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diet versus eating plan

I am not a fanof the word ” diet”.

I do, however, watch what I eat. But to diet is to deny oneself , and I will NOT do that to my body.

No. That is not happening. I love my body & am at a place in my relationship with food hat I do not worry about calories anymore Instead, I focus on the QUALITY of food I eat. Truth be told, I probably consume moe calories than most women of my size, but I also work hard to build lean muscle. Many womem at the gym I attend have weight-loss goals, but I am among the minority who attend te gym to BUILD muscle.

I do not diet. Instead, I eat responsibly. I don’t go to the gym in order o punish my body— I work out to improve my physqiue.

My eating plan consists of a lot of protein , good carbohydrates, and produce. I DO supplement my meals with protein shakes after a raining session , and I do eat dessert{ although a moderate amount} ….I’m careful of portion control regarding sweets.

Eat well, but eat as “clean” as possible. Fresh , whoe foods are imperativ : avoild pre-packaged meals as much as possible. Choose carbs wisely. Practice portion control regarding desserts.


Feed My Sheep

Anyone who knows me knows how much I dislike our never-ending hot summers here in Florida.

Best Dude & I are watching my parents’ Labrador Retriever, Casey this week while Parental Units are in Pittsburgh this week. Brother & his wife arrive tomorrow afternoon , so after church I’ll need to clean The Homestead in preparation for their summer visit. I am hoping that the weather gets better in time for their visit—it has been rainy, humid and YUCKY here since the Parental Units left for their annual Burgh Visit.

But the long summer we have here has its perks, and one of those perks is Pensacola’s monthly ” Gallery Night”.

Last evening Best Dude & I met some friends downtown for the monthly Pensacola block party known as ” Gallery Night” Our priest is a bass player in a band,and the band was featured as part of the festivities last evening. I must admit that pizza & mixed alcoholic drinks are NOT part of my healthy-eating plan ut I’ve learned that it is fine to deviate from healthy eating on occasion. :O)

Anyhow, I FINALLY got to meet a Facebook friend of mine whose work I greatly admire. Father Nathan Monk is an Orthodox priest in town who has started and maintained a ministry to feed homeless other very poor people in the city. Fr Monk has received several sanctions from the City government–but nothing stops this young man of God from doing exactly what Jesus would want His followers to do. Father Monk was at Gallery night with his now-famous ” FEED THE POOR ” sign and was selling handmade rosaries to help further his mission work with Pensacola’s most needy. I’ve wanted to meet Fr Monk since I first read about him & his ministry in the local newsrag & was delighted to meet him in person and shake his hand.

In the aftermath of my own branch of the Church’s general Convention, meeting Fr Monk reminded me again that we are , above all else, supposed to serve others . This world is full of hurting & needy people{ and many right near where we make our comfortable homes} who are truly poverty-stricken. Fr Monk’s sig ” FEED THE POOR” was a stark reminder to me that the Church isn’t about polity & politics.

The wake of some of the actions voted upon at The Episcopal Church’s 77th triennial General Convention has caused a media blitz that is causing many Church members sorrow. While I recognize their deeply felt pain, at the same time our Church{ and any church in Christendom} is first and foremost about following Jesus & doing what he would do. If I had my wish, I’d remove ALL social politics from the life of the institutional Church so that we and our leaders can focus more on what Our Lord wans us to do regarding loving Him and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Why don’t we discuss more about how to feed hungry ” sheep” rather than build socioidealogical barriers between our fellow & sister Christians?

Stop the Fighting. Lets Work on UNITING!


Update:6 months into the new Fit & Healthy lifestyle & other sundry happenings

This is a fun way that I work out at home. Thanks, “L” for introducing me to this form of exercise.

I am remiss…I have ignored this blog for several weeks.Best Dude I watched my parents’ house & dog-sat their HUGE{ but very lovable Chocolate Labrador retriever while they went to Europe for 18 days. { How lucky are they?!}

Speaking of dogs, Best Dude & I had to return ” Sally” back to foster care. It turns out that she could not get over her fear of men & is a biter. :O( This made both tofus sad, but we know there is a dog just waiting to come meet his or her ” Forever Family”. Taking care of Casey while my parental units were away just reinforced the notion that Best Dude & I are totally dog-lovers.

It has now been 6 months since I started this exciting yet sometimes exhausting fitness & health campaign. I am proud to say that I have never looked nor felt stronger in my 36 years of life{ Yes, 36 years…shush!!} When I began this journey in January I was determined to not let fitness & health become just another failed New Years’ resolution{ Because we know what happens to New Years’ resolutions come mid-February, right?}

Anyhow, in addition to my swimming regiment, I am still lifting weights at the gym twice weekly. And{ drumroll, please} I am FINALLY seeing some visible results when I look in the mirror. Amen! Alleluia!

I am not a fast swimmer, nor do I swim various strokes. Most of the time I stick to swimming the breaststroke but on occasion I will swim the crawl or the butterfly. Since I have some back problems, I have discovered that the breaststroke places the least amount of stress on my spine. Usually I swim 25 minutes but I have ben known to swim continuously for 30 minutes. My goal is to swim a 45 minuet mile with my godfather ” Wild Bill” when I travel North to see them in August.

While at the doctor last week, the nurse asked me to step on the scale. I’ve gained back ALL the weight lost after my dental surgery * and* I put on two more pounds!

