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12 Days of Christmas blogging: Day 6

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Since I’ve already written about my New Years’ Promises{ I hate the word” resolutions”as when I resolve to complete a task I generally fail at the attempt.} I’m writing about music on my Ipod. Irrelevant? Probably, but this is my blog & I’ll discuss what I wat to discuss. :O)

Anyhow, I’m currently waiting for EPC to pick me up for our morning workout at the gym. I’m fairly pleased with the results of my promise to myself that I’d get fit in 2012, but I’ve still MUCH more work in that area of my life ahead of me. Fitness{ at lest to me} is a lifestyle choice–not a ” resolution”.

The Parental Units gave me a new much improved Ipod for Christmas. Currently { as I type} I am transferring a 3 Dog Night CD to my Itunes collection. Although I was born in 1976, m musical tastes lie mostly with the rock & roll music of the 1960s & 1970’s. :O) In my opinion, music of y parents’ generation is fa superior to the music of today. Although there are some bands & solo artists from te 180’s { my ” coming of age” years”} my tastes in music tend towards that of the vintage rock era. I’ll admit that I’ve some current ” pop music” on my Ipod…but its few & far between on my playlist.

I’m an “old soul” musically. :O)


Chrismas Day 2: Resolutions & Promises to Myself

Merry Christmas!

Last year I promised myself that I’d begin to get my physical body in shape. I’ve done really well thus far & intend to keep up with the gym & pool visits, eating better & making an effort to get enough hours of sleep per night.

Although I am not quite at my projected muscle-building gaols for 2012, I am proud of the functionality that I’ve gained in my quest to build stronger muscles. Since I am not as ” big” a I’d hoped to be by now,I am not entering the 2013 Panhandle Showdown in April. Hopefully I’ll be more ready for that sort of fitness competition by April of 2014 .

In 2013, my goal is to increase my self-confidence. I do not have much self-confidence at all, so I tend to overcompensate for this deficit. Currently I am not sure how I will work towards this goal, but I’m sure the answer will come to me.

I’ve never been one with self confidence–throughout most of my school years I was bullied badly by my peers. As a result of this schoolyard cruelty, I am shy highly suspicious of people until I get to know them better. Because ms of my schoolyard orentors were girls, I have a hard time especially trusting women. In 2013 I plan to further the ” Sisterhood” I already enjoy with my few female friends & also open myself to meeting new gal pals.

What are some thing that YOU wish to improve upon in 2013?

My first competitive 5K walk in 10 years.

Best Dude & I are competing in a local charity 5K race on Saturday , October 13. { our priest is getting married that day also, but the wedding isn’t slated until 6 PM}

I have not done a competitive walk in over 10 years, so I’m a bit nervous. I’d elected to compete in the walkers’ division, since I’ve not run 3 consecutive miles since high school * and* my left knee is still recovering from the hiking accident.

Best Dude & I are both fast walkers & I think there is a good chance that both of us will place in our appropriate age/gender divisions. :O)

To prepare for the 5K, I’m concentrating on training my legs more for these next two weeks. Swimming helps we build speed, but I also need to build endurance by doing squats, leg presses & sit-ups.

Perhaps I’ll add * some* leg-pounding cardio my indoor routine, bu I do no want to re-injure my knee. When I got hurt, my doctor told me to stay ut of the gym & pool for one week–and that one week was mental torture for me. Perhaps next October I’ll consider running this 5K- but for now I’ll err on the side of caution.

diet versus eating plan

I am not a fanof the word ” diet”.

I do, however, watch what I eat. But to diet is to deny oneself , and I will NOT do that to my body.

No. That is not happening. I love my body & am at a place in my relationship with food hat I do not worry about calories anymore Instead, I focus on the QUALITY of food I eat. Truth be told, I probably consume moe calories than most women of my size, but I also work hard to build lean muscle. Many womem at the gym I attend have weight-loss goals, but I am among the minority who attend te gym to BUILD muscle.

I do not diet. Instead, I eat responsibly. I don’t go to the gym in order o punish my body— I work out to improve my physqiue.

