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Editor Sarah

My big task this week is: pinch-editing the March edition of _Canterbury Tales_ < my parish's newsletter. The due date for submissions , set by the regular editor, is tomorrow but I am prepared for some late submissions.

This morning I sent an email out to all the current Vestry members & staff reminding them of the deadline for submissions. Sadly, I've yet to finish * my* column for the newsletter, as my head is still spinning from the hectic yet wonderful Convention 2011 experience.

I have not used a desktop publishing program since college, so I am a bit out-of-practice. our regular editor sent me a link to Open Office, a free desktop publishing software program which I downloaded to the laptop. Thank goodness i know someone who is a computer techie, because navigating this new program isn't going to be an easy task.

The biggest challenge I think I will have with this project will be adding the photo page. Our editor always does such a nice job with the photos & other graphics for our newsletter & I feel that I'll fall short. there will be several photos of our Convention 2011 delegation included in the newsletter & I still need to do a search for some good clip art to " dress up" the March edition of _Canterbury Tales_.

Shalom, y'all.


CGC 11 Report.

For those of y’all who: A} do not attend my church and/or B} do not yet use social media , { I did Tweet & use FB updates via phone while at Convention & I am not ashamed to admit this publicly.} here is my report from the 2011 Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast. Our Convention was held at St James Episcopal Church in Fairhope, Alabama & Beckwith Camp & Conference Center in nearby Foley, Alabama.

We had 6 resolutions put before us & all were dealt with sans much debate. The most interesting resolution put forth for this Convention was one submitted by a layperson addressing the issues of congregations who do not pay their fair pledge to the Diocese. It was suggested that said congregations who do not meet the 20 percent pledge asked by our Bishop forfeit one voting delegate to Convention.

I know this was put forth to make a point , but I do not like the idea of” no pay, no vote” in a diocese, especially if a small , financially insecure congregation simply cannot make its pledge to the Diocese. At any rate, this resolution did NOT pass, thank goodness. While I agree that it isn’t right that some parishes do not financially support the Diocese at all, but forcing parishes who DO make & meet their financial pledges to the Diocese according to their net inflows is not right. Why punish small congregations who do make contributions to the Diocese based on income? I’m just sayin…. & I’m glad this will not go into effect here.

Our opening Mass was an extra-special occasion since our bishop ordained the first class of Vocational Deacons . Now the clergy count in the Episcopal Diocese of The Central Gulf Coast has increased by eight! Alleluia ! I am really proud of all of the new deacons & will keep them in prayer as they start their ordained ministry. After the mass I attended a party held in the honor of one of my friends who is among the newly ordained.

We elected the new Standing Committee members & also the deputies who will represent our Diocese at the 2012 General Convention. One of my diocesan clergy friends { albeit he is a Low-Church priest but I’ll forgive him that….haha} It is good to know that a younger person will be part of the group of folks who shall represent my diocese at the next General Convention. Truth be told, I hoped that someone would nominate me to be a lay delegate to GC12, as I REALLY wanted to get a chance to experience this part of my Church’s life. But, in God’s timing things happen & I am still a ” new” Episcopalian.

I enjoyed seeing my friends from other parishes & my priest reminded us this morning at Mass that we are ALL ONE holy , catholic & apostolic Church separated by miles.

Over & out!

Twitter Tweet

Ok so I set up another Twitter account. For those of y’all who have the old one, don’t bother with it anymore…I’m now on the ” new” Twitter. I shall ” tweet” my Dio Convention experience on this new account & I welcome any & all to ” follow ” me.

My username on Twitter is : Pgh_Sunshine.

As of right now, my tweets are not protected.

What is your Twitter username?

Packed & ready for Convention 11

I am all packed for my two day Convention trip over to coastal Alabama. And I’ve lost most of my speaking voice! Of course this HAD to happen the week of the Convention in my Diocese….grrr. But I am excited anyhow, as I’ll see many of my friends from around the Diocese.

I’ll arrive on Thursday & come home sometime Saturday afternoon. Naturally I’ve carry my laptop with me & I’ll * try* to blog each night from Michael & Janet’s place, where I’m staying. :O) At any rate , I’ll have my cell phone with me & probably text some snarky Facebook updates{ Especially during the address….hahahaha}

Thursday evening’s opening Mass will include the ordination of my Diocese’s first ” class” of vocational deacons. This will be the first ordination of any sort I get to attend since I had to miss my friend Tim’s ordination{ but I was there in spirit….really!} to the priesthood last weekend. After the ordination Mass I’m invited to a party in Susan’s honor…then I’ll go home with Michael & Janet get a full night’s sleep.

This Convention shall be busy….we’re voting not only on Standing Committee members & resolutions, but also on who will respresent us at the 2012 General Convention. I already know who I am voting for on both & I “ain’t” tellin’ :O) Suffice it to say that in my opinion ALL the lay & collared candidates are well-qualified. I wish that someone would have nominated me to go to General Convention this upcoming time but I know I am still a fairly new Episcopalian.

I look forward to the official name change of our Diocese…..finally removing the word ” protestant” from our official name. Sorry Steve…:O) Most of the resolutions make sense but naturally someone had to throw in a perfectly ridiculous one just to get people talking. { at least I hope that is the resolution-writers’ intent…..he cannot be serious about what he proposed!}But we’ll see.

” God is great, beer is good & people are crazy”.

Convention 2011 Countdown

I finally recieved my 2011 Dio Convention packet in the mail yesterday. I opened the thick envelope this morning & scanned the list of lay delegates to see who else I might know from other parishes & was glad to see several familar names. I TRIED to read the first two resolutions, but the legalese language made my brain hurt. I’ll save that for a date in the near future.

The schedule of the Convention events, however, has me excited. Last year’s Central Gulf Coast Convention was a mere one day but this year, thankfully, the two-and-a half -day format has returned. I’m staying with some friends at their home in Gulf Shores & commute with them to the Convention events at Beckwith & Fairhope, Alabama. Since I am such a ” girly” woman, I am really looking forward to dressing up for the Friday evening gala at Beckwith, but the opening Mass is the most anticipated Convention event for me. Our Bishop will ordain the first class of vocational deacons in the history of our Diocese then & one of my friends is among those to be ordained! I am SO PROUD of all of them, but particularly of Susan because I just know she’ll be a great deacon. :O)

It will be great fun & I told my clergy ” sister”, the rector in Gulf Breeze that she & I * must* hang out at some point during Convention. I saw her, among a few other white-collared friends, at my priest’s Celebration of New-Used Ministry{ thats what he calls it…not me!} on Wednesday evening. My parish can throw quite a reception & the Celebration of New Ministry Mass was incredible. I’ve posted photos on my Facebook.

Anyhow…life is good! Shalom, y’all.