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Open Letter to Glenn Beck from an Angry Episcopalian

Dear Mr Beck….

You belong in the Ice Age.

Apparently your latest tirade is against we Christians who believe that social justice is an integral part of the Great Commission.  You said that we { and our church leaders} are ” all communists &need to turn ourselvesin to the authorities”


Ok Glenn- you caught me. I am a Christian whose faith demands that she be a stright ally for the rights of GLBT persons as well as  actively advocate for the poor. Yes, Geln, I am an Episcopalian & darn proud of my Church & her role in  paving the way for social justice.  Furthermore, try & wrap your tiny mind around the fact that the American branch of the Anglican Church is headed by a WOMAN…a married, straight WOMAN who  embraces science as part of  God’s good Creation.  Unlike yourself, my Presiding Bishop makes an effort to include ALL followers of Christ  as sisiters & brothers in the faith.  I’m trying very hard to follow Bishop Katharine’s example & not retaliate with name calling but I assure you that I totally resent your calling me & Christians who share my views on justice ” communists”.

First of all, it is totaly Constitutaional for the FREEDOM OF RELIGION to exist in this great nation. Our Founders put it in our Constitution that we should ahdhere to a separation of Church & State.  If you are such a patriot, how about reviewing the Constitution?

I notice that you do not blame those churches who adamently promote violence against homosexuals & abortion providers. Hmmm, perhaps it is because thse sorts of folks share Beck’s misguided worldview?  It pisses me off that people such as Beck & his ilk hold up certain members of the Christian family as ” true Christians”just because they cherry-pick Holy Scripture to fit their warped view of what is ” right”.

Grow up , Beck. Fearmongering is out. Tolerence & love is in. Open you beady little rat’s eyes & realize there is a whole new world that is willing & able to embrace even the likes of yourself.

And yes….I am PROUD of my Church.

 Social Justice  Crusader til I die…..

~Sarah Beth


God does not cause human suffering

“God does not cause suffering or punish people with it, but God is present and known more intimately in the midst of suffering. Above all, we become more human through our broken hearts.”

++ Katharine Jefferts-Schori, The Episcopal Church

Our Presiding Bishop’s  statement on the Haiti situation is filled with  MUCH more Christian love than is that inane  statement  said by Pat Robertson. How anyone can say that the good people of Haiti are being ” punished” for  something that allegedly happened 200 years ago is ludicrous.

It scares the crap out of me that folks like Robertson even have any following. Normally I don’t  mix politics with faith when I writefor the public, but this  brings up the point of how scary the extreme  so-called” family values” portion of the American  political landscape can become.

God did not cause this  tragedy. Nor is God punishing anyone for anything that happened in the past.  As Christians, we are called to do acts of compassion, not to seek  any sort of blame.