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2012 According to Sarah Beth

In spite of what I’ve seen on TV, I am sure the world is NOT ending tomorrow.

In the spirit of the upcoming New Year, let me offer my reflections on ” 2012 According to Sarah Beth” .

This has been a pretty good year. Best Dude & I are healthy & very happy. Our lives are not fancy, but we are content.

In February, I traveled down to the Tampa/ St Petersburg area to meet his family{ Siblings, daughter & grandchildren} His family is wonderful & on our way home we took the ” scenic route”. He took me to Cedar Key, a tiny little island off the coast of Levy County, Florida.

This year we adopted a dog. The first part of our dog-seeking journey occurred in April when we tried to adopt a two-year old female Springer Spaniel. The poor little girl had been rescued from a puppy mill & was NOT socialized. when she bit Best Dude we had to surrender her back to Springer rescue.

In October one of my friends in the neighboring county posted photos of a very uniquely colored male Springer . Best Dude & I met the dog & immediately ” took to” him{ he ” took to ” us as well. We named our dog Seamus { after the classmate of Harry’s in _Harry Potter_}

So, in 2012 we added a canine to our family.

My fitness quest is coming along well. My fitness partner & I meet on Monday,Wednesday & Friday to either swim in the pool { said pool is heated & covered in the cooler months} or strength-training in the gym. Although I’ve decided that I am not quite muscle-bound enough to enter the 2013 Panhandle Showdown, I am continuing to work on building lean muscle.

This past summer I spent two weeks up North. Most of the time there was spent with my godparents at their lake. It was wonderful….I hiked, kayaked & even attempted to water-ski. { That attempt could have gone better} I also went to a County Fair wit my godsister & her husband….something I had not done since childhood. I also attnded worship at th smll Presbyterian Church where I had been baptzed { at thetender age of 20}.

It has been a great year.


Tracking food-consumption patterns

Isn’t technology great?

Last night I signed up with LIVESTRONG.com & created my own food diary. If truth be told, I am still working my way around the site, but I DO have my LIVESTRONG profile up & running. I still need to figure out how the fitness-tracking works, but I am confident that I’ll master this site soon. The food diary application also has water-intake tracker. Inasmuch as I dislike drinking water , I’m making an effort to fill my body with more pure water & less diet soda. This is not easy at all.

My goal is all-around HEALTH, I am NOT tying to lose weight. I do want the calories I eat to be of the best types of fuel for my body, so I’m surveying my eating habits.

Today is Day 2 of tracking what I eat & I’ve discovered that I consume far less protein than I’d thought & way too many carbohydrates. :o/ Darn. Although I’ve made a concerted effort to cut down on my sugar consumption, the data I’ve derived thus far from the food-tracking show that the majority of my daily caloric intake still is carb-based.


What Blogging has Taught Me

I’ve been a blogger since blogging began.

My first blog was on a now-defunct site whose name I cannot remember now. Anyhow, the site’s software was primitive, but I DO remember my friend, Greg’s screen name. It was : Greatcow95. You must know Greg in person to appreciate his affinity for bovine animals :O). I do not remember my own screen name for this first attempt at blogging. Greg and I made a lot of inside jokes to each other via the blog and it was fun.{ it was also totally inane, but fun nonetheless!}

I briefly signed up for LiveJournal. But honestly I never quite understood the purpose nor the design of LJ. I wanted a pure blog site, but it seemed to me that LJ was { and maybe still is?} more of an attempt at social networking. Since I jumped on the Facebook ” bandwagon” early, I did not need another social media outlet.

My blogging life includes a stint with the MySpace craze { on which I got into trouble, inadvertently, for posting an opinion on a subject that hit a little ” close to home” for SOMEONE. :o/ . This unfortunate experience taught me that one must exercise caution when posting autobiographical material on a blog.

When MySpace went by way of the Atari gaming system, I switched my blogging to Blogger. This was about the time when I started to attend Small Parish & some of my posts were on the subject of my learning about The Episcopal Church. This was when I started to blog for public consumption—I talked a lot about current events, politics { it was an election year} and my life in my new Church.

About two years ago, I decided I wanted a more ” professional” look to my blog. After some research, I decided to try WordPress. I also decided that my blog would be a story { a ” Chronicle”} of my life in faith.

Pizza-by-the slice

One of my Facebook friend asked where we Tri-Staters would choose to eat pizza in Small Town, Ohio, where I lived for a while.


