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Inspirational Christian leader

I am * so* blessed to know one totally inspirational Christian in my life.

Since it is my policy to not write about anyone I know by name or place here, I cannot divulge any details. { sorry} But suffice it to say that this Layperson has inspired me to  be the Episcopalian Christian  I know God is calling me to be, regardless of the cost to myself.  If I am half the  lay Christian that this woman is I would consider myself  faithful to the Baptismal Covenant.

This woman is one of the most faithful  Episcopal laypeople I have met.  She  took on a very tough challenge & gives 150 percent of herself to the task which God has called her to do.  She is a trailblazer of sorts  & leads  firmly but lovingly. While her predecessor quit after a less-than-halfhearted attempt at  this task: this person epitomized  diplomacy, dedication & faith.  I am sure God is pleased with God’s servant in the person of this  exceptional layperson & I am PROUD to call her a friend, and Episcopal sister-in-Christ.

She truly is living out her  Baptismal Covenant &  she is a credit to  the laity of The Episcopal Church.


Counting Blessings

I have not done a ” gratitude  list” in several weeks & with Lent fast approaching, it is a good time to re-assess my gratitude.  Lately I’m reminded of  the bounty with which God has so blessed me & the folks with whom I share my life.

So, here it is:

~ Shelter. The current situation in Haiti has really brought to light that not everyone  has a safe place to  call home.

~ My parish. I am Blessed to be  a part of my little Episcopal parish & although I’ve only been among them for slightly more than two years, I cannot imagine my life  without my community of faith. {I  love you all!!!!}

~ My cell phone. This little piece of technology has been & is my safety net.

~   The two musical groups of which I am a part. I sing with both my parish choir & a community chorus here in Northwest Florida.

~Facebook{Yes!!!} Thanks to Facebook, I have reconnected with & maintained contact with folks in my life.

~ My dog, Casey. He brings me  so much joy & comfort.