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In the wake of the school shootings….


My heart breaks tonight. Words cannot suffice regarding how I feel about the most recent school shootings. I ache for all of the victims’ families & the entire town of Newtown.

This should NOT have happened.

A priest-friend of mine asked on Facebook” Where is God in all this?”

Where is God indeed?

I am glad I am not the only person who wants an answer to that question. How can a loving God ” allow” such slaughter of innocence?

Yet I am comforted { at last a wee bit} by the image of The Blessed Mother holding the Infant Christ on her lap. On my desk in our home office is an icon card of the Blessed Mother holding the Christ Child. Although I am not sure of the name of this particular rendition of ” Madonna & Child” I’ve always been comforted by the image of a tiny, vulnerable Jesus of Nazareth wrapped safe in His mother’s arms. I imagine that this very Jesus welcomed each of the innocent victims of yesterday’s school shooting tenderly & gently.

Scripture tells us that our loving God will not & has not given up on humanity. Humans can be evil creatures & I am sure these acts of evil sadden our Creator. No matter what Israel did, God was steadfast in God’s love. No matter how many times God’s People screwed up, God never reneged on God’s love.

It is times such as these that my Catholic faith really anchors me. I do not know WHY this happened to these families in that town in New England. But I do know that God has NOT forsaken humanity— regardless of what ” the culture ” might try to show us. Somewhere & somehow, love & Shalom will prevail .



” required” post-election thoughts…..

I am sad about the results of the Presidential election. But, no matter which of the candidates from the two major parties won, I’d still be sad. However, I am thankful that I was able to vote for someone whom I feel IS qualified to be President. Although he didn’t win{ as a matter of fact, he did not even make a dent in the general electorate}  I am grateful that I had the option to vote for someone who DID NOT have the {D} or {R} behind his or her name. :O)

No, I did not ” waste” my vote. In my opinion, the only wasted vote is the vote that is not cast.

I am sad that  US politics is so partisan.  During the course of this election season, I saw & heard such negativity from supporters of both Republicans & Democrats. never in my 36 years have I witnessed an election that brought out the worst in people. There was so much negativity that I felt weary of the whole election process by May of this year.

I did not watch either convention nor any of the debates.  I read the commentary from both CNN & Fox News & both major cable networks left out Gary Johnson. If Gov. Johnson had been invited to debate, I would have watched every debate. But Big Media gets their ratings  in part from partisanship– so it would defeat their purpose to encourage independent thinking & critical analysis of facts. This political season reminded me of a heated Super Bowl rivalry instead of a serious part of history.  It seemed that these hardcore Democrats & Republicans seemed to act like cheerleaders { either for Team Obama or Team Romney}

Although I live in an area of the country that is heavily Republican, I saw much of the same ugliness among the Democratic minority here in Northwest Florida. Most of my family are die-hard Democrats who were baffled that I could not support Obama. Many of my friends here are Republicans & of course they wanted me to vote for Mitt Romney. It was hard, but I maintained my Independence & rejected the candidates of the two-party political ” machine” in favor of someone who has strength & courage to step outside a mainstream political label.

I declared my Independence. I am free from partisanship. Alleluia.


Tick Tock….get out & VOTE!

It is almost over….after 17 months of constant politics, the 2012 election is tomorrow.

Alleluia, Amen!

I already voted { Florida has early voting} & for once I am proud of the vote I cast both for President & for the US House of Representatives.  Early voting was a new experience for me & all in all it was a good experience. best Dude picked me up at the gym after my training session & we went to lunch at our favorite sandwich shop. We got to the polling place { there were only two early-voting polling places in our county} soon after the lunch rush ended. the staff was very helpful. I felt NO pressure to vote for any one candidate nor for or against any of the proposed amendments to the Florida constitution.

Since I voted, I wish that the political ads would somehow disappear from my TV set. :O( My mind is made up & legally I cannot  undo my vote –even if I’d wanted to do so.  This political season seemed to last longer than usual & I’d developed ” voter’s fatigue  this summer.  I do not really subscribe to any political party–although if pressed I’ll admit to being a left-leaning Libertarian.  Since I’m not affiliated with any official political party , I tired early of the partisan bickering. In my opinion both rabid Democrats & rabid Republicans are equally annoying.  many people I know will { or already have } vote along ” their” party line, regardless of what said candidate says .

I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow’s ” election coverage” on TV.  All that so-called ” data” makes my head hurt. I often wonder why no one bothers to explain to we, the taxpaying & voting public, exactly how & from whom this data is gathered .

