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R.I.P. Corey Haim . More celeb gossip

 Ok, my blog is getting rather celeb-obsessed. Normally I don’t waste blog space on  celeb gossip, but these past two days have  given us celeb news  that is actually blog-worthy.

First of all: there is the whole mess regarding the Steelers’ quarterback & his alleged  sexual assault. Now, the jury  hasn’t even been assembled not has ” big Ben” yet been arrested but folks are already  tweeting this matter. Yesterday I posted my opinion on this situation{ and mind you, I am a * huge* Steelers fan} on Facebook  & received an almost unprecedented  number of comments.

Today, the buzz revolves around the sudden  death of former child star Corey Haim. He was only 38 & I am almost 34. Wow. Now, I never thought the late Mr Haim was good-looking{ I had a huge crush on Bruce Springsteen as a tween…and yes I know darn well he is old enough to be my father & I didn’t care} but when a young person dies suddenly it is always sad.  Rest in peace, Corey Haim.

The fact that Corey Haim’s death is  front-webpage news & a BIG trending topic on Twitter & Facebook says much about how  celeb-obsessed our society has become lately.  Even someone who normally does not follow celeb gossip is bombarded by this sort of psuedo-news every time I turn on my computer.  Yesterday I posted the status  regarding Big Ben’s  legal troubles just to see what sort of response it would garner from my Facebook  contacts.

Why is society so obsessed with the misfortune of celebrities & others who are rich & famous?  I’ve noticed that the more dire our world’s economic situation become, the more ” news” of celeb misdeeds  gets shoved in our collective faces.


Hate the Sin, not the sinner

I am writing today about the misdeeds of one Ben Roethlisberger. I’ve been a Steeler fan since  early childhood & this latest accusation against my team’s star QB tugs at my heart. I really hope Ben isn’t guilty & will continue to be a Steeler fan even if the DNA evidence proves his guilt.

At best, Ben is guilty of being with the wrong people at the wrong time & clearly in the wrong place.  Perhaps the woman who accuses Ben of sexual assult is nothing more than an opportunist & for this I ferverently pray. But at the same time, Ben has not shown much good judgement during these past two years & already has one accusation of assult  on his record{ thanks be to God nothing came of that first case…}

Even if the court of public opinion convicts Ben, as a Christian it is my responsibility to hate the sin but love the sinner. ben clearly is a confused young man who, even if he is never charged with this latest accusation,  has a knack for finding trouble.

God be with you, Ben. You will need it.

Tiger isn’t real news

 Maybe I should be thankful that I do not work for any of the Big Media. They have been beating this Tiger Woods { pun intended} into the ground . I am sick of it. Tiger may be rich & famous, but he isn’t perfect. No one is perfect & I hate how the national Big Media{ all of them}  latch on to  stories such as the Tiger Woods family drama &  overanalyze  & over-report every  allegation.

It is really none of the public’s business what goes on in the private lives of celebrities & sadly in order to aviod  being innundated with the Tiger-talk I  pretty much have avoided CNN  since the day before Thanksgiving. Ok, last night I watched the President’s address to the nationa regarding  the  upcoming surge of troops into Afghanistan , but that was an exception to a really  mediocre few news cycles. Tiger woods’ marital problems  will not affect world peace. Really, the world will not fall apart if we never know what really happened when the famous golfer smacked his car  in his own driveway.

 The * only* program  on any of the Turner Networks which has not mentioned the Tiger Woods scandal is _Amanpour_.  Yesterday’s podcast was excellent, & it  dealt with the President’s  Afghanistan policy & how it will affect  the nation & the world. Thanks be to God, no Tiger Talk there.

I’m not a golfer, nor am I impressed with wealth & money. And I cannot understand why so many Americans buy into these  sort of stories. Normally intelligent people who wouldn’t openly buy a copy of the National Enquirer tune in eagarly to  learn of the latest  “news” of celebrity scandal.