My eating plan consists of a lot of protein , good carbohydrates, and produce. I DO supplement my meals with protein shakes after a raining session , and I do eat dessert{ although a moderate amount} ….I’m careful of portion control regarding sweets.

Eat well, but eat as “clean” as possible. Fresh , whoe foods are imperativ : avoild pre-packaged meals as much as possible. Choose carbs wisely. Practice portion control regarding desserts.

“Fitsperation”: good or bad?

Any fitness enthusiast has seen the ” motivational” posters that float all over social media. My fitness friends post them all over Facebook & I’m also one who ” shares” & posts my own fitspirational messages.

You all know of what I speak. For instance: today on my Facebook page i found one such image that says” Success isn’t given. It’s earned on the track, in the field or in the gym. With blood, sweat & the occasional tear.”

I also posted one awhile back that shows a very fit young woman doing some sort of gymnastics move with the words” Strong is the new skinny”. { which, by the way, is now my motto.}. To me, such slogans & images inspire me to build the best body that *I *can. Recently I read a recent article in a magazine that says that such ” fitspiration” messages can be as damaging to women as are the trend of ” THINSPIRATION” { Thinspiration , a movement by the pro-eatingdisorder underground community, post & shares photos of girls & women who are emaciated…along with weight-loss inspiration slogans.

I’ve dealt with my own eating issues I surely DO NOT wish to return to that lifestyle. Finally, I can sy that my relationship with food is healthy. Yet I can see how ” fitspiration” images on the Internet might be misconstrued by girls , women & even some men whose mindset is focused on ” thin” rather than ” healthy”. Since I am mindful of those who suffer from disordered eating, I take extra care to ONLY post slogans/images that portray a goal of a _healthy lifestyle_. I do not approve of the pro-eating disorder movement, but at the same time I know how deep their pain is how hard it is to completely change one’s attitude about food & fitness.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Let us begin a dialog.


My gym pal, ” L” and I were supposed to swim yesterday, as we sim Monday, Wednesday & Friday. {Tuesday & Thursday are strength-training for me in the gym} Anyhow, I texted her when I realized that a BIG rain system was headed our way. Our fitness center closes the pools at any sign of lightning, so I packed my gym shoes & a pair of socks in the bag that usually just contains my swim fins & mask.

By the time we got to the fitness centre, it was dark & we had seen some lightning. She went to the cardio room while I exchanged my swim sandals for socks & gym shoes before entering the gym.

Anyhow, I did an abbreviated { My Tuesday/Thursday gym routine lasts for one full hour} but effective training session in the gym & met my goals!

We watched some of the Olympics last evening.The US men’s gymnastics team did not look nearly as good as does the women’s team. On the other hand , the British men’s team made an excellent showing in gymnastics. We did not watch synchronized diving, as we simply cannot ” get into” that event. Best Dude missed the Olympic sailing that was on yesterday & I am STILL waiting to see some Olympic weightlifting on TV! :O)

Olympic Fever & Training Fever!

It has been a busy week in my life, so I apologize for my lack of writing lately. My brother & sister-in-law visited from Atlanta last week, and, since Best dude worked many hours, I spent a lot of much-neede sibling time at Casa Familia Florida.

My brother a workout veteran for 20 years, showed me some new arm & shoulder training moves  in the gym last week.

He informed me that eventually my current training routine will ” plateau”–meaning I will  stop feeling & observing effects from my training regime.. This has yet to happen, but I now use some more advanced repetitions with the free weights at the gym in addition to my usual legs, glutes , back training routine.  i’m happy with the results of the seven months of training, but I see areas that still need some improvement if I am to be ” competition fit” by February, 2013. 

As for the competition, I am still undecided  as to if I will enter it. While the slightly competitive part of my nature really wants to take on the challenge of a fitness competition, the “prep diet” that is part of getting oneself totally prepared to compete scares me. I do not gain weight & muscle mass easily & the idea of the minimalist eating plan that most competitors endure scares me. I’ve worked so hard these past few months to overcome my body-image issues & fear that that diet will make me sick{ both physiologically & psychologically. Sure , I DO possess the willpower to stay on that restricted eating plan, but if it will cost me my mental & physical health I am not willing to subject my body to that sort of denial.

Anyhow, that is quite enough about me & my training. Have you watched the Summer Olympics lately. Wow. Although China { BOO HISS} is ahead of pretty much everyone in the medal count, I saw an AMAZING mens’ freestyle relay swimming race last night. Team Swimming USA captured the silver medal, but France took the gold, by what looked to me like 100th of a centimeter!   Hot dang….

Since I’ve been swimming & lifting weights, I’ve been paying special attention to both men’s’ & women’s’ swimming events & women’s’ weightlifting.  Yesterday I read that the US women’s weightlifting team did not place in my weight division{ the extra, extra lightweight} Other weight classes compete later this week & I hope to at least record them on the DVR.

I also watched a bit of the women’s gymnastics last evening. Since I know nothing about how the judges score events in this sport, I was just happy that the US women seemed to score well.


Fitness journey update

I REALLY am looking forward to my workout today. One of the best side effects of powerlifting is how I transfer all of my frustration at the world onto some heavy plates & barbells. Although I am not a naturally aggressive person, when I am frustrated I tend to store all sorts of histamines in my body that make me feel ill. I’ve discovered on this fitness program that as soon as I hit the gym or pool, all my frustrations evaporate with my sweat.

Today I am * really* tightly wound, so the gym atmosphere will be good for me in more ways than one. I like that when I go to the gym, my brain totally focuses & I adopt a ” zen” mode. My brain is focused on maintaining proper form & I direct all my energy towards completing sets and/or laps. When I am through with the workout I feel the endorphins rushing through my circulatory system.

What a GREAT feeling it is when I know I’ve done my training session well!

Training update: July

Since today is the first ay of the 7th month of my fitness lifestyle, I’m sharing some of my accomplishments tonight.

Best Dude & I attended the early mass at church. Since he had to work today, I went to the fitness centre with my Dad after Mass. Dad did his customary 30 minutes of cardio. I began my workout , as I always do,with 30 sit-ups. Two weeks ago I added a weight to my sit-up routine. I first tried sit-ups with a 5 pound weight, then graduated to a ten-pound plate.

Today I managed 45 minutes AND mostly worked on my crawl technique. Currently my default stroke is the butterfly, but I’ve decided that if I am swimming with my godfather in the Lake when I return up north for the annual visit I should standardize our swim. Today I’ve noticed that I must keep my head at a certain angle in order to avoid a snorklefull of chlorinated pool water. I think that I will pay more attention to how hold my head in the pool tomorrow: today my main concern was my arm strokes.

I’ve also increased the ante in the weight room. I now press 110 pons with my legs & am squatting regularly using the cage. I’m still slow on the bench press, but I do not ant to overwhelm my upper back.

working out with mi padre….

This morning I went to the gym with my Dad. We use different equipment at different times, so we do not SEE each other in the gym very often Anyhow, since Dad’s favorite elliptical machine was occupied he started with sets of free weights. I did my customary 3 sets of 10 sit-ups & then progressed to the squat press. Dad walked by me as I loaded one of the two 45-lb dumbbells onto the press.

Dad:”Don’t hurt yourself. I can’t even do that thing.”

Me: “Da-aaad, I’ve been using this thing for four out of the six months I’ve been working out. Really. I’ll be ok.”

Dad: “That’s a lot of weight. Be careful.”

I know Dad only worried about my safety in the gym because he loves me, but he need not be concerned. My workout is tailored to strengthen my muscles while taking extra care to do only lifting that required my titanium-laden spine to remain erect. Safety is paramount for anyone who is a serious athlete. But, just because a lifter is slightly built { one of my nicknames is _The Petite Powerlifter_ shouldn’t disqualify he or him from aiming to reach new goals.

Stay safe. But challenge yourself.