Post-storm report

Well, ” Isaac” didn’t wreak much chaos here in Northwest Florida. although I saw reports of fallen tress in some places in Pensacola, Best Dude & I had no storm damage at the house. Of course, he prepped extensively for the storm, so even if ” Isaac” WOULD have paid us a visit here–the homestead would have been safe.

We got the outer bands of the storm–mostly a lot of rain & some heavy winds in some areas. Best Dude & I never lost any sort of utilities, but I am told by friends that this wasn’t true for all residents of Redneck Beach Town.

During ” Ivan” I stayed with my parents & all utilities were gone for at least a week–and it was miserable. { No air conditioning in the heat of a Florida summer after a natural disaster is NOT GOOD! Honestly, I fear the aftermath of these storms MUCH more than I fear the storm itself.}

Louisiana & Mississippi we not as blessed as were we in Florida. Also, I’ve some good friends who live in coastal Alabama on whom I intend to call later today. Coastal Alabama got the easterly { the ” bad side”} of the storm, while we in Northwest Florida just got the outermost bands of wind & rain.

I counted on the reports from my laptop computer for more accurate reports of the storm. All the mainline media outlets totally hyped the storm, so that people watching in other parts of the nation and world quite possibly could think that all of the Gulf South is under water now. :o/ We’ve discovered that the Web site for The Weather Channel isn’t as drama-driven as are the other broadcast & cable TV outlets.

Storm 2012

I came back from my vacation up north & a big storm enters the Gulf. :O( Great. Although I know the storm’s coming to the Gulf area has NOTHING to do wth my arrival home , it is an eerie coincidence for me.

Anyhow, we storm-proofed the house & the storm changed courses. We’ll still get some of the easterly{ the ” bad” side ” } of the storm, but t looks like it will be a lot of heavy rain. Best Dude & I dd some shopping this morning & caught a band of heavy rain on our way home this morning.

It is now heading directly for Louisiana. While I am VERY grateful that the Florida Gulf Coast is spared the wrath of ” Isaac” but I am praying for the people who live & work along the Mississippi/Louisiana coast. Thanks to the media, I cannot forge that ” Isaac is coming ashore on the 7th anniversary of “Katrina”. If I recall correctly, Katrina” was initially aiming for the Florida Gulf Coast, but took a sharp loop west & hit New Orleans.


I told Best Dude{ and anyone else who would listen} that I MUCH prefer blizzards to named tropical , moving storms.:o/

Happy belated birthday, ” Mark Twain”.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the nativity of Mark Twain, the pen name of Samuel L Clements.

I found a quote from a Facebook friend that echos how I feel about certain would events, especially in light of the death of one of my area’s ” native sons” in the war in Afghanistan two weeks ago.

Here is the quote: ” History does not repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes. “~ Mark Twain.

Amen, sir!

Please don’t tell me I am unpatriotic. My fatheris an injured Vietnam veteran & Best Dude also saw combat in this war durng his time as a Marine. I love our men & women who choos to serve in our militar…in my opninion ALL of them are heros. But I question our contined involvement in these conflicts.

I feel that our country is in a losing war in two fronts in the Middle East. And sadly, there seems to be a plan for a seemingly endless war. This is reminiscent of what I know about the politics behind the Vietnam War.. While it is true that we needed to remove Osama bin Laden from existence, we completed that mission. { Thank you, US Navy SEALS!}With bin laden & Saadam both gone, we’ve disabled the leaders of these rougue factions of Middle Eastern society. That is VERY GOOD! But, the fact is, more insurgents will arise from the metaphorical ” rubble” that both these evil men left behind in Iraq & Afghanistan.

I pray for the troops who are still fighting over seas, but especially for our military personel who are in direct harm’s way. A young man in my cpommunity was killed fighting for a country he loved & while living out his dream of Army service. This hurts, especially since the current President promised in his campaign to bring home ALL of our militar heroes by 2012. I am angry because so many good Americans will continue topay the ltimiate price in a war that many I’ve talked with see as another Vietnam.

When will it end?

Some had to fall….

This has been a REALLY rough week in my life.

It got worse last evening… much , much worse.  

Best Dude & I were watching the local newscast before supper & a name flashed across the screen that I’d recognized instantly as that of a young man who was killed in a military campaign in Afghanistan.

I’m sad.

I am also angry.

This young man was only in his early 20’s. While I didn’t know him well, his parents are neighbors & good friends of my parents. This is also the first war casualty in Afghanistan whom I knew personally.

