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Spiritual ” Housecleaning”: Part 1

When I was a  newly-minted Episcopalian I was much more diligent in my prayer life.

I’d even turned the nightstand next to my bed at the house into a “prayer place” .I’d covered it with a prayer shawl knitted for me years ago, placed a ” baptismal font” full of water, my Bible, BCP, a rosary, my Benedictine crucifix, a candle, ect. For about 8 months I kept that space in my otherwise *very* secular house reserved for contemplative and/or intercessory prayer.   

After all, one of the  main points I’d taken away from my Cursillio weekend back in April of 2009 was how important it is for Christians to make time for God every day. One whole weekend of being completely on ” God’s Time” {Greek- karios} taught me that every day is sacred & we need to remember to be still and listen to God. Well, anyone who knows me at all is aware  that being patient is NOT one of my virtues, but the prayer place was a visual reminder for me to slow down & just ” be” with God.

My latest project is to re- create said place designated for prayer at my house.  So on Tuesday evening I took one look at the nightstand in my bedroom which at one time held my sacred objects & realized that it had become a dumping ground from everything from unworn necklaces to fish food{ yes, I have a betta fish} to loose change.

I removed the old prayer shawl…{after all it had been given to me by a woman who won’t even say hello to me when we see each other in Publix} and replaced it with a prayer shawl that Best Dude bought for me at our parish’s annual silent auction/ food & wine event.  I cleared out all the junk but kept Argo, my betta fish, on the prayer table. His bowl{ at least for me} is a visual and tactile reminder of  my baptism & his ” just being” in his aquatic home next to my bed aids me in contemplative prayer. {Really…try watching a fish sometime & see if you don’t become more relaxed & open to the Holy Spirit It works.} I’d found a painted stone that was painted during an intergenerational Sunday School led by a former Presbyterian pastor.  Also on my prayer table is my rosary given to me at the closing of Cursillio #139 , a hand-held pewter labyrinth, & a rosary I’d purchased from the Benedictine monks in St Leo , Florida.

Inasmuch as I wanted to be rid of the old prayer shawl, i discovered that I could not just toss it in the trash. So, when Best Dude & I went to Mass at a neighboring parish where our friend is the rector, I surprised her by giving her the shawl.  She loved it but once again God reminded me that my next task is to work on some internal ” Spiritual Housecleaning” & purge myself of all the old grudges  left over from my metaphorical wilderness.

Say tuned as my much-needed housecleaning project continues.  

And remember, Walk with God.



a wing & a prayer

I’m on a natural ” high”.

I went flying in a two-seater plane yesterday. And I am* still* in awe over the experience. Per Cursillio, this was for sure my ” moment closest to Christ” for this vacation. I for sure felt close to God while we were flying…seeing the Appalachians from the sky gave me a much-needed perspective on life in general & the situation in the Gulf Of Mexico{ where I live} in particular.

The plane ride was beyond amazing…and I was NOT scared. It is true that the pilot with whom I flew  is very capable . I’ve always wanted to learn to fly a plane, but my eyesight is terrible. Flying is MUCH more complicated than one would think, & I now have a new appreciation for the skills all pilots must possess.

Yes, the Gulf situation is huge. But in the grand scheme of Creation, it is God, not we humans , Who is in charge.  God, not BP is in charge & we Christians must continue to have faith that the God Who created the mountains of Appalachia & the Gulf Of Mexico will  trend to the Creation. All things happen is God’s time…Karios.