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Tiger isn’t real news

 Maybe I should be thankful that I do not work for any of the Big Media. They have been beating this Tiger Woods { pun intended} into the ground . I am sick of it. Tiger may be rich & famous, but he isn’t perfect. No one is perfect & I hate how the national Big Media{ all of them}  latch on to  stories such as the Tiger Woods family drama &  overanalyze  & over-report every  allegation.

It is really none of the public’s business what goes on in the private lives of celebrities & sadly in order to aviod  being innundated with the Tiger-talk I  pretty much have avoided CNN  since the day before Thanksgiving. Ok, last night I watched the President’s address to the nationa regarding  the  upcoming surge of troops into Afghanistan , but that was an exception to a really  mediocre few news cycles. Tiger woods’ marital problems  will not affect world peace. Really, the world will not fall apart if we never know what really happened when the famous golfer smacked his car  in his own driveway.

 The * only* program  on any of the Turner Networks which has not mentioned the Tiger Woods scandal is _Amanpour_.  Yesterday’s podcast was excellent, & it  dealt with the President’s  Afghanistan policy & how it will affect  the nation & the world. Thanks be to God, no Tiger Talk there.

I’m not a golfer, nor am I impressed with wealth & money. And I cannot understand why so many Americans buy into these  sort of stories. Normally intelligent people who wouldn’t openly buy a copy of the National Enquirer tune in eagarly to  learn of the latest  “news” of celebrity scandal.


Prejean Is NOT a role model!

Carrie Prejean is not only a hypocrite and a liar, she is also cowardly and stupid.

She appeared on LKL a couple of nights ago. Apparently one of the stipulations was that she not take any phone calls from viewers. Now anyone who is at all familiar with Larry King’s style of interviewing knows full well he is a softy.  But apparently Prejean thought that some of King’s questions were ” inappropriate” . What the hell?  If Prejean cannot handle an interview with larry King, she should NOT be in the public  eye.

I wanna know how this dumb bimbo got a sweet book deal already when there are so many stories out there by hard-working, intelligent people who can’t get a publisher to even look at their query letters? It is a sad commentary on the US publishing industry when a disgraced ” beauty queen” can secure a book deal  while so many talented writers with important stories to tell cannot get published by the most obscure publishing houses.

But what pisses me off the most about the Prejean  story is how she fancies herself as a ” role model” for girls. Now I am not a Mom, but IF I had a daughter, there is not way that I’d want her aspiring to be like Miss Prejean.  Carrie Prejean clearly talks out of both sifdes of her mouth and this is disgusting. We all make some mistakes when we are very young, but at least most of us don’t tout ourselves as the perfect example of feminine virtue!

Gosslin , go away!

I am no fan of reality TV. It is ALL stupid, in my opinion.

I turned on my laptop computer today & who but the famous Jon Gosslin dominated the headlines. Apparently the reality TV star  is now being sued by the network which catapulted him to fame. Whatever! His  now ex wife’s haircut is so ugly, but so many girls & women rushed to their hairdresser  asking for ” the Kate”. Why? Her hair looks as though she cannot decide whether to shave all her hair off or let it grow!

I am proud to say that I have* never* watched one episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. { but then , I have also never seen a single episode of Dancing With the Stars or American Idol, either} It befuddled & confounds me how so many  otherwise intelligent Americans  fritter away so much of their time  watching these shows.  there are some good TV shows on the air…Law & Order is one of the  shows I’ll watch, but these voyeuristic ” reality” shows’ rise to popularity remains a mystery to me.

I feels sorry for the Gosslin children.