Let me make a disclaimer: I DO support our military personnel 100 percent & am grateful for all they do to keep this great nation free.  But since we’ve eradicated the world of Osama bin Laden{ which was the point of us sending troops into battle in the first place, was it not?} does it not make sense to bring our heroes home?  Removing bin Laden from the human race was necessary. But I’ve wondered since then why we keep out troops in harm’s way over there, especially since those people seem to want us to leave them alone to kill each other. It is true that bin Laden left a bloody legacy of followers, but how many more Americas will die in this war . Is this war against Muslim extremists really a ” just war” now?

Inasmuch as I truly want to eradicate extreme Islam, it’s becoming clear to me that those adherents to extreme Islam don’t want to change their way of life. While I don’t agree with the tenets of extreme Islam, I’m wondering now if perhaps the best thing we can do to ensure peace & security for our country is to bring ALL our troops home{ and welcome them as the heroes that they are} & declare ” mission accomplished.”.

Kyrie Elesion.  Christe Elesion.

10 Years Later: Part 2

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks in NYC, Washington, DC & western Pennsylvania. I’ve yet to offer any pithy Facebook status updates or any wise words , memories of where I was on that fateful morning, ect yet.

I’m trying to focus on my FUTURE… even in spite of the economic downturn , ect in the world right now I’m still very Blessed. remembering should not mean re-living the actual event.

Of course I will remember 9/11/01. But, I do not want to ” relive 9/11/01 as it happened. No thanks. This moring when I initially signed into Yahoo, the headline for their news service was about reliving this tragic day.

Ding Dong: Osama bin Laden is Dead Now What?


I woke to GOOD news for a change.

Osama bin Laden, that terrorist mastermind who was responsible for the attacks on this nation of 11 September 2001 has been shot dead by a US Navy SEAL. According to all the news sources I’ve read so far today{Yes I even peeked at Faux Noise…just to see what their take on this event might be on this very important day in recent history. }

Osama is dead. Now what?

I am trying REALLY hard to keep from rejoicing over the intentional killing of another human being but at the same time I argue within myself that bin Laden * wasn’t* just an ordinary man. This one individual is reponsible for countless deaths…deaths not only of Americans but also of those so-called ” suicide bombers”My faith teaches me to respect life….but at the same time bin Laden’s life work centered around violence & death. He didn’t preach to his followers bout the God of love Whom we Christians know as our Creator, Redeemer & Sustainer.

Several clergy -types whom I’ve read { either on Facebook or on another blog} have differing views on how we Judeo-Christians are “supposed” to think & how we are supposed to act in situations such as the death of this man bin Laden.

He was evil, pure & simple But yet he, like you, me & everyone else was made in the image of God. His life’s work centered around killing those whom his & he followers of a very strict form of Islam deemed to be “Infidels” Yet I imagine that God is both angry & sad today.Angry for obvious reasons: This one human being ‘s actions wrecked such havok on our world. But at the same time I think God is sad that one of His Creations{ and we ALL are God’s creations} chose to live such a wicked life. Osama bin Laden was evil, I am not denying that fact. Yet at the same time, all humans are given free will. All of us can chose what is good, fair, life-affrming & just OR we can chose to follow Evil. Bin Laden clearly chose the side of Evil & for this I am glad he is no longer alive.

Could bin Laden have been redeemed? If no one is beyond God’s grace, than this includes vile individuals such as the late terrorist mastermind, doesn’t it? I’m not sure how I feel about that…if the same God Who grants you & me and others I know & love forgiveness, must this mean that bin Laden is also forgiven?

Hey, CNN:Your Disaster Coverage is Overdone…as usual.

I woke to news of even more destruction in Japan. My TV stayed on CNN fo about a minute, until I hit the OFF button in disgust.

I was a journalism major & I know the importance of getting the information out to the pubic But when these natural disasters happen, am reminded of how much cable news{ ALL three cable news stations are guilty of this but I’m picking on CNN since it is the only cable news outfit that I can tolerate} really dramatizes such disasters in order to boost ratings. Of course it is important for citizens to be informed of what happens in our world. Yet is it* really* necessary to have a live video feed of floating bodies in umpteen feet of water? I think not.

This phenomenon of ” if t bleeds, it leads” has become so unbearable for me that when ” breaking news” of natural or human-made disaster occur I’ll log on to the Internet & selectively read the stories. At least online journalism provides us with ways to glean the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW. In my opinion, cable news has forgotten its humble roots.