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Movie & Book Review: “Sarah’s Key”

I love Netflix. For about 8 dollars per month, I have access to a wide plethora of TV shows & movies on demand.

This week I watched the film ” Sarah’s Key” based on the novel that I read several months ago on my NOOK. I thought the novel, as a whole is an excellent story about a little-known piece of pre WW2 Europe. I also enjoyed how the main protagonist, Julia, uses her journalism skills to find out the truth behind an apartment that her husband’s family has owned since before the Second World War.

What was a bit disappointing for me was how the author turned some of Julia’s story into a soap opera. As one reads the book & sees the movie, one realizes that Julia is trapped in an unhappy marriage. The story could have progressed without the interpersonal drama between Julia & her husband.

Julia discovers that the Jewish family who owned the apartment were among the thousands of French Jews who were arrested & eventually sent to the death camps.

At the beginning of the subtitled film version Sarah, locks her little brother in the bedroom closet & promises to return . Throughout both the novel & the movie, Sarah keeps the key to this closet on her person.

The family arrives at the concentration camp where the women & children are separted from the men.

Later on, she is separated from her mother & sent to a part of the camp that houses only children. Along with an older girl, she escapes from the concentration camp & rescued by two kindly French citizens. Sarah grows up & sheds her Jewish identity. Eventually she emigrates to the United States & Julia tracks down her paper trail and ends up in New York.

Both versions of this story were good, but as an avid reader I much preferred the novel over the film version, This was the first film I’d viewed that employed subtitles & that hindered my understanding of the movie. It is hard for me to keep track of the dialog on the screen. The only American actor in this film is Kristin Scott Thomas . I thought she did a fair job of playing the lead character of Julia. But to me, the star of the show was the child who played young Sarah.

As a Christan with Jewish roots, this story was a tough one for me to read/ watch . But I am glad that I did, as the story of Europe’s Jewish citizens during the reighn of Hitler. I am a proud Christian but choice, but my Jewishness is a gift with which I was born & one that I fully embrace.


Day 6 and 7: About Primates

No, I am not discussing monkeys & other furry bipeds here. The bishop in charge of a particular church within the Anglican Communion is called a primate . {Prime= first}

In today’s Episcopal News Service report from GC77, it said that the deputies passed a resolution allowing for future Presiding Bishops to also maintain his or her position of diocesan bishop during the nine-year term as Presiding Bishop.

I cannot understand why this was passed nor the logic associated with wanting to adopt this practice. But since this resolution will never affect MY life n the Church, I do not have much to say on this topic.

General Convention worshipped together yesterday with a Mass led & celebrated by our current Presiding Bishop, ++Katharine Jefferts-Schori. I heard from a deputy from my diocese that the Mass was wonderful. ++ Katharine’s homily appeared online on the official GC77 website & I read it yesterday afternoon.

Also, the Episcopal Camps & Conference Centers presented ++Katharine & her husband, Richard a ” Hero of CAmping” award . One of the reasons why I adore ++ Katharine is the fact of her committment to a healthy lifestyle full o exercise . I read somewhere that she runs an insane amount of miles EVERY DAY! Wow! Although I am not much of a camping enthusiast, I do love spending days in the Creation that is the outdoors.

In other official convention business, our own Vince C was re-elected to the Church Pension Fund.

My Twitter feed pretty much is *all* about GC77 lately & I’m LOVING being part of this triennial conversation ” from the pews”.

Shalom, y’all.

What Blogging has Taught Me

I’ve been a blogger since blogging began.

My first blog was on a now-defunct site whose name I cannot remember now. Anyhow, the site’s software was primitive, but I DO remember my friend, Greg’s screen name. It was : Greatcow95. You must know Greg in person to appreciate his affinity for bovine animals :O). I do not remember my own screen name for this first attempt at blogging. Greg and I made a lot of inside jokes to each other via the blog and it was fun.{ it was also totally inane, but fun nonetheless!}

I briefly signed up for LiveJournal. But honestly I never quite understood the purpose nor the design of LJ. I wanted a pure blog site, but it seemed to me that LJ was { and maybe still is?} more of an attempt at social networking. Since I jumped on the Facebook ” bandwagon” early, I did not need another social media outlet.

My blogging life includes a stint with the MySpace craze { on which I got into trouble, inadvertently, for posting an opinion on a subject that hit a little ” close to home” for SOMEONE. :o/ . This unfortunate experience taught me that one must exercise caution when posting autobiographical material on a blog.

