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Patience and Trust { Psalm 37:1-18}

‘”Trust in the LORD , and do good,

so you will live in the land,

and enjoy security.”  { PS 37:3}


That five-letter word is loaded with so much meaning for me.

When I first came to Small Parish { and subsequently, The Episcopal Church} from my previous denomination, I had big issues with trust. Experience with the polity & politics of my previous church home  left me with a bitter ” taste” in my ” mouth” for all things pertaining to the church.  But I knew that I needed a worshipping community with which to share my life & I knew that God would lead me to the right place & the right people. I also knew that, with God’s help, my emotional wounds ould heal. I trusted God, and eventually I learned how to trust my parishioners & priest.


The bottom line is, although people will let us down, we faithful Believers know that God keeps God’s promises & is trustworthy.



Why BBT’s ” Sheldon Cooper” Rocks my Thursdays

Best Dude & I LOVE the TV show _The Big Bang Theory_.

Anyhow, last week’s episode was classic. Occasionally ” Dr Sheldon Cooper” will utter a memorable phrase that is both hilarious { at leat to me} and profoundly philosophical. Last Thursday’s episode produced on such “Sheldonism”.

He said: “Social constructs dictates that I{ Fill in the blank}
” Social constructs are stupid.”



Again– I said AMEN!

As someone with autism, I struggle with trying to navigate the confusing ” world” of social constructs. Although it is embarrassing at times, I do admit that social niceties leave me confused most of the time. I joke with Best Dude & a select few friends that I actually prefer the company of dogs to being around MOST people. I know I am different, & like my favorite fictional physicist, I am learning to embrace my weirdness.

It’s not easy being weird. But weird is how God made me & my Pap always said ” Sarah. God made you & God doesn’t make junk.”

Tending to the body is part of Stewardship of Creation

” You want me to do something–tell me I can’t do it”~Maya Angelou.

I’ve determined that 2012 is the “Year of the Strong & Healthy Sarah”. I’ve got a workout plan that includes gym time & t swimming laps in the { heated, covered} pool. Since I’ve been swimming laps since this summer, I’ve developed good core musculature, but need to work on making my legs my arms stronger. I’m tired of people asking me if I’m sick or anorexic. Yes, I’m undeweight…and YES I EAT!

While I’m content to be a small-boned woman, I can add some muscle to my limbs & increase my cardiovascular capacity. My pool time occurs after my gym workout–as I love to swim & use swimming laps as my” reward” for getting though the tough stuff in the gym. :O) When I emerge from y workout, I eel refreshed; Yeas: I am a bit sore but as they say” no pain, then no gain”. My workout time is almost contemplative in nature. I settle into me repetitions & my mind is free to focus on contemplative prayer.

God gave us each one body & it is up to ME to take the best care I can of the body I have.

Happy belated birthday, ” Mark Twain”.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the nativity of Mark Twain, the pen name of Samuel L Clements.

I found a quote from a Facebook friend that echos how I feel about certain would events, especially in light of the death of one of my area’s ” native sons” in the war in Afghanistan two weeks ago.

Here is the quote: ” History does not repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes. “~ Mark Twain.

Amen, sir!

Please don’t tell me I am unpatriotic. My fatheris an injured Vietnam veteran & Best Dude also saw combat in this war durng his time as a Marine. I love our men & women who choos to serve in our militar…in my opninion ALL of them are heros. But I question our contined involvement in these conflicts.

I feel that our country is in a losing war in two fronts in the Middle East. And sadly, there seems to be a plan for a seemingly endless war. This is reminiscent of what I know about the politics behind the Vietnam War.. While it is true that we needed to remove Osama bin Laden from existence, we completed that mission. { Thank you, US Navy SEALS!}With bin laden & Saadam both gone, we’ve disabled the leaders of these rougue factions of Middle Eastern society. That is VERY GOOD! But, the fact is, more insurgents will arise from the metaphorical ” rubble” that both these evil men left behind in Iraq & Afghanistan.

