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you mean I need to wait til September?

 My name is Sarah Beth & I am a CSI: Miami addict.   Most TV shows I can either  take or leave but CSI : Miami is my ONE Must-see show each week.

 Last night’s season 8 finale was a true ” cliffhanger” .  I’m still trying to figure out what is was that caused all the CSI team members  save for Eric & H to ” all fall down”.

I am glad they brought Delko back, but I hope that no one on the team gets killed off  next season. :O( I like them all…although I’m partial to “H” Ok, I admit to a * huge*  actor crush on David Caruso! :O)  The guy who plays Delko is  smoking’hot , too, but there is something about D.C. that is irresistably intriguing.

And, the refrain of “Ring around the rosy” was just creepy. I loved it!

I felt as though I were watching a very well-played game of _Clue_ & throughout most of the hour my bet{if I were the gambling sort but I am not…} was on the PH. D student who got caught cheating on her thesis.  She had motive & opportunity…although it would have been * very* hard for her to drown the guy the way she did  while remaining undetected.  The drowning scene was totally gruesome.

I’m still suspicious of the soccer Mom’s lawyer husband. Something just ” ain’t right” with him. Thoughts?

I’m fascinated by the concept of a remote, wireless & computer controlled shotgun like the one that was used in last night’s storyline. Does anyone know if such an invention exists or is that a creation of the CSI”:Miami writers?  Haha, ya can tell I hail from a part of the country where hunting is a big deal! :O)

Now I must wait until September to find out the rest of the story. :O(  For this reason & many others , Summer 2010 will be too long!


Lent 2 update

Wow….Sunday was the second week in Lent, 2010 already & today is the first day of March.  It is true, kids–time does  seem to accelerate when one is older. It seems as though Christmas was only literally yesterday & here we are in Lent already.

Friday’s CGC Convention was GREAT! It was nice to connect & reconnect with folks from around my Diocese. {And thanks be to God, the Bishop has a sense of humor!} My only complaint about this year’s Convention is that it was only one day. There was no gala in the evening, so I had no occasion to wear my purple  dress again.

Episcopal Relief & Development is getting more money from me due to my Lenten pledge to curb the cussing. My kitchen is a mess & although the sun  showed itself in Northwest Florida today  it is still unnaturally cold for this area. Normally I love ” sweater weather” but as this cold snap keeps on I dream of wearing short sleeves & sundresses.

Canada beat the USA in hockey & it was a member of MY CITY’s hockey team who scored the winning goal for Team Canada. Boo. :O( Thankfully , Sundays are free from the Lenten fast: much cussing from Sarah Beth occurred during said  hockey game. { I am really not that much of a hockey fan. However as a native of the Burgh area I do love my ‘Guins}

 The ONE must-see-TV show for me  is on this evening.  Whether or not they keep the character of Eric Delko, I am still a CSI: Miami junkie. But I admit that Delko  adds an extra dose of Miami cop hotness to my Monday evening routine. :O)  apparently tonight the team goes to Los Angeles. M’kay I thought the title of the show is CSI :MIAMI & not CSI Travels?

Shalom, all!