When MySpace went by way of the Atari gaming system, I switched my blogging to Blogger. This was about the time when I started to attend Small Parish & some of my posts were on the subject of my learning about The Episcopal Church. This was when I started to blog for public consumption—I talked a lot about current events, politics { it was an election year} and my life in my new Church.

About two years ago, I decided I wanted a more ” professional” look to my blog. After some research, I decided to try WordPress. I also decided that my blog would be a story { a ” Chronicle”} of my life in faith.

New Facebook

I did it…and I did it own my own terms.

When I read that ALL Facebook users’ accounts shall automatically switch to the ” Timeline” Format at the end of this month, I decided to take matters into my own hands & change MY page on Facebook If change is inevitable, at least I changed my account over to the new format when I chose to change it.

I made the switch before ” they” made me do it. ;O)

I hate change.

Love is…driving all over to get one’s Tablet fixed.

Best Dude bought me a Nook Tablet for Christmas. It was the ONLY Christmas gift I wanted this year & I use it daily.

Last night I was in bed reading the novel _Sarah’s Key_ last evening when the screen on my Nook suddenly ” went blue” .Thats right, folks: the screen simply quit working.. { and it quit RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A CHAPTER IN THE NOVEL I AM READING!! GR…}

Anyhow, est Dude & I drove me to Pensacola so we could ask one of the techie-type people at the store where he purchased the device for help diagnosing the problem After performing ” exploratory surgery” on the Nook Tablet, the technician deduced that the problem with the Nook was its power cord. Apparently the particular device I own was shipped from the manufacturer came with an inferior power cord. In short, the Nook’s batter died because it never got a chance to fully charge.

Thankfully, Best Dude bought the extended warranty , so pretty much anything that can happen to a Nook is covered. While I am grateful that I* could* ave gotten a new Nook if needed I am very grateful that it was only a defective power cord. It was not easy for us to set up the Wi-Fi for my Nook, as AT&T U-verse’s customer service is { in my opinion} lacking in knowledge. All my data is safe & the Nook is working splendidly now. the service people at the store were professional & friendly.

Football weekend…and a sick day

I know I am remiss in keeping up with this blog. Its een a GREA but busy holiday season, cumulating with the Bishop’s annual visit to Small Parish last Sunday. Our Bishop visited the parish on the Feast of Or LORD’s Baptism.

We had about 8 or 9 confirmads and one Reception from the Roman Church & one Reaffirmation of faith. It was a glorious Sunday. Our Bishop also pronounced God’s Blessings on a ship’s bell and our new Parish Archive. All in all, it was an eventful day. Best Dude & I also watched my Steelers get ” T-Bowed” during the NFL playoff game against Denver. Ugh. But I must admit that my Steelers’ O-Line was NOT there during the first half on Sunday’s game. They somewhat rallied during the second half, but it was not enough to salvage the damage done during that HIDEOUS first half. Oh , well….

Well, I got some really lousy news today. Apparently a high school classmate died today after suffering a long illness. My heart is heavy & this news only strengthens my resolve to live a healthy, active lifestyle. I’ve be criticized for my obsession with health & fitness this year but I am almost on the close side of the BIG 4-0 & I want to have a healthy , happy & active life.

On Monday evening Best Dude & I watch “the” college game: a much-anticipated rematch versus the Louisiana State Tigers & the Alabama Crimson Tide. Although I cheer for Bama & am pleased that they won the National Championship, as a football fan I’d hoped for …much more of a contest between these two teams.Bama DOMINATED over LSU all while kicking FIELD GOALS. Yep…I’ve always stated that games can be either won or lost depending on the skill of any team’s kicker. The loan run over the goal line was scored by none other than Pensacola’s Trent Richardson! :O)

Anyhow, Its Wednesday & I’m nursing a sore throat. I felt so lousy when I awoke this morning that I missed my morning workout with LPC & stayed away from Wednesday Mass. This morning I went back to sleep after enjoying my morning coffee.

When I awoke I sat in bed & read one of the new books I bought on my NOOK Tablet. That little Tablet is an amazing piece of technology & according to an article I read recently on CNNMoney.com, the Tablet-type ereaders are supposed to DECREASE in price in 2012. My NOOK Tablet does eerything that my laptop computer does & is * much* more portable. I’m very impressed with the quality of the e-books I’ve readthus far on my NOOK Tablet— the controls are almost entirely touch-screen based & the ” pages” of the NOOK books look just like paper books. Unlike the first-generation Kindle, one needs not push buttons to turn pages, One swipe of a finger turns pages of Nook books. Best Dude bought me a * PURPLE* leather-like coer for my NOOK tablet & this further aids one in confort while reading.

