly to  learn of the latest  “news” of celebrity scandal.

Israel-Palestine: will there ever be peace?

Will there ever be peace between Palestine & Israel?

That was the topic of discussion on last evening’s _Amanpour_. As a Christian with jewish roots, I naturally side with Israel. { I don’t care if this is not ” politically-correct”, it is how I feel in my heart}

Christiane interviewed two experts on the conflict. They discussed the possibility of the ” two-state solution”…that is the idea of maintaining two separate entities for Israelis & Palestinians. In my opinion, a two-state solution might be the only solution to the problem of constant warfare over  in the Holy Land, As a Christian Jew, I * still*  consider myself a Zionist, but will be ok if the two-state idea ever comes to fruition.

Prejean Is NOT a role model!

Carrie Prejean is not only a hypocrite and a liar, she is also cowardly and stupid.

She appeared on LKL a couple of nights ago. Apparently one of the stipulations was that she not take any phone calls from viewers. Now anyone who is at all familiar with Larry King’s style of interviewing knows full well he is a softy.  But apparently Prejean thought that some of King’s questions were ” inappropriate” . What the hell?  If Prejean cannot handle an interview with larry King, she should NOT be in the public  eye.

I wanna know how this dumb bimbo got a sweet book deal already when there are so many stories out there by hard-working, intelligent people who can’t get a publisher to even look at their query letters? It is a sad commentary on the US publishing industry when a disgraced ” beauty queen” can secure a book deal  while so many talented writers with important stories to tell cannot get published by the most obscure publishing houses.

But what pisses me off the most about the Prejean  story is how she fancies herself as a ” role model” for girls. Now I am not a Mom, but IF I had a daughter, there is not way that I’d want her aspiring to be like Miss Prejean.  Carrie Prejean clearly talks out of both sifdes of her mouth and this is disgusting. We all make some mistakes when we are very young, but at least most of us don’t tout ourselves as the perfect example of feminine virtue!

Bye-bye Lou Dobbs!

I saw this one coming from miles away: Lou Dobbs has left CNN. Are we * really* surprised? I’ve been a longtime viewer of CNN & I am NOT a fan of Mr Dobbs. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion, but CNN is a NEWS channel & Mr Dobbs’ show had become nothing but a platform for his rants against immigration.

He was the one ” conservative” voice at CNN & probably didn’t like being pulled towards the center. I am sure that he has his loyal following, but I know that I will not miss him.

I wonder if ” that other news channel” will pick him up ? But then again, Lou isn’t * that* right-wing on all issues as is O’Lieilly.

Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out, Mr Dobbs! I am siure  Faux Noise will make room in their  stellar nighttime lineup of programming for your voice.

I am curious to see who CNN’s top executives will place in the time slot left vacant by Dobbs.

another remarkable woman

Anyone who knows me in real life knows what a HUGE fan I am of Ms Cristiane Amanpour’s work. Most little girls want to grow up to be movie stars or pop music princesses. Not me: I wanted to be a globe-trotting international correspondent. { still do, actually}

I am such a nerd. Damn proud to be a nerd, too.

I’ve met ++ Katharine Jefferts-Schori. Now the next famous woman whom I want to meet in person is Christiane Amanpour.


One of my heros, Christiane Amanpour

I FINALLY get to see the daily  version of her new show & it is great! Podcasting is a * wonderful* invention. Yesterday’s show had her interviewing former Secretary of State Baker via satellite. Baker was in office when the Berlin Wall came down 20 years ago. & had some incredible insight into the events leading up to the fall of the Wall & the fall of Soviet Communism.

The podcasts come automatically to my Itunes inbox each morning, so I’m one day behind on my _Amanpour_ viewing. But hey, at least I get to see the daily show. CNN /US needs to get with the program{ bad pun intended} & realize that _Amanpour_ does have a stateside following. Many people I know would tune in to the show if it was offered on CNN/US each day. And, i know where it could go…just take out half an hour from Wolf blitzer’s 3-hour-long political show _ The Situation Room_.Perhaps CNN/US could place _Amanpour_ as a replacement for the last half hour of  the Blitzer blitz.