While Southerners have some mighty fine recipes in their family cookbooks, but I’ve not yet found an authentic pizza-by-the-slice shop in the Greater Pensacola area. This simple & high-fat concoction is a staple of anyone’s diet if one grew up in the western Pennsylvania/ WV/ eastern Ohio area. Pizza-by-the-slice usually involved a thick crust, sweet tomato paste, grated cheese { that isn’t * quite* thoroughly melted} & greasy pepperoni. When we were young, slices cost no more than 25 cents & were ordered according to how many slices one wanted.

This memory is more about the pizza. I remember many good times situated around a box of square pizza slices from Iggy’s, Gianamores, & Dicarlos’ pizzerias. My brothr was amnathlete, so y family ate many pizza suppers in the car while waiting for one of his games. When I worked for my godparents’ lake & campground during my hig school summers, we sometims pooled our cash together for an after-hours pizaa party.

Its funny how food from a certain place can stir up memories. :O)

Why BBT’s ” Sheldon Cooper” Rocks my Thursdays

Best Dude & I LOVE the TV show _The Big Bang Theory_.

Anyhow, last week’s episode was classic. Occasionally ” Dr Sheldon Cooper” will utter a memorable phrase that is both hilarious { at leat to me} and profoundly philosophical. Last Thursday’s episode produced on such “Sheldonism”.

He said: “Social constructs dictates that I{ Fill in the blank}
” Social constructs are stupid.”



Again– I said AMEN!

As someone with autism, I struggle with trying to navigate the confusing ” world” of social constructs. Although it is embarrassing at times, I do admit that social niceties leave me confused most of the time. I joke with Best Dude & a select few friends that I actually prefer the company of dogs to being around MOST people. I know I am different, & like my favorite fictional physicist, I am learning to embrace my weirdness.

It’s not easy being weird. But weird is how God made me & my Pap always said ” Sarah. God made you & God doesn’t make junk.”


I have not been as faithful with this blog as I’d like to remain…so here is a brief recap of my week.

Football: My Steelers lost. Yesterday I begrudgingly cheered for Tim Tebow but the Broncos lost. I didn’t watch the games today , but I read that the Ravens advanced to the next round of playoffs. Since I live in N’awlins Saints’ country, yesterday I stepped on the “Brees bandwagon” & hoped that the “other” black & gold football teams would win. No such luck.

Hockey: Best Dude & I watched our Tampa Bay Lightning play both on Friday evening & this afternoon. Our Lightning lost both games, including a loss to the Penguins this afternoon. The Bolts REALLY ned to fix their goalkeeping situation. At this rate, the Lightning will not make the NHL playoffs….

Fitness: I took two days off this week. Inasmuch as I did not wish to skip a day of working out{ much less skip TWO days} I woke on Wednesday with a horribly sore throat. But it felt GREAT to be back at the gym on Friday. I’ve discovered that I enjoy working my legs on the skiing machine much more than I enjoy my mile run on the treadmill. :O) While I’ll faithfully complete ALL of my cardio workout each day, the thought of donning swim fins, a bathing suit & a snorkel & swimming laps keeps me motivated.

Also on Friday I discovered that my NOOK Tablet will play music, & since the charger to my Ipod is missing, The addition of listening to my own playlists helped keep me going whilst at the gym. When I go to the gym, my intention is to work on my FITNESS, not to mix & mingle. :o/ Women, in particular, chatter at my gym & although most of these chatty gals are my age or younger, I’ve discovered that I’m perfectly happy NOt to be included in their chatter about husbands, kids, their neighbors & other such domestic drama.

I’d much rather work out earlier with the jocks: as generally I don’t fit in well with the ” mommy set” at the gym. As much as I love teaching children, since I am not a mom I tend to prefer the company of women with grown children or women who are childless by choice. Just saying…

Obligatory ” Thankful List”

Since this is November and everyone has holiday shopping on their minds I will write my ” Thankful List” tonight. 

{Btw, it is not even Christ The King Sunday for another two weeks—at least.  Any liturgically-correct person won’t say ” Merry Christmas” until Dec 26}


~ My family…all of them.

~ Two pets: a dog & a betta fish

 ~The BEST boyfriend ever.

~I live in a nation that allows women basic civil rights.

~ Church,Diocese & parish

~Plenty of food


~Shelter and a place to call home.

~Quiet storm season in the Atlantic.

~Medical care.

