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12 Days of Christmas: Day 4

Merry Christmas!

Last evening Best Dude & watched the second part of Christiane Amanpour’s special_ Back To The Beginning_ This two-hour program took viewers through the highlights of the Book Of Exodus in Hebrew Scriptures…from Moses all the way to King Solomon.

I loved the videography— there were some incredible video shots of Mount Sinai during the ” Moses” segment. I did not realize how arduous climbing Sinai really is for the average person. The revelation of the challenging course that is Sinai does not deter me from wanting to climb it, as I’ve wanted to do so since reading Bruce Feiler’s book _Walking The Bible_.

Since I’ve completed three of the four years of the Edation for Ministry program tha is offered by the Episcopal church, watching this program brought back much of the knowledge I had gleaned from Year One of EfM . I remember studying about all those places that the progrm covered , including the misdeeds of King David. Maybe i is because I learn best using my sene fsight, but seeing such imges at the Wailin Wall & watchng Ms Amanpour, her 12-yea-old son & e camera crew actuallyalk up Mount Sinai fascinated me.

Well done ABC News! :O)


Upcoming 9/11 anniversary

This week will mark the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

I remember that day well–literally as if it were yesterday. I am 36 years old & that i one of the pivotal moments that people of my generation will recall. Our parents recall where the were & what they were doing when President Kennedy was shot. For we late Generation Xer’s, this {along with the ” Challenger” disaster} is pivotal to our place in history. I was in my mid-20’s & still very naive. Although I’d grown up an avid reader , I never was exposed to hatred on any large scale.

I was a college student finishing my last semester at The University of West Florida. I was running late for my firs class, and I walked into the room full of VERY QUIET students { in a room full of communication arts’ majors, silence almost NEVER happens} I also noted that the professor had not arrived.

Curious, I asked a classmate ” Where is Dr Blonde?”

Student: “She is in her office crying. Didn’t you hear?”

Me: “Um , no. What did I not hear?”

Student:” Two planes flew into the World Trade Center in New York City this morning.”


I ran the short distance to the Student Union where I knew there was a big-screen television. A huge crowd of students & faculty The _Today_ show was on & they had live reports from what later became known as Ground Zero.

I still have no words for what I felt when I saw what had happened to my sister & fellow Americans Never in my young life had I been witnes to such a display of deadly hatred.

As soon as I could, I called my Dad. he asked me if I’d wanted to come home { it was a Thursday} for the weekend & I said yes. tearfully, I walked back to my place to pack the few things I needed for the trip home. Dad met me at our usual meeting place on campus and all I could say during the 40-minute back to Beach Town was ” Why? Why, Dad ,do they hate us so much?”

Eleven years later, I still want to know why.

Post-storm report

Well, ” Isaac” didn’t wreak much chaos here in Northwest Florida. although I saw reports of fallen tress in some places in Pensacola, Best Dude & I had no storm damage at the house. Of course, he prepped extensively for the storm, so even if ” Isaac” WOULD have paid us a visit here–the homestead would have been safe.

We got the outer bands of the storm–mostly a lot of rain & some heavy winds in some areas. Best Dude & I never lost any sort of utilities, but I am told by friends that this wasn’t true for all residents of Redneck Beach Town.

During ” Ivan” I stayed with my parents & all utilities were gone for at least a week–and it was miserable. { No air conditioning in the heat of a Florida summer after a natural disaster is NOT GOOD! Honestly, I fear the aftermath of these storms MUCH more than I fear the storm itself.}

Louisiana & Mississippi we not as blessed as were we in Florida. Also, I’ve some good friends who live in coastal Alabama on whom I intend to call later today. Coastal Alabama got the easterly { the ” bad side”} of the storm, while we in Northwest Florida just got the outermost bands of wind & rain.

I counted on the reports from my laptop computer for more accurate reports of the storm. All the mainline media outlets totally hyped the storm, so that people watching in other parts of the nation and world quite possibly could think that all of the Gulf South is under water now. :o/ We’ve discovered that the Web site for The Weather Channel isn’t as drama-driven as are the other broadcast & cable TV outlets.

Olympic Fever & Training Fever!

It has been a busy week in my life, so I apologize for my lack of writing lately. My brother & sister-in-law visited from Atlanta last week, and, since Best dude worked many hours, I spent a lot of much-neede sibling time at Casa Familia Florida.

My brother a workout veteran for 20 years, showed me some new arm & shoulder training moves  in the gym last week.