Currenty I am reading _Nicholas & Alexandra_ on my NOOK—in print, this tome is a heavy 600+ page volume. I carry the electronic it in my slim, light Nook . On B&N.com I also found a complete Book of Common Prayer for the weekly cheap prince of $3.99.
Have a great wek, everyone.

I hate technology…..

Last week my computer got ” sick” and this week my phone’s battery totally died. Ugh.

I am so NOT a fan of technology at the moment.

Not only is my cell phone essential for daily communications, but all my phone contacts are stored there!

So right now I am praying for patience to get me through until we go to the ATT store tomorrow. We think the battery is the culprit.

evaporating funds…and tuition due

My computer...a love-hate relationship!

My computer had to go to the ” shop” last week. My bill for the repair of my machine came to a whopping 169 dollars. Ouch. Granted, the tech guy pretty much revamped ALL the programs on my Dell laptop & cleaned out several viruses but the repair bill really took a huge cut from my limited monthly funds. Since I had to get the computer fixed & totally trust the guy who has worked o my parents’ many computer-related emergencies, I wrote that check without * too* much complaining.

Tuition for my Education for Ministry program is due in August. This well-done _theological education for laypeople_ program out of the School of Theology at The University of The South in Suwannee, TN is a good investment in my future as a Church leader For instance, since I’ve complete the first two years of EfM{ Old and New Testament} I feel much more prepared to start a Bible study group for adults at my parish.

EfM Year Three, Church History, is where I am at present. Normally I budget during the summer months so that I can afford the tuition for EfM{ which is only payable in one lump sum…a payment plan would be most helpful to many of us…just saying!}The unexpected but totally necessary repair bill for my computer was totally unexpected. I’ve had this machine for two years & this as the first time I’d need to call Geek Guy for help.

Sheesh, it was very bad existing without my computer for{ drumroll, please} five whole days! Yep.

I am hoping & praying that my rector knows of some scholarship sources for faithful EfM students. Inasmuch as I hate asking for any sort of financial help for anything, I silenced my pride & am asking around if any of my Episco-peeps know of sources for funds to help cover the cost of EfM.

If it is God’s Will that I continue with EfM this academic year, then I’ll have my answer soon.


ee cummings quote

Facebook is a great tool, but it sure makes life more difficult. A someone with autism, I often totally ignore or misread social cues in-person & therefore try REALLY hard not to offend people online. Yet I am very opinionated & try really hard to speak my mind without insulting someone or making someone feel badly.

For instance, approximately 7 months ago, I had a longtime e-pal whom I met on an Episcopal Church Facebook group unfriend me suddenly.We exchanged email at least twice weekly & chatted in ” real-time” n Facebook several nights per week. She ” unfriended” me without explanation. Even though we were only e-pals, this hurt my feelings immensely. But since I didn’t want to cause drama, I refrained from asking her why she chose to end our e-friendship.

The ending of e-friendships is even worse when someone you know IRL { In Real Life} suddenly decides they want nothing to do with your online or offline self….again without letting me know why they chose to end our friendship/acquaintance.

One of my sorority sisters unfriended me after I nicely but firmly told her on a discussion thread on my page that I think that both men AND women are equally called by God to Holy Orders. She wrote a bit of proof-texting from Scripture on my Facebook Wall & then unfriended me before I could reply. While I welcome the views of folks who do not agree with my principles, I am hurt by the lack of decorum among some Facebook debates & debaters. If my sorority sister would have allowed me to express MY side of the discussion, I would have felt less miffed. But she chose to remove me from her Facebook contacts & I cannot hold this against her. Yet I have some other long-time friends who manage to focus on & build our friendship based on what we have in common{ our faith in God & His only Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior} & not on hair-splitting polity & politics which can & so often does hinder or destroy friendships.

I try to keep my Facebook page as a safe avenue for what one of my favorite professors at UWF calls ” the marketplace of ideas”. How can the information ” superhighway” of which Facebook is a part be effective as a medium where ideas are exchanged if many users are not willing to keep channels open for discussion that might unnerve them?

Google+ ?

I am remiss… I know it has been awhile since I’ve last blogged. My brother & a “posse” of his friends are here, so we’ve been busy. This morning I attended early Mass with Best Dude & then we enjoyed brunch & a Sunday drive around the more remote parts of our unincorporated town.

Anyhow, today in my email I received an ” invite” to join Google+. Now I am always game for trying ne technology but I * really* am befuddled by Google+. After setting up my account, I cannot deduce how to log into this Google+. ARGHHH! Whatever Google is attempting to create with Google+,the intended effect is lost on me.

Can anyone help me with this tech issue? Thanks.