I pray for the troops who are still fighting over seas, but especially for our military personel who are in direct harm’s way. A young man in my cpommunity was killed fighting for a country he loved & while living out his dream of Army service. This hurts, especially since the current President promised in his campaign to bring home ALL of our militar heroes by 2012. I am angry because so many good Americans will continue topay the ltimiate price in a war that many I’ve talked with see as another Vietnam.

When will it end?

It takes a ” Village”

” It takes a village to raise a child.”~ Hillary Clinton.

On Sunday evening my little parish hosted our first Episcopal Youth Connection{ EYC} meeting in the parish hall. The program was ” Popcorn Theology” , so we watched a Harry Potter movie & had a discussion with our young people but the theological symbolism & implications found in the Harry Potter books & movies.

Anyhow, It was GREAT! I am especially grateful for the adult volunteers that made this first EYC evening a success. While I am very content with my ministry as Director of Christian Education at my small parish, it takes more than just one person to create & implement a Christian Education ministry. the help I had Sunday evening from the other adult volunteers was phenomenal! Yinz rock!

Ministry is a team effort, & I am blessed to have such a great team working with me to minister to & with the next generation of Christ-followers.

I am anticipating with joy the next EYC event scheduled in October. :O)

Today’s quotation…

” It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.” ~William Blake.

Amen. Amen. People who love you should know not to intentionally act hurtful.

It’s really hard to tell friends, especially longtime friends, that they hurt your feelings. And it further complicates matters when said friends say something hurtful via the Internet. I am not one to start ” flame wars” on Facebook or any other medium with ANYONE, especially friends whom I otherwise adore.

There are few things that I hold sacred enough to feel * really* defensive when people say{ inadvertently or on purpose} or post links via email about: my family, my heritage & my Church. I am a proud Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian. I really do not appreciate when friends, no matter how well-meaning they perceive themselves to be, send me links that demean my Church. Even though I am one of the most opinionated people I know, I do not want to start ideological wars with friends via the Internet. So please please, don’t send me any links that criticize my Church, the Church I love. Inasmuch as I try hard to keep religious differences from affecting my wide variety of friends, it isn’t too much to ask that people I know respect MY faith. Christians are not supposed to attack one another & when folks send me such links , it hurts.

Please, send no more inflammatory propaganda my way.

Psalm 143:10

This morning as I was rustling around some stuff in my bedroom searching for things that I need to bring to the church for Sunday School 2011, I came across a poster with the Scripture quote from Psalm 143. It goes something like this:

“You are my God. Show me what you want me to do.” Psalm 143:10.

All summer I’ve been prayerfully discerning what God wants from me this small verse from the Psalms REALLY impacted me this morning. I literally had to stop & text my Facebook status update to reflect this quote from Psalm 143. ( usually I frown upon proof-texed quotations from Holy Scripture as FB statuses]

Sometimes God speaks by leading us into fulfilling a need in a particular faith community. This has been the case with me & my Christian Education ministry: I felt strongly called to take the Christian Education position at my parish in part because it was needed. During the course of this past school year I’ve discovered that I totally enjoy serving God in this capacity.

The same is true with my new ministry as acolyte during the early Sunday Mass at church. Willing & able acolytes were needed, especially for the early Mass & I , on a leap of faith, took the training. As I assisted our priest that first Sunday, I realized that I felt an overwhelming sense of peace & joy while assisting at the altar.{ and yes, even though I’m not by far a ” seasoned” acolyte yet, I am more comfortable already while serving in this role}

This means that I cannot serve in a longterm ministry with which I’ve been involved with since I was 6 years old: th choir. There simply isn’t enough “Sarah Beth” to go around on a Sunday morning. Plus, I’ve discovered the unexpected joy of serving as an acolyte …and also feel I need to attend mainly the early Mass with Best Dude. While I will miss singing in the parish choir, I am confident that I am doing what God wants me to do, at least for now.


ee cummings quote

Facebook is a great tool, but it sure makes life more difficult. A someone with autism, I often totally ignore or misread social cues in-person & therefore try REALLY hard not to offend people online. Yet I am very opinionated & try really hard to speak my mind without insulting someone or making someone feel badly.