He informed me that eventually my current training routine will ” plateau”–meaning I will  stop feeling & observing effects from my training regime.. This has yet to happen, but I now use some more advanced repetitions with the free weights at the gym in addition to my usual legs, glutes , back training routine.  i’m happy with the results of the seven months of training, but I see areas that still need some improvement if I am to be ” competition fit” by February, 2013. 

As for the competition, I am still undecided  as to if I will enter it. While the slightly competitive part of my nature really wants to take on the challenge of a fitness competition, the “prep diet” that is part of getting oneself totally prepared to compete scares me. I do not gain weight & muscle mass easily & the idea of the minimalist eating plan that most competitors endure scares me. I’ve worked so hard these past few months to overcome my body-image issues & fear that that diet will make me sick{ both physiologically & psychologically. Sure , I DO possess the willpower to stay on that restricted eating plan, but if it will cost me my mental & physical health I am not willing to subject my body to that sort of denial.

Anyhow, that is quite enough about me & my training. Have you watched the Summer Olympics lately. Wow. Although China { BOO HISS} is ahead of pretty much everyone in the medal count, I saw an AMAZING mens’ freestyle relay swimming race last night. Team Swimming USA captured the silver medal, but France took the gold, by what looked to me like 100th of a centimeter!   Hot dang….

Since I’ve been swimming & lifting weights, I’ve been paying special attention to both men’s’ & women’s’ swimming events & women’s’ weightlifting.  Yesterday I read that the US women’s weightlifting team did not place in my weight division{ the extra, extra lightweight} Other weight classes compete later this week & I hope to at least record them on the DVR.

I also watched a bit of the women’s gymnastics last evening. Since I know nothing about how the judges score events in this sport, I was just happy that the US women seemed to score well.


and it rained…..

I’m stuck inside this evening, with nothing worth watching on TV, so I might as well update my readers on what has been happening to me.

I don’t want to watch netflix, ither. Until my new eyeglasses arrive, I need to carefully monitor how much time I spend staring at screens.

Let me preface this by saying how much I HATE STORMS! back in 2004 Northwest Florida suffered through Hurricane Ivan, one of the most devastating natural disasters I’ve experienced in my 30-something years. less than 12 months later Hurricane Dennis visited us & my township took a direct hit.

I know that the national media blows each & every tropical disturbance out-of-proportion.

Yeah. I hate storms.

Why BBT’s ” Sheldon Cooper” Rocks my Thursdays

Best Dude & I LOVE the TV show _The Big Bang Theory_.

Anyhow, last week’s episode was classic. Occasionally ” Dr Sheldon Cooper” will utter a memorable phrase that is both hilarious { at leat to me} and profoundly philosophical. Last Thursday’s episode produced on such “Sheldonism”.

He said: “Social constructs dictates that I{ Fill in the blank}
” Social constructs are stupid.”



Again– I said AMEN!

As someone with autism, I struggle with trying to navigate the confusing ” world” of social constructs. Although it is embarrassing at times, I do admit that social niceties leave me confused most of the time. I joke with Best Dude & a select few friends that I actually prefer the company of dogs to being around MOST people. I know I am different, & like my favorite fictional physicist, I am learning to embrace my weirdness.

It’s not easy being weird. But weird is how God made me & my Pap always said ” Sarah. God made you & God doesn’t make junk.”


I have not been as faithful with this blog as I’d like to remain…so here is a brief recap of my week.

Football: My Steelers lost. Yesterday I begrudgingly cheered for Tim Tebow but the Broncos lost. I didn’t watch the games today , but I read that the Ravens advanced to the next round of playoffs. Since I live in N’awlins Saints’ country, yesterday I stepped on the “Brees bandwagon” & hoped that the “other” black & gold football teams would win. No such luck.

Hockey: Best Dude & I watched our Tampa Bay Lightning play both on Friday evening & this afternoon. Our Lightning lost both games, including a loss to the Penguins this afternoon. The Bolts REALLY ned to fix their goalkeeping situation. At this rate, the Lightning will not make the NHL playoffs….

Fitness: I took two days off this week. Inasmuch as I did not wish to skip a day of working out{ much less skip TWO days} I woke on Wednesday with a horribly sore throat. But it felt GREAT to be back at the gym on Friday. I’ve discovered that I enjoy working my legs on the skiing machine much more than I enjoy my mile run on the treadmill. :O) While I’ll faithfully complete ALL of my cardio workout each day, the thought of donning swim fins, a bathing suit & a snorkel & swimming laps keeps me motivated.

