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Gentiles are Welcome here….

{ Mark 24-37}

We read a lot in the Gospels about the relationship between Jews & Gentiles. Apparently the two groups did not like each other much.

Today’s Gospel, once again, has Jesus working against the ” norm” . He is Jewish, yet when the Gentile woman came to Him for healing of her daughter, he looked beyond the cultural difference between ” His” people ” those” Gentiles.

American politics is messed up, in my opinion, because too many people only want to advance the agenda of “their” people Rather than work together to try to accomplish what is best for our great nation as a whole, politics as it is now focuses of divisions & not what unites.

This is an election year, so the media are throwing politics into my face. I am sick of it. Inasmuch as I am a CNN junkie, dring election years I keep the TV news off as much as possible. I. Hate. Politics!

Each election cycle wearies me of bickering between Republicans & Democrats. Even if I did claim an affinity with one of the two major political parties{thanks be to God, I do not!} all the ” us versus them” mentality of American politics is tiresome.

In the time in which Jesus lived, Gentiles & Jews shared nothing in common but the land where they lived. But He taught unity in a diided cultre &we can gleam much from that lesson now.



Some had to fall….

This has been a REALLY rough week in my life.

It got worse last evening… much , much worse.  

Best Dude & I were watching the local newscast before supper & a name flashed across the screen that I’d recognized instantly as that of a young man who was killed in a military campaign in Afghanistan.

I’m sad.

I am also angry.

This young man was only in his early 20’s. While I didn’t know him well, his parents are neighbors & good friends of my parents. This is also the first war casualty in Afghanistan whom I knew personally.

Let me make a disclaimer: I DO support our military personnel 100 percent & am grateful for all they do to keep this great nation free.  But since we’ve eradicated the world of Osama bin Laden{ which was the point of us sending troops into battle in the first place, was it not?} does it not make sense to bring our heroes home?  Removing bin Laden from the human race was necessary. But I’ve wondered since then why we keep out troops in harm’s way over there, especially since those people seem to want us to leave them alone to kill each other. It is true that bin Laden left a bloody legacy of followers, but how many more Americas will die in this war . Is this war against Muslim extremists really a ” just war” now?

Inasmuch as I truly want to eradicate extreme Islam, it’s becoming clear to me that those adherents to extreme Islam don’t want to change their way of life. While I don’t agree with the tenets of extreme Islam, I’m wondering now if perhaps the best thing we can do to ensure peace & security for our country is to bring ALL our troops home{ and welcome them as the heroes that they are} & declare ” mission accomplished.”.

Kyrie Elesion.  Christe Elesion.

Why DADT is bad policy

At the end of the day, a hero is a hero.

President Clinton’s initiating of the ” Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy is hurting our military by prohibiting otherwise qualified Americans from serving this country in our military. It is sad that our 21st century society *still* fears our GLBT sisters & brothers.

Repeal this dumb & unfair law.

My political philosophy: Dare to dissent!

I was born too late. I was raised by a pair of hippies & was taught from an early age to queston ALL AUTHORITY. I wish more people, peope with the financial means to do so, could make an attempt to better society through the political processes set forth in this nation’s Constituton. I’m not so sure how our political system has gotten so far off-course, but the fact is the system is broken.

Our current poitcal climate allows for rich egomaniacs to force their warped ideas upon people, including society’s most vulnerable citizens.

The governor of my state, Florida, vowed to ” run the state like a business”. And that is what he is doing. Its* really* bad when the far-right-leaning Pensacola News-Journal runs a eries of stories abou the misdeeds of the governor.

Sure enough, CEO Voldermort is slashing serices for education{ my” pet cause”} from pre-K all the way to college funding.

Here is a question for you, Governor: How are we supposed to produce the next generation of ” employees”{ who at one time were known as Floridians} will lag behind their peers in other places. If he { Voldermort} wants to save the state money in the long run, shouldn’t he INVEST money into publc education. No, filthy-rich big moneymen such as he don’t NEED public schools…his ilk can afford pricy private schooling from kindergarten through college. Private education is beyond the means of most families, so investing in education just makes sense.

Democrats are not any better. They too, are bosom buddies with Big Coporation.

Will someone with real solutions & no ties to Big Corporations please stand up? We need flks whose main concern isn’t the next election{ And winning it!} democrat, Republican….there is no difference.

And remember… CHANGE{ real change} is good. This isn’t our great-grandparents’ world anymore.

Taking action means making choices

Ok, I have choices & I like choices. But these choices are not all about me…I am choosing what national & world issues will be ” mine”. I do believe that everyone can & should make a difference in our local regional, national & global & international issues.

For now, my main passions in each of these categories are:

Local : saving our precious ecosystem. The beaches & other Gulf Coast ecosystems are not only the basis of the economy here, but a God-given gift.

Regional: improving public education. It is true that I live in a county with perhaps the best public school system in Florida, the rest of the counties in this state lag far behind. Not everyone can afford to send their children to private or parochial schools & an investment in the next generationby everyone in the state is paramount in order to compete with the national & international world of commerce.

National: Rights for minorities. It’s true that we’ve come a long way in civil rights for women & people of color since the 1960’s yet our GLBT citizens are still treated like pariahs & are not granted the same civil rights as we straight Americans. As are womens’ rights, the civil rights of gays, lesbians, bisexual & transgendered persons are about EQUALITY for ALL persons. I’ll say it again… I am prod to be Straight Against Hate”.

International: Somehow, some way I want to work to see the end of genocides. It happens, folks & the key to obliterating the societal evil of genocide is awareness raising & education.

Let’s talk. What are your pet issues?

Prayer List

I am posting a list of prayer concerns, as this has been an active & rather sad news cycle. Wow…I spend a total day away from my computer & return home to a laundry list of bad news through which to sift. :O(

~The earthquake & tsunami that started in Japan & made its way across the ocean.
~ Aid workers who ar in that region. May God keep them safe.
~Rep. Gabrielle Giffords: may she continue to recover.
~ The prayer needs of my parishioners.
~ Prayers for the lawmakers in states where bargaining rights for teachers & other public workers are in jeopardy.
~ The poor in all nations, but especially here in the United States.

I am sure I’ve left some concerns off of my list for now, but God knows whats in our hearts even when we can’t pray the words.

Kyrie Elesion.

Why hate public school teachers?

When I woke this morning & saw on the news that Wisconsin’s Assembly has voted to restrict unions of public workers my heart sank.

{For the record, I blame BOTH major political parties in power for the mess that is the American political scene.}

I have many friends who are teachers & school-related employees & I also worked in the public education sector here in Florida.

It is scary. My fear is that the Congress & state governments will slowly remove the remaining middle class if every state follows Wisconsin’s precedent. I’ve learned from my friends who teach on Ohio face a similar bill in their State House & Senate. :O(

Do politicians not realize that education is key to making productive { and tax-paying!} citizens from our young people? Teachers work harder than any profession out there today & deserve the right to negotiate for fair compensation for their work. In order to keep up with other developed nations, we need an educated future work force. And teachers & other school personnel are the key ingredients to successful public schools.

Not everyone can afford to send their children to private or parochial schools & as a former school district employee I firmly believe that EVERY child deserves a good education. I’m pretty sure that the children of our state & local politicians are able to afford to send THEIR children to the finest private schools in their respective states. Good for them, but should not public school children receive the best education that tax money can buy? Trimming the education budget by eliminating unions for teachers is not the solution to balancing state budgets.

Don’t censor Mark Twain!!

Ugh….more proof that the two-party political system of extremes is gonna ruin this country.

The shootings in AZ totally break my heart. While I am a firm believer in the rights ensured us by the First amendment{ surprise, surprise} I do NOT think that violence is the answer to dealing with those with differing opinions. This shooting just proves how far-gone BOTH sides of the current political spectrum are now. I pray for & fear for our great nation & its citizens.

Yes, we have the right to bear arms. But murder & attempted murder is both morally & also legally wrong.

Another thing that sickens me is the historical revisionism that is taking place in this nation. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the ” N-Word” passionately. But classics of American literature should NOT be revised in order to sugar-coat the reality of America’s history of slavery & racial segregation. The N word is offensive: It is VERY offensive. yet at the same time, it was { and sadly still is} in use at the time that _ Huck Finn_ was written.

Columnist Leonard Pitts wrote:

“…it is troubling to think the state of reading comprehension in this country has become this wretched, that we have tweeted, PlayStationed and Fox Newsed so much of our intellectual capacity away that not only can our children not divine the nuances of a masterpiece, but that we will now protect them from having to even try”

Rain: Perfect to gripe on DC shennanigans

It is rainy, my osteoarthritis is inflaming my back & The ” Powers that be ” in DC experienced a changing of the guard.

I don’t like to talk politics, either in-person or via the written word, but today seems appropriate to spout off my opinion on the American political scene.

As young{ er} people say, the political atmosphere is & shall remain an EPIC FAIL. Two years of the democrats in charge of both houses & one year of controlling two out of three branches of our government yielded no good news. { Ok, I’ll concur that the repeal of DADT is the * only* accomplishment of the last Congress} Today the CNN airwaves { and I can just imagine more of the same old crap in a more partisan form on both FOX & MSNBC. I dont watch either of those ” news” stations.} aired the swearing-in of the next Congress & my only response is a big SO WHAT?

Nothing will change iuntil there is a true peoples’ revolution that will destroy both the Republican and the Democratic parties. In reality these are two opposiite sides of the same political body….the system that looks out for rich, white , men & the interests of corporations.

Nothing will change as long as Big Money controlls the government by buying votes. Lobbying is a horrible idea & both political parties are controlled by these winers {” whiners?”} & diners who are hired & supported by Big Corporation. The interests of average Americans are overlooked as more laws are passed to protect the interests of
Corporate America.

All this to say that I am done with supporting any major-party candidate. I’ll vote Libertarian from now on, as their platform seems to be the only one that is sensible. If no Libertarian is on the ballot, I’ll vote for the Independent.

So long, mainstream politics!

tax unnecessary surgery

I read in this morning’s edition of my local Gannett monopoly that the US government is considering adding a tax to so-called ” Vanity” surgical procedures.  Procedures that would be taxed under this proposed bill include:

~ tummy tucks

~Breast implants

~wrinkle- smoothing injections

~teeth whitening

Normally I am not a fan of new taxes, but this one makes a lot of sense.  Plus, this propose tax will help offset the cost towards the healthcare coverage.  These procedures are easy targets for such taxes, since they  have no redeeming medical value & are not currently covered by  most, if any, health insurance plans.

The proposal will hit a five percent tax on elective procedures, according to Senate majority leader Harry Reid D-Nevada. The projected plan is hoping to raise about 6 billion in revenue & surgeries to fix a deformity or injury would be exempt from this tax. This makes sense, as those who suffer illness or injury & are deformed as a result of the aforementioned event  do not elect to have surgery for the sake of vanity. But the housewife who wants  a D-cup chest is another story entirely.

This makes a lot of sense to me. I am not & never will be, a fan of ” cosmetic ” surgery. I fail to see the logic behind  submitting oneself under a scalpel merely to try to conform to the ridiculous idea of ” beauty” our media projects onto we middle-class Americans.

One of the things in the article I read which surprised me is that most who chose to undergo these procedures are not super-wealthy women. According to the newspaper article, most women{ & yes, mostly women choose elective procedures}  have incomes ranging from $30,000-$90,000.