~Women, who in the tradition of Deborah in the Hebrew Scriptres, that are not afraid to take contol & be strong in adverse conditions

Letter to Myself at 17{ Part one}

Dear Teenaged Sarah:

I know that high school sucks, but I promise that things will get better. You have so much to look forward to in the near future, including college. Everyone says that college is nothing like high school & this is correct. You’ll move away from your parents for the first time, meet ew friends, join a sorority{ Yes, YOU Ms Shy, 1994 will pledge & join a sorority on campus.

You & Ginger will laugh hysterically over photos from her weddng weekend that autumn.

At Small State College you will meet many good friends, including a man who will factor as a very important person in your life. As a matter of fact, the day that you firs saw him on the campus Quad will be forever seared into your memory. :O) He is a good man & will somehow remain a life-long friend.

Small State College has a good student ministry program. Get involved. While these activities won’t keep you * completely* out of trouble, you’ll meet up with a group of peers who will become your family. The food in the cafeteria will be horrid but one of your first roommates, { thanks, Dawn!} will buy you a big coffee pot that will be used for everything from making coffee to chicken soup & Jello.

That first Thanksgiving break will be fun by the way, offering to babysit Jan & Nikki’s pet mice over the long weekend is NOT a good idea…but go ahead & critter-sit anyway.

Roommates: can’t live with them but can’t afford a private room at Small State College. It’s the same with professors…most of the teachers you’ll meet will be great but every box of proverbial chocolates has its ” cracked nuts”. By the way, go ahead sign up for Sociology 101 with Dr Herrick. She’s the epitome of the stereotype of the absent-minded & neurotic professor but tough out her class. You’ll learn there that people expect things { such as term papers–ahem!!} to be returned promptly.

Thats all for now. I’ll see you in the mirror when you are 35. The best is yet to come but no one told you life is easy.

a grown Sarah

In ” Lee’s ” Path

This has not been an eventful Labor Day weekend for Best Dude, my dog, Casey, and I. We had some great plans for a holiday weekend holiday, but Tropical Storm ” Lee” blew in on the Gulf Coast and ruined many folks’ plans for the weekend.

Yesterday Best Dude & I attended the early Mass at our parish , ate a big brunch at Pnera Bread Company in Fort Walton, then { after walking around Tiny Mall for over an hour} we saw the new Harrison Ford Movie _ Cowboys & Aliens_. Best Dude described the movie as ” campy” and I agree with his assessment. But it was a fun afternoon out with my favorite person and we almost * never* go to the movie theatre. The movie is a sort of blend between a western movie & the typical ” killer alien” flick. Yet I enjoyed it much mor than I’d anticipated. Best Dude & I are waiting eagerly for the second installment of the new _Sherlock Holmes_ movies to be released this Christmas. I wasn’t sure I’d like the first Holmes movie, but I * totally* got into the movie once Best Dude convinced me to watch it. Right now I am trying hard to convince him to view _A Walk to Remember_ with me{ Which I’d bought on sale to show the youth group at church some time soon} but so far he’s not interested in viewing it. :o)

This afternoon Best Dude cooked me a big brunch & we viewed the movie _ THe Silence of the Lambs_{ I’d discovered a copy of the movie in a bin at Dollar General this morning.} Gosh, that is one very well-done{ albeit very creepy} movie. Anthony Hopkins * became* Hannibal Lector!

Anyhow, thats whas been going on here in our world this weekend. Its been different, but a nice weekend nonetheless.

Advice to new college grads…

I am not famous nor rich enough to secure an invite to any college or university’s commencement, but I do have some advice for the Class of 2011.

~ The future is exciting, but don’t forget from whence you came. Maintain roots with your community of origin.
~ Be grateful that you had the opportunity to attend college. Not everyone who is so inclined can obtain a college degree.
~ READ READ READ READ. Education doesn’t end upon graduations. Learning is a lifelong pursuit isn’t always ” just for the test”
~ Keep , or get , physically fit. Strong bodies & strong minds do co-relate.
~Volunteer. Everyone, no matter how busy with life, can carve time to give to those in need. Time is as important to give as is money.
~ Control credit card debt.
~ Don’t worry about finding your life’s partner right away. Women, especially, need not worry about the ” MRS degree”. This is 2011 & it’s really ok to be picky when it comes to finding a partner. I know that it seems as though * everyone* has someone with whom they believe to spend their lives, but this is simply not true. Take your time to meet all sorts of people before deciding that you need to settle with one person.
~” Life’s a dance you learn as you go/ sometimes you lead/ sometimes you follow. Find mentors who can help you navigate life’s rough patches.

Good luck & God Bless.