Also on Friday I discovered that my NOOK Tablet will play music, & since the charger to my Ipod is missing, The addition of listening to my own playlists helped keep me going whilst at the gym. When I go to the gym, my intention is to work on my FITNESS, not to mix & mingle. :o/ Women, in particular, chatter at my gym & although most of these chatty gals are my age or younger, I’ve discovered that I’m perfectly happy NOt to be included in their chatter about husbands, kids, their neighbors & other such domestic drama.

I’d much rather work out earlier with the jocks: as generally I don’t fit in well with the ” mommy set” at the gym. As much as I love teaching children, since I am not a mom I tend to prefer the company of women with grown children or women who are childless by choice. Just saying…

I joined a fanfiction site

Love me some _CM_

I am a certified _Criminal Minds_ Junkie.
Today I finally signed up for an account with a ” fan fiction” site. Since the owners of said site won’t let me post any ficfor TWO DAYS{ ????}, I am using tha time to re-acquaint myself with the art of writing fan fiction.

My fanfic work will be posted on http://www.fanfiction.net. My user handle there is: SpecialAgentSarahbeth . {Creative, right?} Hopefully, my first fanfic post for _Criminal Minds_ will post succesfully on Saturday.

I LOVE the banter that occurs between Garcia & Morgan! Yet at the same time I admit to harboring a serious celebrity crush on the actor who plays ” Spencer Reid”. Dorks have sex appeal, at least to me. :O)

Thank goodness I’ve discovered ION TV. Now I knowwhere I can get a _Criminal Minds_ fix. The new season starts September 21 & I am so stoked that ” JJ” wil return to the BAU.

Ding Dong: Osama bin Laden is Dead Now What?


I woke to GOOD news for a change.

Osama bin Laden, that terrorist mastermind who was responsible for the attacks on this nation of 11 September 2001 has been shot dead by a US Navy SEAL. According to all the news sources I’ve read so far today{Yes I even peeked at Faux Noise…just to see what their take on this event might be on this very important day in recent history. }

Osama is dead. Now what?

I am trying REALLY hard to keep from rejoicing over the intentional killing of another human being but at the same time I argue within myself that bin Laden * wasn’t* just an ordinary man. This one individual is reponsible for countless deaths…deaths not only of Americans but also of those so-called ” suicide bombers”My faith teaches me to respect life….but at the same time bin Laden’s life work centered around violence & death. He didn’t preach to his followers bout the God of love Whom we Christians know as our Creator, Redeemer & Sustainer.

Several clergy -types whom I’ve read { either on Facebook or on another blog} have differing views on how we Judeo-Christians are “supposed” to think & how we are supposed to act in situations such as the death of this man bin Laden.

He was evil, pure & simple But yet he, like you, me & everyone else was made in the image of God. His life’s work centered around killing those whom his & he followers of a very strict form of Islam deemed to be “Infidels” Yet I imagine that God is both angry & sad today.Angry for obvious reasons: This one human being ‘s actions wrecked such havok on our world. But at the same time I think God is sad that one of His Creations{ and we ALL are God’s creations} chose to live such a wicked life. Osama bin Laden was evil, I am not denying that fact. Yet at the same time, all humans are given free will. All of us can chose what is good, fair, life-affrming & just OR we can chose to follow Evil. Bin Laden clearly chose the side of Evil & for this I am glad he is no longer alive.

Could bin Laden have been redeemed? If no one is beyond God’s grace, than this includes vile individuals such as the late terrorist mastermind, doesn’t it? I’m not sure how I feel about that…if the same God Who grants you & me and others I know & love forgiveness, must this mean that bin Laden is also forgiven?

Hey, CNN:Your Disaster Coverage is Overdone…as usual.

I woke to news of even more destruction in Japan. My TV stayed on CNN fo about a minute, until I hit the OFF button in disgust.

I was a journalism major & I know the importance of getting the information out to the pubic But when these natural disasters happen, am reminded of how much cable news{ ALL three cable news stations are guilty of this but I’m picking on CNN since it is the only cable news outfit that I can tolerate} really dramatizes such disasters in order to boost ratings. Of course it is important for citizens to be informed of what happens in our world. Yet is it* really* necessary to have a live video feed of floating bodies in umpteen feet of water? I think not.

This phenomenon of ” if t bleeds, it leads” has become so unbearable for me that when ” breaking news” of natural or human-made disaster occur I’ll log on to the Internet & selectively read the stories. At least online journalism provides us with ways to glean the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW. In my opinion, cable news has forgotten its humble roots.