For instance, approximately 7 months ago, I had a longtime e-pal whom I met on an Episcopal Church Facebook group unfriend me suddenly.We exchanged email at least twice weekly & chatted in ” real-time” n Facebook several nights per week. She ” unfriended” me without explanation. Even though we were only e-pals, this hurt my feelings immensely. But since I didn’t want to cause drama, I refrained from asking her why she chose to end our e-friendship.

The ending of e-friendships is even worse when someone you know IRL { In Real Life} suddenly decides they want nothing to do with your online or offline self….again without letting me know why they chose to end our friendship/acquaintance.

One of my sorority sisters unfriended me after I nicely but firmly told her on a discussion thread on my page that I think that both men AND women are equally called by God to Holy Orders. She wrote a bit of proof-texting from Scripture on my Facebook Wall & then unfriended me before I could reply. While I welcome the views of folks who do not agree with my principles, I am hurt by the lack of decorum among some Facebook debates & debaters. If my sorority sister would have allowed me to express MY side of the discussion, I would have felt less miffed. But she chose to remove me from her Facebook contacts & I cannot hold this against her. Yet I have some other long-time friends who manage to focus on & build our friendship based on what we have in common{ our faith in God & His only Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior} & not on hair-splitting polity & politics which can & so often does hinder or destroy friendships.

I try to keep my Facebook page as a safe avenue for what one of my favorite professors at UWF calls ” the marketplace of ideas”. How can the information ” superhighway” of which Facebook is a part be effective as a medium where ideas are exchanged if many users are not willing to keep channels open for discussion that might unnerve them?

Song for mood of the week.

Today’s quote is from my all-time favorite female singer-songwriter, Ms Carly Simon

” what if the prince on a horse in your fairy tale / is right here in disguise?/ And what if the stars you are reaching so high for/are shining in his eyes.” ~Carly Simon

The quote is from her song_ The Stuff That Dreams are Made Of_ from the album Coming Around Again. While I love ALL Carly’s work, there are certain songs that really speak to me at certain times of my life.

At any rate, life is * really* good & I am happy.

Wisdom from a friend on FB

*** Please don’t share*****

I got this quote from a FB friend who attended my high school. { THANKS!!}

” Isn’t it funny how best friends become complete strangers and complete strangers become best friends 🙂 Guess it’s all about getting older, moving on, and being happy with who is in my life NOW and not “THEN” I will not stress about how things have changed anymore.”

O My Gosh…isn’t THAT the truth!

She is correct, it is pointless to waste time & energy wondering what happened with people who let petty so-called ” Loyalties” ruin what friendship is supposed to be. Its been over three years & there is a part of me that still smarts from the pain of those who chose to cut me out of their corporate lives due to a calling that I’m certain now was truly from God. When I left that other church I did lose many ” friends” but in hindsight I’ve gained more than friends, I am truly part of a parish FAMILY!

10 years of being a part of that very….dysfuctional Presbyterian church resulted in a lot of severed friendships. { apparently shunning is permissible in the PCUSA. Who knew? } Anyway, I don’t totally blame the clergy of that Presbyterian Church….it is & was run by egotistical laypeople who are more concerned with maintaining things as they are than about being Church.

I left that church & am not looking back. I am following what my Creator , Redeemer & Sustainer wants me to do & I have never been happier. My parish family has taught me & continues to teach me, how to be a better albeit imperfect person. I’m free to grow to be the person GOD intends for me to become, & I am not put in some small box .

When I left that church NO ONE called, emailed or otherwise offered me pastoral care or counsel. yet even before I ” decided{ God decided it for me, I was home in The Episcopal Church}. Yeah that hurt like heck but I found out who my real friends are & met so many other people without whom my life would be less rich. Clearly they don’t need me & I don’t need them either.

In the words of Carly Simon: ” I haven’t got time for the pain”.