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Feed My Sheep

Anyone who knows me knows how much I dislike our never-ending hot summers here in Florida.

Best Dude & I are watching my parents’ Labrador Retriever, Casey this week while Parental Units are in Pittsburgh this week. Brother & his wife arrive tomorrow afternoon , so after church I’ll need to clean The Homestead in preparation for their summer visit. I am hoping that the weather gets better in time for their visit—it has been rainy, humid and YUCKY here since the Parental Units left for their annual Burgh Visit.

But the long summer we have here has its perks, and one of those perks is Pensacola’s monthly ” Gallery Night”.

Last evening Best Dude & I met some friends downtown for the monthly Pensacola block party known as ” Gallery Night” Our priest is a bass player in a band,and the band was featured as part of the festivities last evening. I must admit that pizza & mixed alcoholic drinks are NOT part of my healthy-eating plan ut I’ve learned that it is fine to deviate from healthy eating on occasion. :O)

Anyhow, I FINALLY got to meet a Facebook friend of mine whose work I greatly admire. Father Nathan Monk is an Orthodox priest in town who has started and maintained a ministry to feed homeless other very poor people in the city. Fr Monk has received several sanctions from the City government–but nothing stops this young man of God from doing exactly what Jesus would want His followers to do. Father Monk was at Gallery night with his now-famous ” FEED THE POOR ” sign and was selling handmade rosaries to help further his mission work with Pensacola’s most needy. I’ve wanted to meet Fr Monk since I first read about him & his ministry in the local newsrag & was delighted to meet him in person and shake his hand.

In the aftermath of my own branch of the Church’s general Convention, meeting Fr Monk reminded me again that we are , above all else, supposed to serve others . This world is full of hurting & needy people{ and many right near where we make our comfortable homes} who are truly poverty-stricken. Fr Monk’s sig ” FEED THE POOR” was a stark reminder to me that the Church isn’t about polity & politics.

The wake of some of the actions voted upon at The Episcopal Church’s 77th triennial General Convention has caused a media blitz that is causing many Church members sorrow. While I recognize their deeply felt pain, at the same time our Church{ and any church in Christendom} is first and foremost about following Jesus & doing what he would do. If I had my wish, I’d remove ALL social politics from the life of the institutional Church so that we and our leaders can focus more on what Our Lord wans us to do regarding loving Him and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Why don’t we discuss more about how to feed hungry ” sheep” rather than build socioidealogical barriers between our fellow & sister Christians?

Stop the Fighting. Lets Work on UNITING!



Post from PA

Wow….Grandma’s party was a smashing success. I’d judge from the look on her face in my photos that she * was* surprised!  . Y’all, a small miracle occurred last night: approximately 8o people kept a big secret from one Mrs Anne.

I think I drank a wee bit too much wine, but am only * slightly* feeling that effect today. Since I’d spent last night on a couch, sleep eluded me when we finally arrived back at my uncle’s house after Grandma’s party.  Plus, after being at the Lake for a { WONDERFUL} week, I am severely sleep-deprived anyhow. But it is all good & I am very content here in Butler, PA.  

Many of Grandma’s friends & family { including myself…& I hate public speaking}  gave tributes to Grandma. It was also fun to see many of the men & women with whom she worked come to the party.

This morning I attended Mass at St Peters’ Anglican Church in Butler.  Only * one* person bothered to ask me anything about myself before the Mass started & during coffee hour in the basement NO ONE bothered to speak with me at all. :O( It was weird. The young priest preached a good sermon, but I could not help but  return to thinking about how the ACNA is shaking the foundation of the catholic, universal Church over something as minute as  the personal lives of consenting adults.  After all, if Jesus Christ is the sure foundation of our Church, than who should * really* care about what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

Schism isn’t good for ANY reason.

Parched Land into Springs of Water

{Psalm 107:33-43}

Feast Day of St Joseph 2010

The title of this Psalm in my Bible is ” Thanksgiving For deliverance From Many Troubles”.  It is interesting to note that today’s selection of this Psalm starts off on a rather negative note. Listen to the words:

“He turns rivers into a desert,

springs of water into thirsty ground,

a fruitful  land into a salty waste;

because of the wickedness of the inhabitants…”

But wait—– this isn’t the end of this poem. Recall that the editors of the NRSV Catholic Bible  titled this particular  titled this Psalm  as a Psalm of THANKSGIVING. That is correct, the  writer of this Psalm is thanking God for God’s  ever-present & forgiving nature. Israel has been wicked, indeed. Again & again has turned away from the God of Israel & began to worship false gods .

But what does this  psalm have to say about you & me today?

In my EfM seminar we studied the works of the prophets Amos & Hosea.  Amos  tells of an angry God who plans to cause great pain & destruction  on Israel in retribution for her neglect of the poor in times of prosperity.  But Hosea  focuses more on the God who, although is angered by the Israelites lack of concern for  the poor, friendless & outcasts in their society, speaks of God’s unwavering LOVE.

On this Feast Day Of St Joseph, let us all remember to thank our Earthly fathers, , step-fathers, male mentors & other significant men in our lives. But more importantly,  let us remember today that God is our Heavenly Father, a Father Who loves each of us enough to discipline  harshly when we { as a society or as individuals}  go astray.

I don’t know about you all, but my Dad is GREAT.  Naturally he & I argue often{ we are so much alike that it is scary at times!} But I do know that my earthly father loves me & would do anything in is power to keep me safe, well-fed  & with food & shelter. Dad & I surely do not agree on a lot most of the time & I know I can be the proverbial  thorn in his side. I am ashamed to even begin to think about the myriad of times that I have disobeyed & disappointed Dad.

Yet my Dad loves both me & my brother with a love which only a parent can have for his or her offspring. If my human father loves me this much: the love of our Heavenly Father is incomprehensible.

The last lines of Psalm 107 say”

“Let those who are wise give heed to these things

and consider the steadfast love of the LORD.”