People always ask me if I eat a lot, since I take my fitness seriously. OF COURSE I eat–and I eat more than many women in my age bracket-with the way I exercise, good nutrition is paramount.

The secret that my friend { and fitness guru}” L” advises to eat small, protien-based meals each day & to eat ” clean”. By ” Clean”, it is meant to stay as far away from processed foods as possible & to base one’s diet on lean animal protein & fresh fruits & vegetables. I admit that eating as clean as I wish to eat has not happened , but I’ve cut a lot of junk from my diet & am concentrating on the quality of the food that passes my lips. Thisway of eating isn’t easy , but since we’ve started eating cleaner both Best Dude & I noticed a change in our overall health.

My biggest clean-eating obstacle is…ICE CREAM. I love the stuff…and the more exotic the flavor of the ice cream, the more I wish to taste it!

Tracking food-consumption patterns

Isn’t technology great?

Last night I signed up with LIVESTRONG.com & created my own food diary. If truth be told, I am still working my way around the site, but I DO have my LIVESTRONG profile up & running. I still need to figure out how the fitness-tracking works, but I am confident that I’ll master this site soon. The food diary application also has water-intake tracker. Inasmuch as I dislike drinking water , I’m making an effort to fill my body with more pure water & less diet soda. This is not easy at all.

My goal is all-around HEALTH, I am NOT tying to lose weight. I do want the calories I eat to be of the best types of fuel for my body, so I’m surveying my eating habits.

Today is Day 2 of tracking what I eat & I’ve discovered that I consume far less protein than I’d thought & way too many carbohydrates. :o/ Darn. Although I’ve made a concerted effort to cut down on my sugar consumption, the data I’ve derived thus far from the food-tracking show that the majority of my daily caloric intake still is carb-based.


Your body is a temple….

Today I went to they gym for an early strength-building workout.

In order to get to the main area of the gym I attend,one must walk trough the bike/elliptical machines. As per usual, a woman was on the same exercise bike dressed in a gray sports bra & matching gym shorts. She has the TV tuned into some cooking program and the volume at full throttle.

I mention this particular ” gym rat” ince I am concerned for her health. Without sounding alarmist, she literally looks like a skeleton covered with skin. Her wasted body makes it hard to even discern her approximate age. I am both fearful for her health yet also repulsed by hr gaunt appearance. It makes me sad to see anyone look as unhealthy as she does. Of course there is a chance that I * could* be wrong about her eating disorder but I am doubtful. I do understand eating disorders better than do most laypeople & some health professionals & this woman looks sick!

She is at the gym every morning I go & try to withhold judgement. It isn’t easy, as I know all-too-well what poor bodyimagecan do if taken to an extreme. My anger is not at this woman, but at a society that still tries to inundate women with “Skinny is Sexy” ideas.

Some may argue that I work out obsessively, but my intentions are not to lose weight, but to add STRONG MUSCLE to my already too-thin frame. My guess is that some patrons at my gym probably think I am suffering from disordered eating but I can only hope & pray that I never let myself look as stick-thin as this woman.

She always dresses in the same workout clothes, uses the same exercise bike & blasts a cooking show on the television. Once my workout buddy, EPC, asked this woman if she was, indeed, watching said cooking show{ Since this woman appeared to read a magazine} inasmuch as I feel compassion for this woman, when she is there the last thing I want to do is be in the same part of the gym as she when I am working out….I’ve come a long way from my ” diseased eating” days & I do NOT wish to return to that sate of mind.

Our bodies are well-made machines crafted with the utmost care as are some of the finest architecture in the word . It saddens me to know that some people { women especially} abuse their bodies in this way.


This morning’s workout was ” killer”! Hahaha, I am going be so sore in the morning from my time on the stair-climbing machine .

I’m a much happier and more energetic person when I emerge from the gym. Its only been five weeks since I started my STRONG NOT SKINNY” Campaign & I am already feeling positive results. As a matter of fact, when I was away from home & did not have access to a gym facility, I realized I needed to find creative ways to satisfy my need to get my body moving.

Today I focused on strength training, rather on cardio & endurance. I did my lifting routine with the hand weights at home while I waited for my ride to drive me to the gym. Once I checked myself into the gym, I stood on the tair-climber for five very intense minutes of climbing. I do not recall how many ” flights of stairs” I cleared in my five-minute limit, but my legs felt like they were made of Jello when I stepped off of the machine. It was great.

But I was just warming up…

Thankfully my favorite treadmill was not in use, so I set my specifics for my run and pounded the treadmill with my feet for a solid mile. My time isn’t quite as fast as I want it tobe at this point. However, I’m not any slower since returning from our trip to Central Florida last week so I am satisfied with today’s timed run. :O) Honestly, the timed mile is m least-favorite part of m workout routine, but it helps both my cardio *and* my strength training , so twice weekly I run in place. My reward for completing the mile is my laps in the Olympic-sized heated, indoor pool that my center happens to have available for members. I wear a mask & snorkel while I swim, so I stay underwater for the duration of my time in the pool.

In the pool I swam continuously for 30 minutes . Rather than swimming my customary ” butterfly” stroke, I am now working on perfecting my ” crawl” When I went to the pool on Saturday, I did the crawl exclusively{ It is always good to change-up one’s workout from time to time}.

When Best Dude & I went to the grocery, I bought some _Ensure Muscle Heath_ protein drinks. I drank one with my lunch this afternoon & I think that Ensure makes the best protein shake product on the market now.

Remember my mantra: STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY!