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Journaling…One Year of POSITIVE

I have decided that 2011 is The Year of The Journal. :O) A school friend with whom I reconnected on FaceBook came up with the idea of keeping a daily log of life with the focus on the positive.

Wow…I have not faithfully kept a ” pen & paper” journal since middle school{ and trust me, there were few positive entries in my journals from those years!}

The idea is to remember to communicate one’s blessings each day. naturally I’m a bit late with purchasing my journal, but now that I have one & am on day Four this project is starting to be a good way for me to spend time contemplating{ and yes, praying} about how blessed I am. My life is far from perfect, but I’ve discovered that contentment is all about attitude.

For instance: today we honor the legacy & life of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. I may be Caucasian, middle-class, straight & educated but that does not mean that I should ignore the plight of the poor & oppressed. Dr King’s ” dream” is much, much closer to becoming a total reality but there is much to be done yet. It is still socially acceptable for people to discriminate against GLBT persons & there are so many working families who must choose between keeping shelter for themselves & loved ones or buying groceries.

I don’t have all the answers & am pretty sure that the Congress won’t solve this problem now, either. But I do believe that all can benefit from showing lovingkindness towards those who are different from we.

Women still are discriminated against in this country by some people & in other parts of the world girls & women are routinely subjected to horrors about which I am not elaborating. One of the most riveting{ and sad} books I’d read in 2010 is _Half The Sky_ This was * not* an easy read but one that has altered how I see my place in the world as an American woman. It is an amazing book, but not one for the squeamish.

I am blessed with so much & I admit that I take no notice of how fortunate I am on many days. This journal project is slowly helping me realize that I am rich.


Life is too short- Seize the Day

I got some sad news today which only proves my theory that we need to make the most of every opportunity that life hands us. One never knows when we might wake up to our last day here on Earth.

 No one wants to think about our mortality, but most of all those of us who are in the prime of life & { relatively} healthy.

A woman I know who attended the same high school as me died suddenly after an illness. She was only one year older than me old & left behind a husband  & two small children. Admittedly I didn’t know her well, but what I remember of her I remember fondly. She was the type of girl who was nice to everyone.

At any rate , this whole matter is cause for me to thank God for all I’ve been so Blessed with thus far. In spite of all about which I complain I am really one very Blessed individual.

 I’m also more resolved to ” seize the day” & live life fully as I am able.  If I have an opporunity to try something new or to be of service to others, I am taking it!

Seize the day!