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Guys of Autumn

Ah, September, how I’ve missed thee!

It is not as bloody HOT as it was since May here on the Gulf Coast. Storm season is { almost} over & one can expect to enjoy fresh air in the morning without worrying about inviting in the humidity into the home. School is back in session, so my workout time at the gym is much more efficient. :O)

But to me, autumn really does not start until FOOTBALL season officially commences.

Last night Best Dude & I watched The University of Alabama CRUSH ” That School Up North” in the household’s first SEC football game of 2012 on TV. I am a huge football follower but he is not.Thankfully, Best Dude has a lot of patience with me during football season.

Next week , however, is STEELER SEASON 2012. To we Pittsburgh-area native games on Sunday afternoons are almost{ but not quite} sacramental.

Here we go! Play ball!



Its been decided….The NY Jets will play my Steelers for the AFC Championship . The game will be in PITTSBURGH next week & I am already stoked. Not only will my Steelers not need to face Tom Brady & his smart-alek, cheating’ team, but they get a rematch with the Jets!

I’m totally aware that the Jets beat my Steelers in the regular season. But , as one of my Facebook friends from high school pointed out, when we played them prior we had several injuries. This time we’ll be healthy & in full-force.

Welcome to the Jungle, New Yorkers! We’ll show yinz how we small-city blue-collar, beer-drinkin Burghers support our Steelers!

NY, you all have the Knicks & the Yankees. Pittsburgh is a football town, & we play on real grass in an open-air stadium.

Welcome, Year A!

Ok, I know I am majorly remiss on keeping up with this blog. Thanksgiving sorta took over last week: I was in Atlanta with family over Wednesday-Thursday & Friday I totally dedicated my day to viewing the Bama-AU game on the TV. { And no : I am NOT happy with the game’s results but what can I say….AU wanted the win more than did my Crimson Tide….I mean * really* The entire first half was all about the Tide & then they had to lose to ” that team” by one stinking point. Grr! AU played unnecessarily rough & in my not-so-humble opinion should have received several more penalties for unsportsmaship-like conduct & unnecessary roughness. But I am not too unhappy with the way Bama played this season…they played a full schedule with some GOOD teams & if it were not for some careless mistakes might have remained unbeaten. I know that I should support the SEC team that * is* in the run for a National Championship but my pride is keeping me from doing so. We’ll see. I am very happy that Ohio State beat * Ichigan & Florida State also won against those dreaded Gators. My Steelers won{ barelty, but they did win} yesterday , too.

Anyhow, the first Sunday in Advent was WONDERFUL! I painted my fingernails Sarum blue in honor of the season. When I attended Roman Catholic Mass with my Grandmother Mac as a wee child I always remember the Advent season as being one of deep purple. But I learned a couple of years ago that in some Anglican parishes, the color ” Sarum blue” is used with or in place of the color purple for Advent. While the good little traditionalist in me is in favor of purple the more enlightened, anti-Vatican side of me likes the distinctly Anglican tradition of using Advent blue. Ah, the perils of being a postmodern traditionalist anti-Papal establishment feminist Anglo-Catholic! :O)

Naturally I saved my EfM reading until this evening. I *loved* Year One & am finding Year Two to be not quite as riveting as was last years’. OT . But it is all fascinating…but NT is more familiar & therefore not as curiosity- satisfying as was OT.

It is finally ” cold” here on the Gulf Coast & I am loving it! The local high school’s football team is still winning playoff games. On Friday they beat a Pensacola powerhouse team in a playoff rematch! { and no I am NOT Obsessed about football…not at all. Ha! }